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A party in someone's house

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"Kassandra wake up" somebody was shaking me back and forth.My hand was left hand was waving around trying to push the person who was shaking me away.It was probably esther,she kept on shaking me I shifted and I landed on the floor.

"Fuck,I forgot I was sleeping on a couch"
I sat up and sat up and rubbed my eye's."what time is it?"I ground
"9:11,everyone is already awake you where the only one sleeping"
"oh,is Gerard up?"
"yep,he already left too"

I got up and went to my room.The bed was already done every thing was nice and neat like as if no one slept here yet.I got undressed wraped a towel around me and walked to the bathroom to take a shower.
When I finished I got dressed and headed out the door with note and esther we were going to a restrant to eat.

At the Restrant

"May I take your order?" The waitress asked

"I would like the eggs,bacon,and potatoes on the side,How about you honey?"esther asked note.

"I want the french toast"he said

"I just want toast with butter"I said

"Is that all your going to eat you have to eat more"esther said

"I'm not that hungry"

The waitress walked away.Esther and Note making-out and whispering to eachother.
"so how was your night"I asked

"good" she said

"perfect"note said

"how about yours?" he asked not taking his eye's off esther's.

"I couldn't sleep,thier was too much noise that I heard" They both looked at me I gave them an evil smirk.

We got our food,finished it,payed for it,then we left.WE were walking around staten Island mall.We were in hot topic's me and esther needed help on deciding what would look good on us or what to get.Note wasn't much help he was just into making-out with esther.I rolled my eyes' and continued to look around until I bumped in to Alicia.

"oh,I'm sorry,Hi"I said

"Hi,um...thier's a party in some guys house and he invited frank and frank invited us and now I'm inviting you"she smiled
I giggled."I'll be there"
"great"then she left.I walked back to esther and note I told them that Alicia invited us to a party.They said they didn't want to go I shrugged it off.

back at the apartment
We set our shopping bags down in our rooms.It was 8:51 ,Alicia told me it started at 9:00.I quickly got dressed and walked toward the living room where esther and note were.

"I'm goin to ask you one more time Do you want to come or not?"

"maybe it's a good idea to go"note said esther agreed.They were already dressed.The door bell rang I answered the door and it was Alicia and Mikey.

"I didn't tell you where the party is so you can just follow us"she said

"okay coming guys""I looked at esther and note.They got up and we followed Alicia and Mikey in my car.When we got thier esther and note got off first.

"your coming?" esther asked

"ya,I'll be there just let me find parking" She nodded and walked off.Once I found parking I went inside the house alot of people were thier most of them were drunk.Gerard's probably not here he's sliver.To my surprise I saw Gerard talking to someone else he looked at my direction I didn't see his fiancee so I assumed she didn't come.Gerard ended his conversation and walked toward my direction now he was standing in front of me he bent down to my ear.

"follow me" he whispered. He turned away and was heading to the stairs I followed.We passed a couple of rooms down the left side of the hallway then he finally opened a door he stepped inside and I followed him.It was complete darkness.I was looking for the light switch.

"don't turn on the light"

"how are we suppose to see what we're doing?"

"we have the moon as light" hemoved the curtains from the window that was on the right side of the room.The bed was against the wall in the back in the middle.The moon didn't have much light.He closed the door and locked it.I felt his breath in the back of my neck I could tell he was behind me.He put arms around me his hand was cupping my breast.He started to kiss my neck then his kissing became to sucking.He stopped sucking and pulled his hands away from my breast he then pushed me towards the bed I almost fell but kept my balenced.I turned around to face him his eyes looked angry I got a bit frightened I sat down on the bed he was coming closer so I moved more in the bed I was now in the center of the bed.He got on top of me and pushed me down so I was laying down instead of sitting.He sat on his behind legs and undid his belt.

"take your clothes off"he said

"but what if sombody walks in" he rolled his eyes.

"do I have to do every thing my fucking self" He said roughly.
He pulled my pants off swiftly along with my girl boxers my pants were big on me so he didn't have much trouble pulling them off.He pulled my shirt above my breast and left it thier he didn't take my shirt completely off.His pants were down to his knees he lowered himself down and used his right hand to grab his dick he hold it in position and then pushed into me.Both of his hands grabed the back borad of the bed his head was back.He was moving in a fast pace he moved his head to look at me he was breathing from his mouth his breathing was heavy that you can hear it.He camed then I did.He didn't pull out of me he put his hand in both sides of me and bent down his upper body we didn't break eye contact.He looked at my breast real quickly then looked back at my eyes he used his right hand to pull the left strap of my bra down.He stuck his tounge out and circled around the nipple he then started to flick his tounge on the nipple he didn't look away from my eyes during this whole progress.He then brought his whole mouth down to my left breast he broke the eye contact and sucked.My breathing was becoming heavy his left hand was pulling down the right strap of my bra down squezzing my right breast.I put my hands on top of his head,stroking his hair with my right hand I then again came once more.He stopped and pulled out of me,he stood up and lifted up his jeans.He opened and closed the door he was gone now.I layed thier on the bed for a couple of seconds still trying to figure out what just happened.I stood up and was picking up my clothes I had trouble finding them because when Gerard pulled my pants off and my underwear he threw it instead of placing it down.I finally found it and got dress quickly before anyone else walked in.I walked out of the room and closed the door behind me I walked down stairs looking for Gerard but he was no where in sight I saw esther and note I could tell they were drunk because they were acting like idoits.

"Lets go your too wasted" I had said to esther and note they nodded thier heads I helped them walk out the front door and in to the car I noticed that Gerards car was missing.What a fucking bastard he leaves me in a room alone half naked and then goes completely missing?Fuck him.I started the car and drove home.When we got home I had to help esther and note again up the staris to the apartment.As I opened the door they both fell to the floor they were knocked out.I had to drag them one by one to thier bed.When I was done with that I walked to the kitchen and took out the birth control out of the cabinet I drank two just in case and walked to my room and layed down.

"What the fuck did I just get myself into?"I said quietly to myself.
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