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Chapter 12

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Rukia and Byakuya moments, along with Renji and Ichigo's jealousy interfere with Hitsugaya and Momo moment.

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Hitsugaya looked up with a frown of annoyance as he put his pen down from signing papers. He blinked before his expression smoothed and he asked," What is it, Momo?" The girl jumped startled before looking down blushing as she answered," Well... I just wanted to come visit you and distract you from the paper work that Matsumoto-san should be doing."

Hitsugaya looked towards the couch to see his vice-captain still sleeping before he smirked slightly and said," I see." Momo looked up before looking back down and Hitsugaya stood up as he said," Fine, besides Matsumoto needs to carry her own weight around here." Momo looked up at him smiling as he went to her side and the two left.


Rukia stood in front of her window as she looked out of it. She watched as Ichigo and Renji trained together while Ichigo complained about something. Her hands which had been resting on the window seal clentched it tightly. Why must I be the one who can't train? Why must I wait for so long? Rukia thought, before she calmed down and looked up when her door opened quietly.

"Nii-sama." Rukia stated softly and Byakuya walked to her side quietly and stared out the window. "Do you wish to start training again, Rukia?" Byakuya asked out of no where and Rukia looked up at him startled before she smiled softly and answered," At times, I do, but it's time like these, with you, nii-sama, that i'm glad I don't have to."

Byakuya didn't do or say anything as the two of them watched Renji and Ichigo train, with Ichigo complaining about something.


"It's not fair, Renji! All she does is spend time with Byakuya now!" Ichigo complained as he dodged Renji's zanpakuto with his own. Renji shrugged as he jumped back and said," There's nothing we can do about that. Kuchiki-taichou is way stronger than us." "Aren't you jealous though?" Ichigo asked, as he lifted his zanpakuto and then rushed at Renji.

"Of course! I've known Rukia since we were little! We grew up together! So of course i'm jealous! We need to do something about it!" Renji suddenly said fired up, a fire burning in his eyes and Ichigo smirked as he said," Then let's do something about it instead of just complaining." Renji smirked and the two took off running towards the town not noticing that Byakuya and Rukia had been watching them the entire time.

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