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Pete see's Ryan's secret

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To get my point across I want you to find a table with a tablecloth on it. If you can't find one with a tablecloth on it any table will do. Now stand next to the table and look at it. You can probably see its top, the legs, and not much of its underside as the table cloth covers it. Now lie on your stomach on the floor just in front of the same table. If anyone asks what you are doing simply reply

"Shut the fuck up, Pete Wentz told me to do this."

Once you are lying on your stomach before the table, proceed to gaze up at the table. From this new angle you see the legs, part of the top and the entire underside, as the tablecloth is not blocking it any more. In short this exactly what happened to me when I knocked down Ryan's door. I was lying on my stomach before Ryan and he was wrapped in a towel. From this strange new angle I could see Ryan's legs, part of his top section, and what was under his tablecloth. Of coarse he was not wearing a tablecloth; he was wrapped in a towel.

"If you would have waited three seconds I would have opened the door for you. I was just taking a shower." Said Ryan staring at me with wide eyes.

I smiled softly and stopped myself from looking up under Ryan's tablecloth. I was memorized by what the towel hid. I had seen my far share of penises and this was nothing like it. It looked almost like the complete opposite. If I wasn't mistaken it looked almost like Ryan was a girl. I stood up and dusted myself off. Flustered by what I had seen I stood in awe in front of my new friend.

"Are you okay?" He said pulling his towel tighter.

I nodded; he obviously didn't notice that I had seen his special place. Confused I exchanged a quick conversation with him and then rushed back to the party. I didn't mention anything about Ryan to any one else. I played the show and then went straight home. Carefully avoiding my non-gender classified friend.

It was days. I may even venture to say weeks before I ran into Ryan again. This time it was more conventional. I called him up and invited him out to lunch with me. He agreed and we met a small restaurant in south L.A. We ordered a pile of un-healthy food and talked about music and such. Suddenly without warning I blurted out

"You know, you have really pretty eyes."

Taken a back by the words that spilled from my soul and out my lips I covered my mouth with my soda. Ryan looked at me and smiled sweetly.

"So do you." He cooed

This was not how I had planned for this lunch to be going. I straightened myself out and changed the subject to something less gay. "So, what do you do for fun?" I asked nervously.

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