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Tubby Mc TubTub

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The go of to london and gerard finds himself left alone at a service station *gives gerard an air hug*

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Ok well this is chapter 2 I hope if its not then I will slap myself. I hope you like it!! Soz is quite late I was on holiday for like a while and then ficwad stopped working so I couldn’t go on but its fixed now so hurrah and well done to the person who fixed it air high 5 to them!!!

Chapter 2
Who’s a Tubby Mc TubTub and left in a service station!

Kitty’s Pov
GUYS WHRE THE HELL IS MY JACKET, I yelled down the stairs.
NO IDEA, Sarah yelled back running into my room, HAVE U SEEN MY JEANS
Nope soz. I said and continued throwing things haphazardly into my suitcase not caring if they were neat the time of folding things up went when we woke up realising that the power had gone (power cut) and that we only had 2 hours to pack get dressed and showed and to eat. I haven’t eaten yet which is gay but we are really late. My thoughts were broken when Jenny ran in.
Kit Have you seen my straighteners and Ali says Hurry the fuck up cause the guys and girl should be here soon.
SHIT and no sorry haven’t seen them Have u check in the bathroom, I asked.
The bathroom GREAT idea, she said running out at top speed.
I rolled my eyes and walked into my on suite and grabbed my wash bag grabbing my make up, toothbrush and all the other things that I would need. I then grabbed my shower radio from the shower Darn it how can it still be wet from the shower I had this morning well about an hour and a half ago but still. I walked back to my suit case and crammed the wash bag in!
OH SHIT! I yelled as i heard the door bell ring there here NOOO!
I heard Ali talking down stairs. Whoa she packs fast any back to shutting this darn thing. I heard loads of footsteps and then a knock on my bedroom door.
Enter, I said in the creepiest voice I could.
The door burst open and James walked over looking exited.
HEY KITTY KAT I can’t believe you won us tickets to London and that you got hit by a car why didn’t you tell us? James said in a rush
You never asked, I replied simply
True very true ANYWAY I am here to assist you in your packing.
YAY, I cried grinning
Wait why aren’t you assisting your girlfriend?
Because Sarah is gay hehe not really I can’t assist because i was told to assist you. Ali and Millie are assisting Sarah. Cam, Sam and Chris are assisting Jenny because she is basically useless at packing.
True so everyone is here and you brought your Mahooosive bus thing with 9 seats. I asked
Sure did Kitty Kat!
Ok now I need help Sit on the case and I will zip. I said kneeling by the start of the zip (for the case people nothing more)
What why cant you sit on it and I will zip it I am way stronger than you Miss weak Mc weaky.
OY look you sit on that case cause your FAT and that means I can zip it up. I said, we were both grinning.
I AM NOT FAT, he yelled and started to fake cry, I WILL NO LONGER ASSIST YOU.
At that moment Sarah ran in.
KITTY I NO MY JEANS ARE IN HEAR Oh hey hunni. She said looking at James then double taking when she saw he was curled on my bed sucking his thumb and rubbing his eyes.
What did you do kitty? She said rising her eyebrows and gesturing her boyfriend.
Nothing, I said innocently
She called me FAT, James cried
Awww baby, Sarah said kissing his head.
NOW kitty how you dare call him fat he’s just a bit tubby? Sarah said in a stern voice.
OY, James yelled. Me and Sarah both burst out laughing.
Anyway why was I hear Oh yes I remembered where my jeans were, she said and she ran to my cupboard and pulled out some rather creased jeans.
O I didn’t no they where there Sorry Sarie
Don’t worry, she said patting my back.
Ok Miss weak mc weaky what are we going to do? James asked walking over and sitting next to me on the floor.
Well Tubby Mc Tub Tub I think that I shall sit on the case and you can do the zip up cause Frankly I cant be arsed to even try and do it up.
His face lit up as I sat on the case and he quickly zipped it up.
YAY, we both cried and we high fived and he gabbed my suit case and I grabbed my travel rucksack thing and my hand bag and we both walked downstairs. I dumped my suit case at the bottom of the stairs and walked out side to see Ali, Millie and Sarah. Sarah was stuffing her jeans into the front pocket of her case.
Kitty YAY finally, where is your suitcase? Ali asked walking up to me.
I will just go and fetch it, I ran inside and grabbed my case ran out again and threw it in the boot.
I baggsy a back seat I yelled jumping in the car, just as Jenny, cam, Sam and Chris walked down the steps.
AHHH NOOOO, Sam yelled and he jumped in next to me, I WANTED THAT SEAT BITCH. He started tickling me. This made me giggle a lot. Everyone else slowly got in but me and Sam where still having our tickle war. The bus thing had three seats in the front James was driving and Chris and jenny where sitting in the two smaller seats next to James. Then there was a four of seats where Millie, Ali, Sarah and Cam were sitting and then the two at the back were occupied by Sam and me. I think I like Sam best out of the guys don’t get me wrong I love every single person in this car but me and Sam are both mad.
GUYS WILL U SHUT UP, Cam yelled turning around
Sorry, we both said grinning.
Ok people what do we listen to, James yelled thought the bus/car thing.
HEART, everyone yelled except me, Millie and Sam.
Millie you got your ipod, I called to her
Yeah, she yelled back as james was flicking to the heart radio station.
Sam got your ipod
URM About that it’s in my suitcase, He said looking scared.
You complete idiot, I said whacking him on the head.
Can I listen to yours, he asked pouting
Oh ok but when we stop at a service station you get your own out ok.
Yeah ok, thanks I love you , he hugged me and I swatted him away.
We both put an head phone in our ear and I put it on shuffle. The used Buried myself alive came on and Sam cheered and started head banging. I laid my head on the cold glass and watched the lights go by excitement filled me up I was going to London my home for like 3 years. I felt my eyelids droop and I dropped into sleep.

Gerard’s Pov,
We are in England heading towards London from Birmingham. Mikeys Asleep Frank and Ray are playing on the Xbox and Bob is doing well I have no idea but something that bob would do.
I am sitting on my bunk looking at the wall where I had hung my photos. I smiled as I saw the one of me, Mikey, mum and dad we were tiny there about 6 on our first holiday to Italy we both look really brown. The next one along was a picture of me and grandma my eyes got quite wet I rubbed them and turned to the next one which was the band when I had long black hair and Mikey has glasses and all. Then next photo was a blonde me and a glasses less mikey. I smiled and look at my last photo a look of sadness passed over my face as. I can’t believe that I knew her for two days and after five years I can’t forget about her. I couldn’t get married to Eliza because she was there in my mind all the time and I couldn’t marry her knowing I was in love with someone else. I traced her face with my finger and smiled I love this picture. God I sound like a stalker but I think I am in love with her and I will never ever meet her again its stupid.
GERARD, I heard frank yell.
I was yanked out of my thoughts as the curtains were pulled open and franks face appeared.
Service station stop you getting off, he asked.
Hum well I need the loo so…, but the curtains were closed before I could finish because bob yelled something to frank and he walked off his footsteps faded.
Ok then, I said to myself.
I walked over to mikey’s bunk and poked him awake.
Huh? He asked sleepily.
Urm tell the others I am going to the loo and to get some cigarettes, Want anything?
Naa thanks bro, He replied snuggling into his pillow.
Ok Bye, I walked out the bus and went of to the loo. I came out of the toilet with my hands smelling of cheap soap. I walked into the shop and found a pack of cigarettes with the usual SMOKING KILLS stamped across the front in big letters. I no I no, I said quietly to myself. I decided I was in the mood for something cheesy so I grabbed some quavers. When I got to the counter the man well more like teenager in front was trying to buy some cigarettes but he didn’t have any ID so it took ages. Ten minuets later I finely got to the front I handed my crisps and packet of cigarettes over to the cashier.
Are you old enough for these, the lady said pointing at the packet
Do I look old enough, I said razing my eyebrows.
NO not really, My jaw fell open.
Oh well I am 30 so yeah I am old enough, I said slightly stunned.
Sure you are
I am
Let’s see some ID then, I started getting out my ID when the manager came over
Is there a problem Dorice? The man asked the woman
Yeah this boy has no ID, she said smugly
I laughed slightly at being called a boy.
Its not funny, the manager said
Yeah it is because I am not a boy I am 30 and here’s my driving licence.
He looked it over and then looked me over.
Oh dear I am very sorry Mr Way, he said smiling at me slightly and glaring at old dorice.
No worries I’m shocked that I still look under 18, I said grinning.
Very handsome at that, the dorice lady added.
She was obviously trying to redeem herself but it was nice anyway.
Cheers, I winked at her and she laughed as did the manager.
She then gave me the stuff and I paid adding a tip for her even though it’s not normal. I walked out of the station and over to the bus stop I froze when I saw the bus wasn’t there.

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