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First Things First.

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alright so this is just the beginning but dont worry it'll get better i just hope you like it.

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It was a cold dark night in the cemetery. A girl who went by Helena was sleeping on her mother's grave when the watcher came out, "Hey lady you need to leave its past hours," Helena awoke by the voice and new she was unwelcome so she had left for home. The home where her alcoholic abusive father was probably drinking and smoking more meth just to wait for her to enter the door to yell at her once again for staying at the grave. For what she had thought all happen as soon as she entered the door, she ignored her father and went straight to her room where she slammed the door, locked it and blasted her music. It was not long before her father was trying to beat down the door, Helena screamed "fuck off" and he collapsed on the floor, for he had passed out. Helena once again cried herself to sleep as the music blasted through her ears to block out her father. Helena needed a way out, away from everything, and start a new life.

The night had passed and it was 8:00 in the morning, it was a Saturday so she decided to go out. As she opened the door to her surprise she saw her father there right in front of the door. Helena decided to do nothing but step over him and headed towards the bathroom. Half an hour later Helena left the house and wondered the streets.

Hours passed and she had walked along the same street for a couple hours now so she decided to go and get lunch. As she sat down, all the people there just laughed at her like some joke. She held in her anger and ignored them as she ate her lunch. Then a man sat down beside her. "Don't bother listening to them, they're a waist of time," he whispered to her. Helena looked up. It was a gorgeous man, about her age, 5'6, black hair, and skin as white as snow and eyes as grey as ice. Helena smiled and replied "Its alright, I'm use to it." "The names Jake," he smiled. "Helena," she replied with a smile as the shook hands and spent the lunch together. Afterwards they hung out for a bit till he had to go home. "Hope to see you some time Helena, it was nice meeting you," he said as he walked away. "Wait!" she yelled and caught up to him. He turned and they stared at each other once more, "Listen it was nice meeting you as well can I call you sometime?" she asked, trying to break the awkward silence. "Sure, heres my number, call me whenever you're free because most likely I will be," Jake said as he pulled out a pen and wrote his number on her hand and kissed her cheek ever so gently. Then he turned away and began to walk home. Helena continued walking around and knew that for the first time in her life she was in love.

It was now 6:00, she decided to head home early to try and help her father before he started drinking or doing drugs, she ran home as fast as possible so she could as well call Jake.

Helena entered her house. "Who the fuck...oh, it you, where have you been all day?" her father asked as he just opened the bottle of vodka. Helena stole it away from him. " When will you stop drinking and doing drugs huh? That's all you do all day and night, so why should I be here, all you do is yell at me anyways, so I've decided to send you to rehab," she said as she looked into her fathers deep brown eyes. " Fuck you dumb bitch, you really think rehab is going to help?" he replied as he said down and pulled cocaine from his pocket. Once again Helena took away the drug and finally stood up for herself, " Dad! You really think this is helping you? No, all you do is yell at people, and that's all you've done ever since mom left, isn't it? That's why I'm sending you to rehab, so you can buck up come back to fucking reality and realize that's she gone, and SHES NEVER COMING BACK BECAUSE YOU MURDERED HER!!!" Helena cried as she once again ran to her room. Her father ran after her, but was too because as soon as he reached her room the door was locked. "You don't understand, I had too, she was ruining me," he replied as yelled through the door so Helena could hear. "She was trying to FIX YOU! And then you just put that just put the gun to her chest and the let the lead go through her body as she collapsed to the floor because you killed her!"
It was no use, all the excuses that her father had made Helena did not believe, Helena wanted to talk to somebody about it and remembered Jake so she picked up the phone and called him.
"Hello?" Jake said as he answered the phone, Helena burst into tears.
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