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Birth Of An Angel....

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The band are just about to go on - stage when mini comes up with an idea for B...

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A*N - Here is the second chapter.... ENJOY J


I looked over at B and could tell she was shaking,
"Angel it will be okay" She looked at me and smiled,
"Yeah I hope so"
"C'mon it will be fun"
"Yep I know, well here goes nothing, switching to alternative personality now"
"Oh yeah, off stage I'm Bianca but on stage I'm B" She did a superwoman pose and we started laughing,
"Nothing, it's just..."
"Just what"?
"You look really funny"
"B instead of being B onstage, why not Angel"?
"Yeah, that's actually quite a good idea"
"Think about it no-one knows you out there, so they don't know your real name"
"But isn't it confusing, a band called not quite angels, yet the lead singer is called Angel"?
"A bit but don't worry about it, it's our band and we can be called what we want"
"Okay then lets do it, I am Angel woop woop"
"See told you it would work" I whispered to Dan,
"Yep, got to hand it to you mini, you handled that situation well, but lets see what happens when she gets on stage"
"Bet you ten pounds she will make through tonight"
"Your on, wait how do I win"?
"If she runs off stage in floods of tears"
"Okay, your on"
"Your on what"? Crap B always has a way of coming into the conversation at the wrong time,
"Get your bum on stage now, go go go" She giggled, thank god for Dan thinking of that, anyway we all gave each other good luck hugs and went onto the stage, B or should I say Angel walked straight up to the mic,
"How ya doing London"? The crowd cheered and Dan and me shared a smile,
"We are Not Quite Angels and well let me introduce us to you guys" The cheered again,
"I am Angel the lead singer" There were wolf wistles and cheers coming from the crowd,
"On Guitar we have Mini" Once again cheers,
"On rhythm guitar we have Jack" He played a couple of notes which sent the crowd even more wild,
"On the bass we have Dan (Cheers) and finally give us a beat tramp (Ben started playing a beat on the drums) we have Ben on the drums" This was where he went a bit out of control and played really fast but stopped when Angel held her hand up, It was quite funny to watch.
"So lets get this started, the first song we are going to sing is by one of mine and mini's favourite band it's by Stone Sour and it's called through Glass"

Angel started singing and the crowd fell silent as it was just her, then as soon as Ben started that drum beat they were cheering for us, I could tell already this was going to be an amazing night!

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