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In need of Vodka

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Lia pays her debt.

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Chapter 2

She ran towards the liquor shop, skirting by the Ihop, its customers staring at her wide-eyed. She stopped in the entrance and remembered she didn't have any money with her, nor her ID. She stared at her white tour bus hard, all covered in graffiti with the words 'Forgotten November' in a deep purple plastered on one side. She walked once more towards Ihop and looked around for any face she might know.
Strangers, all of them...but wait a second...
She entered Ihop and went directly towards one of the tables in the far back. As she came closer she was almost sure...
"Hey" She said and all the four boys looked at her, eyes widening.
"...Hey" The replied, without taking their eyes off her.
"Weren't you the shift manager at Starbucks?" She asked the guy with a beard and longish brown hair. "Jonathan?" She asked.
"Ugh...yeah" Jon said
"You were /shift manager/? I couldn't get farther than pouring drinks in Smoothie Hut!" Brendon said playfully, slapping Jon's shoulder.
"Who are you?" Jon asked "aren't you from some band, too?"
"Yeah, 'Forgotten November'..." She said, waving her hands in the air as if the introduction got on her nerves. The waiter arrived, and shooting a glance at her clothes, or lack of them, placed the pancakes in front of each of the guys.
"Wait, are those chocolate chip chip pancakes?!" She asked Brendon biting her lip as she stared at them.
"Er..yeah" He said. As he grinned he added, "Want to seat and have some?"
"OH PLEASE!" She said greedily and squeeshed beside him and Jon. The rest of the guys stared at her.
She took the one on top and started eating it vigorously. Brendon laughed. Ryan and Spencer digged into their own food as well while Spencer continued to stare at her.
"Weren't you the one that stole the whip cream and went with the costumer into the back room?" Jon said finally. All eyes were on her once more. She continued to swallow the pancakes she had now claimed as hers as she responded a shameless
"Yeah, that was me. Hey you pass me the Blueberry thingy?" She asked Ryan. He handed it to her, staring at her curiously.
"Thanks hun" She replied as she drizzled it over the pancakes.
"So you just wanted to steal my friend's food or-?"
"Relax Jesus" Brendon said, stealing Lia's fork holding half of the pancake and inserting it whole in his mouth. She grinned at him.
"Oh no, I wanted to ask you to buy me some vodka." She replied coolly.
"Oh, right" Jon murmured, sipping his coffee.
"I mean, I sort of left my ID and wallet in the tour bus."
"We can tell" Brendon said enthusiastically.
She smiled at him.
"Bet you like me more this way than with clothes on, don't you?" She purred as she snatched the piece of pancake that was hanging from the fork on his hand.
He laughed again.
"So I wanted to ask you to buy it for me and then I'd pay you"
Between Brendon and her they ate his pancakes and Ryan's, then Spencer's and finally Jon's so they ended up asking for another round of pancakes for each of them.
"I'm Lia by the way. What's your name handsome?" She asked Brendon, staring at his with her blue-grayish eyes, penetrating him completely.
"Brendon" He replied. She stared at Spencer then and Ryan, both of them replying.
As they finished Jon paid the check and she thanked them.
"Can we go to the liquor store now?" She pleaded, as they went out of the Ihop.
"Sure" Brendon said slickly.
"I'll go" Ryan said, stepping forward, "Vodka, you said?" He asked Lia.
"Uh, yeah. Thanks, Ry" She said, the nickname slipping from her tongue as easily as breathing.
"By the way, why are you on your underwear?" Spencer asked, raising his eyebrows slightly.
"Brother's fault" She said, and then explained what had happened earlier.
"Oh" They said rather seriously, then started laughing. Lia joined them. After a few minutes Ryan came out of the store with two brown paper bags on his hands. He extended one hand to Lia and she moved such way so that Ryan's hands was in the middle of her breasts, and she took the bottle from his hands slowly.
"Thanks again, Ry" She said and stepped forward, pressing her lips against his and then bitting his lower lip.
"You're a doll" She said, smiling. "How much do I owe you?"
All of them looked dumbfounded.
"Ugh,'s okay" He said.
"But I insist" She said, pouting.
"Here" Ryan handed her the bill and she scanned it, "Okay"
"Hey man, you owe me money" Brendon interrupted.
"Oh yeah, pay him" Ryan told Lia, tilting his head towards Brendon.
"Okay. Come Brenny I have it at my bus..." She said, moving away from the rest of the guys.
"Bye guys, nice to meet you all! Thanks for the food!" She said, waving as she and Brendon walked toward her tour bus.
"See ya' at the tour bus" Ryan said, winking an eye at Brendon as the rest said their goodbye's.

The gravel was already cool by the time they returned to the bus so Lia didn't have to jump from stone to stone. She opened the door and entered, being closely behind by Brendon. She noticed there was no one else there. She walked toward the bunk area and started looking for her wallet. Brendon waited in one of the sofa's.
"Found it!" Lia yelled, "Come here Brenny!"
Brendon approached and he hadn't set more than two feet into the bunk area when he was thrown into the nearest bed. Lia was on top of him, her fingers eagerly working on his zipper and throwing down his pants.
"Thought you were gonna pay me" Brendon said, utterly surprised.
"I am." She slid her fingers underneath his boxers and pulled them down fiercely. Her eyes lingered for a moment and then she didn't need to use her hand to force it up. She smiled at Brendon and bended down, each knee at his side and burrowing on the soft mattress.
She sucked.
She bit.
She used her tongue, sliding it to the sides.
She spat the liquid sometimes, other times she swallowed it whole.
And she continued.
His pleasure was beyond him.
Then it was over, so suddenly it surprised him. She pulled his underwear for him and but the bill against his skin before sliding his pants up and zipping them. She tapped his belly and murmured,
"Off you go. Maybe next time it'll be the other way around, Brenny"
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