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Edwards little sister

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someone is gunning to kill Anita again. but what if someone from Edward's past is doing the gunning?

Category: Anita Blake - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor - Characters: Anita Blake, Edward, Micah Callahan, Nathanial Graison - Warnings: [!!!] [V] - Published: 2007-07-26 - Updated: 2007-07-27 - 713 words

I own nothing ... but the hunter.

Anita had had two more hours to run. Personally, from my study of this particular prey, I thought she'd have started sooner. But no, she seemed to think I was simply a joke. That is, until Death showed up.

I was actually on ATV, downwind of Blake's house, hidden by the dark and the trees. I had had a transmitter in that envelop. When that invisible circuit was broken, it alerted me. I drove here, two hours after that, a running start. Not by Blake's standards obviously since she waited for hours.

As a rule, when I give a warning, I don't go after them till the allotted time. So for the hours I waited, I thought of what a hunt this would be. From research, I knew this woman had way too many men. None of them were human. Let's see, four vampire-lovers, and three were-bed-buddies. At least. All but one of each group was either a Master or a major leader. Good Gracias! I found even one dominate or submissive man Bothersome, think about seven! And those were only the ones I had confirmed. Can anyone say 'supernaturally loose'? Spell it with ten letters with a space halfway through and I think you would have our undeceive Zombie Queen. Rumor said that she held the sexual hunger of /Arduer/. Man wish I had that excuse sometimes.

Don't think I underestimated her. Oh no, that would be bad. I have heard rumors, even below the Mason-Dixon. She is the supernatural's boogieman. She had so many kills connected to her name it was a Crime against crimes. If she had been paid for them all, she would be the richest woman in the world. I guarantee that. Funny thing though, none of those rumors I had heard had Death in them. Hmm, I guess today, fate took requests. And then she twisted them. I would relish any reunion with him, under any other circumstances. But when I saw him getting out of that green Mazda, I didn't like it one bit.

He was the only person I will not willingly go up against. Three reasons. One, he's my older brother. And though I might be able to pull the trigger, if I he gave me the chance, the next bullet might as well as go through me. Two, he would beat me. No bones about it but mine. He would kick my ass and mop the floor with my carcass. The only thing that I wonder about on that one is if he would enjoy it or not. He wasn't always a sociopath; Van Cleef had made him that way. So there might be a little slack for me, but not much. Three, when we both decided (at a young age) that we would go into the same business we said that we wouldn't go against the other's list. When we started, the list was short. Dad, (who died shortly after that) and each other went to the bottom, just in case. Then we parted ways, determined not to be the key to the others breaking lock. We would not be the others weakness because we killed our weaknesses.

From rumors, I heard he got married a while back. I automatically added his wife and two step children to his list. My list consisted of maybe... I don't know, two people after dad died, Reggie and Death. Whatever I said about them, I would sorely miss either one if they were gone. Of course they wouldn't be alone in their passing.

This Anita wasn't on the list. Would it matter if I was the one to kill her? When I saw her running out with him and two of her leopards, I began to think it might. Huge sigh, I would have to call him and ask. Of course I would keep them in sight until and while I did it. He was my brother, but I might have just taken a contract that was on his list. I didn't know how sentimental he had become so to be on the safe (and accurate) side I would treat him as the most dangerous thing on the planet. And of course he was.

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