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She was perfect in every way, he couldn't see why she was not the most sought after girl in the school. He would have her even if it killed him.

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He watched her, everyday he watched her, by now he had memorized her daily routine. Was he a stalker? Probably, did he even care? No. her name was Arielle, Arielle Miller, he always thought it was such a pretty name, it just rolled off the tongue didn't it? Arielle did not tell him her name though, oh no, he used his talent for eavesdropping and picking up information - another of his stalker-esque qualities - to find out all he could about her. So far the only information he had received was her name and the fact that she was a very quiet girl who didn't speak unless she was spoken to and even then it was minimal.
He watched her again, like every day, as she walked through the double doors of the school's main hallway, dressed in her usual too-big hooded jumper (normally a gray or black colour) and baggy slacks with the belt that was keeping them up wrapped twice around her middle.
Arielle held her books close to her chest and hurried to her homeroom as though she was being watched; which, he reminded himself, was not entirely untrue. He followed her though this time not for reasons of watching her. He had coincidentally been placed in her homeroom earlier in the school year and he definitely was not complaining.
He skulked over and placed himself discreetly in the desk behind Arielle who was completely oblivious of her admirer. He got out his sketch book and started to draw the back of her head, sure it was not his favourite part of her but he felt every part of her glowed with perfection that it seemed only he could see.
Sketching quickly and quietly, one could see the rough shape of a head bent low over a desk beginning to take shape. He drew her long honey brown hair as it cascaded down her back with an expression on his face that clearly showed that he thought that anyone would love to be in his position, drawing what he was.
He was so immersed in his masterpiece that it barely registered that his homeroom teacher was calling out his name on the roll, "Gerard Way?" "Here"

a/n so there you go, the prologue to a story that i very much hope i will continue (i have a problem with procrastination, its not that i don't want to, i just can't be stuffed) reviews are appreciated. thankyou!
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