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Let Me be the Only One that Calls You Baby

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interviews and bluntness! read and find out more!!

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Chapter 6: Let Me be the Only One that Calls You Baby

Andy’s POV
I woke up the next morning with my arms wrapped around a pillow. I tossed the pillow aside and looked around for Ashley. I heard the faucet turning off in the bathroom and the door opening. I quickly pretended I was fast asleep. “I know you’re awake, mister” Ashley said poking me in my side making me jump up. “Now how did you know that” I asked hugging her from behind. “That’s for me to know and you to never find out.” She said giggling. “Do you want to go get breakfast” I asked her while putting the clothes from yesterday back on. “Sure” she said
straightening her hair. At that moment my phone went off. “hello” I said. “hey Andy, Joe just called me and we have an interview today.” Pete said. “what? When were we ever told?” I asked. “I don’t ever remember being told, but he said it’s in thirty minutes.” Pete said. “great.” I said sarcastically. “where?” I asked. “at the radio station downtown. The one next to waffle house.” He said. “okay we’ll be there soon.” I said looking at Ashley. “we?” Pete asked. I then hung up the phone to avoid the question and at explain to Ashley. “who was that?” she asked. Man was she curious, I thought before going into details. “it was Pete, he informed me that we have an interview in thirty minutes, and it’s at the radio station next to Waffle House. So I was thinking, do you want to come with me to the radio station and then afterwards we can get something to eat?” I asked. She put her finger over her lips and tapped the top lip slightly, thinking. “okay, sure, sounds fun.” She said hopping off the bed and down the stairs. “great” I said going after her down the stairs and out the door to … wait I don’t have my car. “crap, can we take your can I kind of don’t have my car.” I said looking at her. “yeah” she said leaping into the driver seat. We speed, I mean went to speed limit, to the station and the rest of the gang had just arrived. Ashley looked at me with a worried look. “don’t worry they’ll like you.” I said grabbing her hand in reassurance she smiled and got out of the car, I followed. We all went into the station and was escorted to where we were doing the interview. Ashley was close behind me holding my hand with all her might. After we were settled we were told we had a few minutes until the DJ came in, so I took this time to introduce Ashley to the guys. “Patrick, Pete, Joe this is Ashley. She’s my girlfriend.” As I said the last word it felt like a flame ignited inside me. “hey, you’re that girl for the sub shop, right?” Pete said shaking her hand. She politely nodded. Joe and Patrick also greeted her but said nothing else to her. She found a chair in the corner and made herself at home.
The DJ walked into the room and introduced himself. “hi, I’m DJ Rossstar.” He said shaking all of our hands. “I have some fan submitted questions, would you like to read them before doing the interview or just go into it blindly?” he asked. We all agreed to go blindly it makes an interview better if Pete doesn’t formulate an answer. “Blindly” we all said. “okay, well let’s get started.” As he said that the on air sign lit up. “hi, this is DJ Rossstar and I’m here with Fall out boy. And today we have some fan submitted questions for the boys.” The interview went smoothly, or as smooth as any other interview can go with Pete. “hey guys, Ashley and I are going to get something to eat we’ll meet you guys back at Pete’s okay.” I said walking toward Waffle House. “can we come?” Joe asked. I looked at Ashley searching for an answer and she nodded. “yeah, I guess.” I said. We all walked in to the restaurant trying to be discreet. We all ordered without complications. “so I’m guessing that we spent the night at her house.” Pete asked. “yes, Pete.” I said hoping that he would just drop the subject. “so, Ashley is it?” Patrick asked. “yeah” she said softly. “Do you want to come to this party thing we’re throwing at my house?” he asked. “what party?” I asked. “I’m throwing a party and my finally finished house.” He said smiling. “yeah, sure” she said looking at me for conformation. “but can I bring a friend along?” she asked. “yeah” he said. “so Pete, is my house still standing?” I asked. “yes” Pete said. “good, I’m still paying from last time I left you alone at the house.” I said. “Shut up, Andrew” he snapped. “be quite, peter peter pumpkin eater” I said. Ashley was slightly snickering beside me. “hey, chicks like that name.” he said with all of his confidence behind it. “No, chicks let you believe that they like that name just to get with you.” Ashley said out of no where. We all just stared at her. She had been quite all this time and then she says something that blunt but true.

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