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They just want you to talk about it, they're screaming for the gossip.

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Within an hour of being on the bus and unpacking, Brandon had his made way onto the bus and called a meeting in the back room. He was going to start briefing the band on what was going to be expected from them, not just for that day, but for the rest of the tour.

"Are you going to bore us now?" Krysten smirked as she sat down on the back couch and put her legs up on the coffee table.

"Yeah, are you?" Marla smiled as she sat down next to Austin and draped her legs over his.

Brandon laughed as he pushed a tattooed hand through his black hair. "You know, I should quit. You guys annoy the hell out of me." He laughed as he opened the folder he was holding. "Today, in twenty minutes you guys have an interview with 'Oh No' magazine. After that you will go to sound check. The tour starts tomorrow so be prepared for a lot of re-do's." He nodded his head. "After that there's a photo shoot and another interview. This time for a radio station, so only two of you will need to do that. Marla, I suggest you are one of the two." He rambled through the schedule like he expected any of them to remember it.

"Why me?" Marla questioned. She didn't mind doing the interviews so much and the radio would be good to get their single on the radio. But, she just didn't understand why she was being singled out. If anything, Daniella should have been mandatory. She was the more outspoken one and she handled the press better.

"Because most of the issues at hand now are about you and your very public break up. I'm not telling you to answer the questions right out or give them details. Just squash it so it goes away." Brandon nodded towards her.

Marla nodded as she shook her head. The last thing she wanted was to be reminded of her break up again. She didn't want to think about it. It was just too much, especially on this tour. There were going to be no breaks.

Austin patted her on the leg as he moved her legs and then helped her up. He knew they had an interview to get to, so they had better get ready. Interviews meant photo shoots.

After getting dressed they were lead into the interview room that was inside the arena. The interview from 'Oh No' magazine was already present. She made it seem as though the band was late, not that she was early, which she was.

"Hi, I'm Jenna Marlow." She said, not rising from her seat, her legs crossed as her tape recorder lay in her lap. "Reporter from 'Oh No' magazine." She introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you." Austin gave her a smile as he sat down on the couch with Marla, Krysten and Daniella.

"Likewise, I'm sure." Jenna kept her hands in her lap as she looked up at them. "I assume you're ready to start the interview?" She questioned.

"As soon as you are." Daniella nodded in response as she opened her water bottle and took a sip from it.

"So, now do you all have connections to Fall Out Boy?" She asked as she started the tape.

The group looked at each other as if to say they all expected this. The interviewers just couldn't wait to bring up Fall Out Boy.

Marla let out a sigh as she tried to hold back her emotions as Brandon gave her a look. The last thing they needed was for them to be painted as non compliant in a magazine. It would really kill the record sales. "A few, yeah. But most of them are just coincidental." She shrugged her shoulders.

Daniella looked at the interview. "We all know what you're looking for. Yes, Pete and Marla used to date. Everyone who has gone to a supermarket or picked up a gossip magazine or talked to a fourteen year old girl knows about their relationship. They were the emo power couple." She rolled her eyes at the thought. "But there is more to this band than who one of our members used to date."

"We're not signed to Fueled by Ramen because of Pete Wentz. Our first link to anyone is Hayley from Paramore. She is Austin's sister." Krysten nodded.

"Yes, and we're both signed to Crush management. But, no one ever brings that up." Austin added as he leaned back on the couch.

"Seeing as how you were almost shot to semi-stardom do you think your fame is in direct connection to Pete Wentz and Fall Out Boy?" The interviewer questioned as she looked around at them. They had been trying so hard to be politically correct, but that's not what she wanted.

"Again, Fall Out Boy are not our connection to this business. We were not signed because of them. Pete Wentz is not in Fragmented Innocence, he does not do our interviews or photo shoots. He does not write our music or make decisions for us. Therefore he can not have any part in our success. We are a good band that believes in our own success because of the things we have done, not because of who we date." Daniella spewed, she was getting sick of this conversation already.

"Marla, your lyrics have been compared to those of Pete's. Seeing as you had a very highly publicized relationship, did he have a hand in molding your lyrics or guiding you? Would he, or should he have received any writing credits on the album?" She now was directing her questions at the girl she wanted to hear from.

Marla ran a hand through her hair as she chose her words careful. "My words have always been my words, long before I got involved with Pete. I would never let anyone guide my writing. It wouldn't be sincere then. I don't understand why they compare our writing, it's completely different."

"Yeah, we all know Marla isn't as cynical or as vindictive as Pete is." Daniella crossed her legs.

"Well, speaking of your album, Crossed Stars and Crooked Hearts, can you tell us if any of the songs are written about your relationship with Pete?" She looked once again directly at Marla.

"It would be ridiculous for me to lie and say no. To say that none of the lyrics are about him. A relationship is a part of life and life is a large part of writing. I can't deny it, but I won't go into details, no." Marla shook her head. She didn't want to be dealing with this and she hoped that these questions would change.

"Daniella, you have been known to be the more outspoken member o the band, more of the frontman. Was that a conscious decision seeing as that same tactic worked or FOB?" She paused. "And, does that mean we should expect some nude photos from you?"

"I've been more outspoken or all of my life. Especially in comparison to Marla. I am not an arrogant or insensitive person at all. You cannot predetermine characteristics in people for a band. I am nothing more than me. Pete is who he is. Media just tries to find correlations between us, it is nothing more than fabricated inventive journalists. But, I do have a standard for some sort of respect when someone is speaking to me or my band mates. If that makes me the bitch then at least I know I've gained some kind of respect."

"We better not see any pictures either." Austin laughed along with everyone else.

"Yeah, you wish. But, no, I'm sorry. I don't think there will be any leaked photos of myself anywhere. Fragmented Innocence will get popularity and success solely based on our talent and hard work."

The interview had more or less gone the same with all of the questions basically revolving around Fall Out Boy, Marla's connections to Pete and the break up. This interviewer was just not giving up.

"She must have had a hard on for Pete." Austin rolled his eyes as he opened the bus door. They had ten minutes before their sound check.

"What?" Krysten laughed as she shook her head.

"No, like an invisible one...I mean-" Austin sighed.

"Get your foot out of your mouth, Austin." Daniella laughed as she climbed up the stairs. It was always a good time with Austin around.
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