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If I Didn't Know Any Better I'd Say Someone Was In Love

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Pattycakes is head over heels. AWWWW

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The next morning, Pete awoke with the thought of last night. She actually called him. It was nice in a way, cause now he knew she remembered him. But, it was also bad because the thoughts of her would only increase.
When he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, he slowly left his bed and made his destination for the kitchen. On the way down the hall, he noticed Patrick's door was open. He figured, being the nosey person he was, he'd take a look inside. To his suprise, he found both Patrick and Joy in bed, sleeping.

"Way to go, Patrick!" Pete yelled, awaking the couple from their sleep.

Patrick rolled over and quickly sat up once he notcied his friend was hovering above his bed. "Pete! Can't you see we could use some privacy?!" he yelled back.

This awoke Joy, who immediately hid under the covers, only letting her head stick out. "I'm assuming this is your friend Pete you've talked about?"

Patrick nodded and went back to glaring at the wide-eyed bassist. "Pete, what do you want?"

"Nothin' man. Just wanted to make sure what i was seeing was real. Congrats." With that, Pete left the room.

"Sorry about that." Patrick grinned aquwardly.

Joy smiled "It's alright, i just never pictured this would be the way i got introduced to your friends."

When Pete got down to the kitchen, he found that he was in a room full of balloons. Joe and Andy were sitting on the counter blowing up the balloons and then releasing them into the air.

"What the fuck are you guys doing?" He asked, wanting to join in on the action.

"It ends up we stole three thousand too many balloons from the party store. I figured-"

"You stole balloons from a party store!? Joe interupted.

"Yes Trohman, we'll get to that later. As i was say-"

"Dude, you guys are kick ass. Why'd you steal the balloons?" Joe gasped as he interupted again.

"Are you guys part of the FBI?"

"Joe, shut up! I'll tell you later. ANYWAYS, it ends up we had like, three thousand too many balloons left from the party store, so we figured we'd put them to good use."

"By turning our kitchen into a jungle of balloons?" Pete gave them both weird looks.

"Exsactly." Joe and Andy both replied.

"Sweet. Can i join in on the action?" Pete asked.

"Hells yeah you can. You can be our new balloon aprentis." Joe replied as he threw a bag of green balloons to Pete.


After three hours of balloon blowing madness, they had run out, and were only left with asthma attacks.

"Guys, i think i'm gonna pass out." Joe weezed.

"Yeah, i feel light headed." Andy agreed.

"Maybe we should hold off on the balloons for awhile."

Joe and Pete nodded in agreement.

"Hey, wheres Pat?" Andy finally asked after realizing someone was missing someone.

"Upstairs with his new lady friend. Aparently there was some action going on in the bedroom last night if you know what i mean." Pete winked.

"Patrick? Seriously? No way." Joe lisped.

"Yeah seriously. I never thought i would say it either." Pete smiled.

"That's insane. But good for him. It's bout time he got some lovin'." Joe replied.

Andy and Pete burst out into a fit of laughter in which Joe soon joined in.

Joy soon came down, with her coat in her hand, and walked through the kitchen. She figured it wouldn't be the best time to introduce herself, seeing how they were all all of Patrick's friends seemed to be high. She quickly left out the door.

Patrick came down soon after. "Hey guys..." He noticed they were all laughing like maniacs.

"What's so funny?"

Joe and Andy and Pete stopped abruptly once they notcied Patrick was in the room.

"Uh, nothin' much Pat." Pete finally replied, still wiping the tears from his eyes.

"Oh. I know this is gonna sound crazy, but, i think i'm in love." Patrick smiled.

"No way man! That's awesome!" Pete got off the ground and gave his friend a hug.

"Yeah, awesome dude." Joe and Andy got off the ground as well to give their pal a friendly hug.

"Group hug!" Pete yelled.

Soon, all of the guys were surrounding Patrick.

"Guys.....Guys, your....Crushing..Me." He said, trying to breathe.

"Oh sorry." They all broke apart from Patrick, since they were suffocating him.

Life was finally good again.

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