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Black Friday

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Shopping on the day after Thanksgiving in the US. OY Tiny spoiler that came from the pilot episode.

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Black Friday

"Come on, Tempe. It'll be fun," Angela whined. She had been begging and pleading all day to get Temperance to accompany her on her traditional after Thanksgiving shopping spree.

"I'm not going. I have things to do," Temperance argued.

The artist huffed and flopped down on one of her friend's chairs. "You've never shopped on Black Friday, have you?"

"Huh? Black Friday? I don't know what that means."

"Sweetie, Black Friday is what the biggest shopping day of the year is called. It is the day after Thanksgiving. Every single retail store has these unheard of sales specials. Most stores have free give-a-ways when you walk in the doors. There are tons of people trying to get TVs for fifty bucks. It is really a lot of fun," Angela explained. "It's even more fun to go with your best friend."

"I don't need a television," Temperance deadpanned.

"What about Pete's?"

"Pete? Pete's what?"

"His TV. You smashed it. Remember? Aren't you going to help him replace it?" Angela asked, still amused by that little story of Pete "breaking" into retrieve his television on the same night that Temperance returned from a two-month trip to Guatemala.

"Oh yeah," Temperance sighed. "What time does this store with fifty dollar televisions open?"

"Five o'clock."

"In the morning?" She watched Angela nod. "Okay. Do you want me to pick you up?" she asked, giving into her friend's request.

Angela smiled brightly. "I'll drive. My car is bigger," she announced, walking out of the room.

"Bigger? Hey, Ang, wait! Bigger?" Temperance called out after her friend as Angela disappeared. "I think I made a mistake," the normally confident forensic anthropologist muttered.
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