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Not the Jitterbug but the Twist

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If I told you I'd have to kill you

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Not the Jitterbug but the Twist
No Butts Please
I had to get on the train... unfortunately. I hate going to HIS house, maybe I can escape some how... I looked up at the sides of the train the walls were covered with dirt, graffiti and other sticky substances that seemed to add to the masterpiece we like to call the subway system. I picked through my small shoulder bag while walking through the aisles, I was scared.... I was scared that what happened to them might happen to me.... I guess it showed because everyone was staring at me, pointing and whispering... plotting against me, if only they knew what I knew... then they wouldn’t plot! I knew that even though these people were evil, that they had hopes, dreams, ambitions, mine were to find the sick psycho who killed my parents, and for some reason the voices told me to I had to go to the Riverdale Historic District where my granddad lived, It’s the only place I hate more than home right now... I guess you’ll want to know why wont you... well it all started when I was 10 years old my grandfather was about 50 or something back then, he had this young gardener friend who maintained the gardens for a small sum of money... but one day when I was there the gardener attacked me... grabbed me from behind and knocked me out with chloroform I woke up in his shed or “bat cave” as he liked to call it. He loved Frank Sinatra and he was playing I’ve Got You under My Skin while he was loading his shot gun... I know what you are thinking... why didn’t you scream? Well I tried so hard until my lungs were burning of exhaustion and I had a rasp in my voice... but that didn’t help, luckily I was saved in just the nick of time by my grandad who came to see if the gardener wanted a sandwich, but that horrific experience... this vile man... made me never want to set foot in The Bronx again....

I kept walking trying not to focus on the scary, night crawlers, you know the weird people who use the subway system as there place to sleep, eat and do what ever they want.... they are the rats that hang around dumpsters, the night crawlers. I finally found a seat next to an old lady, “ello poppit...” she said showing a toothless grin... she had a thick accent of some kind... definitely not an American accent... I think it was Australian, she had bags under her eyes, and dirt smeared all over her face her mouth was dry and her lips had cracks in them and the last little bit of a rolly was sitting there impatiently in her mouth, but she was the safest person on the whole train... I smiled and sat down next to her.... “Is it Joon or Janury?” she said, I hesitated before answering, I didn’t like talking to strangers... I didn’t like talking to any one... ever...“Uhh I think it’s October,” I replied, squeezing my bag tight. “This is going to be a long trip, I should’ve never come,” I thought to myself, I looked to the lady who was staring at me with eager eyes... she took out her cigarette then exhaled the smoke, followed by a vicious cough, her lips formed into a fake smile, the expression on her face said “Calm down little girl, you’ll be fine!” I relaxed a little, breathing in slowly but trying not to inhale her smoke germs. A few minutes later I got really bored.... I was tired and cold, and bored.... I opened the front pocket of my bag and picked through it... revealing an iPod and train ticket. “Ooh wasat?” the old lady exclaimed pointing at my iPod, “Uhh it’s an iPod,” I said, holding it closer to the lady’s face,
“Is it... uhh... valuable?” She said her eyes lighting up, she took the cigarette out of her mouth exhaled the smoke and coughed again then flicked the cigarette at me, “Excuse me what are you doing?” I exclaimed and brushed of the ash from my body frantically, “Aw Did I get ya larve?” she said, “sorry I carnt throw at all! So is it valuable?”
“Umm... no way!” I lied, this woman was a pick pocket and I wasn’t just going to let her steal it you know! She sat back into her chair and rummaged through her pocket revealing another cigarette and a lighter she tried a couple of times before it lit and her cigarette was releasing dangerous toxins, she sighed, “So... wat dus it do?” she didn’t seem interested but, I guess she was trying to make conversation. “Uhh well,” I began, “it plays... music... well it plays music thingies called MP3s and yeh it can hold photos and stuff,”
“Wha eva appined to recards?” she said more interested in the topic, “What you mean like, vinyl? I said, “Yeh daswat I sayd right?” she said, exhaling deeply and coughing l, lighter this time, “yeh any wayz dey were da tyms wen evry one was created equal, ya no?” I was about to answer but she started again, “and yeh loike people neva got busted for doin dancin and sheet, and like we’d dance bedda dan u widdle kiddys eva done in ur loife, see wach diss darl!” it took her about two seconds to drag the whole thing and throw the butt at me as she hopped up with more spring than expected, then she started jumping up and down in a sort of mosh type thing, I blushed with embarrassment, “she definitely has no inhibition!” I thought as more body parts than usual flopped around in my face. She started yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs, “oi am so hip!”
“Shut up!” I said, I was pissed off, but she didn’t stop... I looked around and saw everyone staring at me, so I put my headphones in my ears and pressed play, the faint sound of a lively brass section, was like a tingle in my ears, I turned the volume right up, I couldn’t’ hear her ramblings now, just Frank Sinatra exploding my ear drums. I looked out the window, nothing but darkness, how depressing... I turned back around and looked at the old lady but she was gone. I got up quickly... all my things dropping on the floor, I looked down the lengths of the train, nothing. “Shit!” I said, “where did she go!?!” I started panicking thinking of the What Ifs in this situation, a man stood up and tapped my shoulder I spun to look at him and he pulled out one of my ear phones. “She went to the toilet,” he said with a posh sort of accent, he had a big nose and a receding hairline, his eyes were small and so was his body, in fact everything seemed unusually small, I nodded and sat down, unclenching my fists, and loosening my muscles. I gave a slight sigh of relief and leant my head against the seat, I closed my eyes, I was so tired and weary so I let myself drift off to sleep, the first time I was able to even close my eyes in 5 weeks.
The Dream
I woke up thirsty and cold, I shifted the covers and slowly pulled myself out of bed. I looked at the clock, 1:27 am; suddenly I heard the faint sound of a lively brass section, like a tingle in my ears. I stopped moving, straining my ears to listen to the music, it was Frank Sinatra, I started toward the door, shaking my head, they were always fighting. When ever my parents needed to “discuss” something they would always go to their bedroom and close the door, then they would put on their Frank Sinatra CD as loud a possible so I couldn’t here their fighting. I slowly opened the door of my room, and crept out, trying not to make a sound, although they were on the other side of the house, I felt I needed to creep, just in case. I tip – toed down the hallway to the top of the stair case. I eased my way down the stairs, and scampered to the dark kitchen. I opened the old creaky door of the kitchen, it’s rusty hinges squeaking as I pushed it. I stepped inside and felt up the wall looking for a light switch. As the lights flickered on I tip-toed through the kitchen to the sink. I picked up a relatively clean glass and turned on the tap, the water filling up my glass. I looked around the kitchen it was so clean, so spotless. I looked at the bench on it was a knife block, one was missing. “Dun dun duuuuun,” I said giggling. I took my glass of water and turned off the kitchen light. I scampered to the stairs and climbed up them. The sound of Frank became louder, I decided to go listen, to see what they were fighting about, after all I do need to know these things. I ran up the long hall way to the master bedroom. I drank all the water in the cup and put it to the door trying to listen to what they were doing. Nothing. Not a sound. I pushed on the door slightly it moved a bit but didn’t open, I pushed again, a little harder than before, the door flung open and everything went blank.

More Death...
I woke up screaming... that was how I found my parents... their poor bodies mutilated by the psycho killer, the one doing the twist while stabbing my mother to death. I sat up properly, with fear in my eyes, People were whispering violently, I thought it was weird that I could here them but not the old lady... then I realised that my iPod was gone. I stood up and looked underneath my chair, I picked up my bag and searched through it, nothing. “Shit!” I said, “These people are terrible!” I looked around at the freaky people, wondering if they had stolen it.... I looked down to one end of the train. There was a clock on the wall that read 1:27pm and several posters scattered every where. Suddenly something fluro caught my eye; it was a poster on top of a door reading “Lost and Found”, I thought about how much shit I’d be in if HE found out I lost it, so I decided to go see if it was there. I grabbed my bag and ticket off the seat and eased my way passed the night crawlers, to the end of the train and knocked on the door labeled Lost and Found. A short stubby man with beady eyes opened the door ajar. “Yes, you!” he said rudely, “what do you want? I haven’t got all day you know!” He stood there impatiently as I told my story. He opened the door a little wider and looked me up and down. “Come in,” he said, I followed him into the room, it was dark and messy, it had a few bits of furniture and Vertical Files, the room was cold and smelt of old milk and donuts. “Sit down,” he said pointing to a bar stool in front of a cluttered desk. He walked to behind the desk and sat at a big, comfy office chair, I sat down on the stool and the man pulled a fake smile. “So what seems to be the trouble?” he asked, his grin had “oh my god! Please just leave” all over it. “Well.... Seamus...” I said reading off his name tag, “I lost my iPod, remember?” I replied, “Ey, wassat?!” he said with a thick New York accent, “Oh, oh yes your I-POD, well I’ll see what I have,” he got up from the chair slowly and walked past me to the vertical files, he opened one labeled “Free Stuff” and rummaged around in there throwing out mobile phones and Walkmans, “Yes we have two of these I-PODs,” he said, “A black one and a white one,” he pulled out two plastic sandwich bags and brought them over to the desk, I looked at the bags and said, “I think that’s mine, I pointed to the black one and went to go grab it off the desk when he slapped my hand away and picked it up. “No you can’t leave NOW! I mean you can’t have it just yet...” he said, “What was the last song you listened to?”
“Well I think it was Frank Sinatra – I’ve got you under my skin, but I’m not sure,”
He pulled the iPod out of the sandwich bag and placed the earphones into his ears, he pressed play and I heard the faint sound of a lively brass section, like a tingle in my ears. He smiled “Your right it is yours, you got a good taste in music... for a goth,” he laughed at his lame ass joke and I stared at him, giving him the evil eye, he deserved it, the fascist! He frowned,” lighten up kid... you are in New York! You should be dancing and singing!” he started dancing, and doing the twist. “You see!” he added, jumping up and down like the weird old lady, “Well I’d hate to break up your one gal mosh pit, but I have to go...” I said sharply, as I stood up from the stool and walked toward him. His eyes widened and he said, “Don’t go yet, little Goth girl, why don’t I show you around in my sleeping room,” he winked at me and I remember right then and there, I had the most bone chilling, shiver of my life. “You are a sexist pig!” I yelled and he laughed, “I was only joking love, here have your I-POD back....” he said as he pulled it out of his ears and put it back in the bag, I grabbed the bag from him and began to walk out the door when he spoke in a “seductive” sort of tone, “Hey love, if you ever want a ‘tour’ come by again, I’ll make it worth your while!” I shuddered again and began to open the door when he laughed, “Oh and sexy legs, don’t forget this!” he said flapping my train ticket like a fan, I strutted towards him, and his eyes lit up again, I grabbed the ticket from his hand and pushed him against the wall and whispered in his ear, “If you ever sexually harass me ever again I will shove this iPod so far up your ass, that when ever you play a song it’ll make you tinkle! GOT IT?” He nodded and I let him go, and walked toward the door, I opened it and stepped outside then I slammed the door hard, “I hope he dies,” I said stomping up to my seat. I looked at the sandwich bag; on it was scribbled writing which read, “Found near Out Of Order Toilet”
“That’s strange,” I said, “I haven’t left my seat, for the whole train ride,” I put my shoulder bag on the chair, put the train ticket in my pocket and crept past many sleeping people, trying not to wake them. When I got to the front of the carriage, I pushed a button and the doors in front of me opened, and the sudden burst of fresh air made me dizzy, so I closed my eyes, (I know what you’re thinking, you think I was scared, but you have no I idea!”) And stepped over the gap to the next carriage, I stepped through the door and the doors whizzed closed behind me, I opened my eyes but it didn’t make much difference because it was pitch black inside. I felt around looking for something to keep me balanced, I felt something hard and grabbed onto it, suddenly a voice sounded over the P.A system, informing us that the lights were facing a temporary black out, which was due to minor power shortages and will be back on momentarily, I gave a sigh of relief and loosened my grip on the pole, I shuffled my feet around and decided to try and walk up towards the toilets, I stumbled up the aisle to where I thort where the toilets were suddenly I hit something hard, and I groaned in pain and fell to the floor. “Bloody HELL!” I shouted, “Stupid black out!” the floor was hard and cold, man my bum hurt! I got up slowly, holding onto the wall for support, suddenly the lights flickered on and I was revealed to many sleepy people in a half crouch, half stand sort of pose. Every one was staring at me, like “what the hell are you doing you freak?” I stood up quickly and stared back, “What are you doing?” said some random guy, he looked like a hobo, covered in rags and dirt, his face was smudged with mud and his tiny beady eyes barely visible, “you’ll scare the whales!” he whispered pointing to the toilet door behind me. I turned around to look at the toilet door; it wasn’t as amazing as the hobo made it out to be. I turned back around and just stared at everybody, I felt dizzy and disoriented, and I felt the urge to throw up. I heard some drunken whispering and giggling and turned my head to see who it was... some one stood up and walked toward me, he was tall and his blue eyed, black haired contrast made feel a lot better.... He stopped in front of me and grabbed my hand which was cold and white, “You are pretty...” he said with mischievous eyes, “pretty darn ugly!” his serious face cracked and all I could see was his giant guffawing mouth spread from ear to ear. He let go of my hand and ran away, my mind was running around in circles, what was going on? I put my hand to my fore head, my head was hot, and I stumbled around for a bit “Oh MY GOD!” I screamed and reached for the toilet door, I pulled on the door knob and ran into the toilet, I threw up on the floor, everything was a blurr after that, except for my shrill scream as I stumbled upon a body, the dead body of the old lady, killed the same way as my parents.

His House...
I woke up several hours later in a daze, the incident was all a blurr, I sat up and looked around the room. The room was small and dark it had a cupboard (painted black), a computer table and flat screen computer (both black), black and red walls and millions of posters of Marilyn Manson, PANIC! At the Disco and My Chemical Romance, there make-up covered faces stared down at me, the words PANIC! At the Disco floated around my mind like a cryptic puzzle.... I lay back down and closed my eyes. I thought about the train and the bastard, who gave me shit and the hobo, then it hit me, after I talked to the hobo guy everything went weird like he had taken over my life, I sat up in disbelief. “The hobo did it! HE killed her!” I whispered my voice sounded distant, suddenly the door burst open and a silhouetted figure stood in the door way. The person felt up the wall and reached for the switch the light flickered on and the person was revealed to me, his hair was black and the fringe was swept to the side, his eyes were a light blue like the sky and his face had a mischievous smile, he reminded me of some one... then it hit me, “Why the fuck are you here?!” I said surprising the visitor and myself,
“Nice to see you too!” he replied rudely,
“Are you going to answer my question?”
“First of all...” he said, “you are in my bed... second of all, you’re in my house!”
“Shit! We didn’t.... did we?”
“Oh fuck no!!”
“Oh good!”
I jumped out of the bed quickly and tried not to think about the disgusting sperm germs all over me... “You look rather nice,” he said, “in my shirt!” I looked down, he was right, I was in his shirt, it was long and black and had some band on it, I think it was Slipknot. “Did you dress me? ...... You freak!” I said in disgust, “No I didn’t dress you... unfortunately... your grandad did,” he said with a surprisingly calm voice, I thought for a second then asked, “Why am I at your house? Why didn’t I just go to my grandad’s?”
“Uhh... well... I said to your grandad... that you... needed to... stay in a place... that would suit your needs? He said uneasily, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!” I said confused. Suddenly he appeared right in front of me about 10cm away from me; he didn’t run to me just sort of moved like he was fast forwarded toward me, he pulled me closer to him, and hugged me... I screamed and slapped him....

“AAAHH!!” I woke up screaming, some one was holding my hand, it was him.... My grandad looked down at me, my eyes were wide with fear, he brushed my forehead with his crusty palm, “Everything’s alright darl,” he said, “it was just a nightmare,”
“You have no idea,” I whispered under my breath. He stood up from the chair slowly supporting his back with his hand; he looked tired, very tired, “You should go to bed,” I said, feeling more relaxed. “Are you sure Pumpkin?” he said yawning, I sat up and looked at him, “I’m sure grandad,” he yawned and stretched up toward the sky “well if you’re hungry you can call Trish to get something to eat, and Myrtle,” he said, “welcome home,” I smiled and he reached down and kissed me on my forehead. “Night grandad,”
“Night Myrtle,” he shuffled toward the door and looked back at me smiling, He then turned back to the door and shuffled out, closing the door behind him. I looked around the room, I was sitting in a 4 poster bed with lush bedding and so many pillows I could’ve drowned, in fact the whole room looked like it was a hotel, extravagant wardrobes and antique furniture crowded the massive room and flower covered wall paper was precisely plastered to the wall. On the floor was a red, velvet looking rug and on it was my shoulder bag, opened with nothing in it, for a second I thought my stuff had been stolen but I then realised that Trish must have packed my things into the wardrobe. I looked at the door, on it was a piece of paper, I got out of bed and looked at the time, 1.27 am, I walked over to the door slowly thinking how strange it was to see a piece of paper there, it looked so out of place in the bright, but formal room. I unhooked the piece of paper from the coat hook on the back of the door. I unfolded the paper and read it.

I read the scribbled writing, “What does this mean?!” I said loudly, I read it again, and the words PANIC! At the Disco, appeared in my head, “I wonder...” I said and walked over to my bed; I sat down and opened up the draw next to my bed. I rummaged through the draw trying to find a pen and some paper I got an old bit of cardboard and a pen and wrote down the message on the cardboard and crossed out the word ‘panic’ out of the message.

“It seems good so far...” I said and kept going. I crossed out the words ‘at’ and ‘the’ and studied the piece of paper. The remaining letters were, d, o, s, i, c, which could be made into ‘disco’, “YES!” I said, “who’s the genius?!” I thought for a second what the message PANIC! At the Disco might mean and then it hit me I looked around my room for where Trish might have put it. I finally found it on an old Columbian style desk with a wooden carved paper weight on top, my PANIC! At the Disco poster with the tour dates of this year on it, was something I never really knew why it had been thrown into my shoulder bag, but the voices persuaded me to take it. I looked at the dates and the last performance in The Bronx was on at 5am this morning so I had to be quick. I ran to my cupboard in the corner and got out my Fall Out Boy t-shirt and skinny-leg denim jeans and changed into them. Then I got my eyeliner off the dressing table and made up my eyes, I looked for my wallet and there it was on the table next to the paper weight. I opened my wallet and looked at the note section $120.00 was in there making my wallet all chunky. I put my wallet back into my bag and walked out the door. The hallway I was in was bare except for 2 Picasso style paintings and a small table thing with a pot plant on it, I crept down the hallway as quietly as I could, opening the door and stepping out into the main entrance room, the entrance room was a big extravagant room which had to make an impression, and it certainly did, it had many pot plants and antique furniture but I hadn’t noticed before was a bit waterfall like structure that was situated in the corner of the room. I crept thought the room and tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge. I remembered the door was coded so I reached out for the key pad and punched in the code. The door unlocked with a jolt and I pushed the door, which eased open. When I got outside the fresh air hit me instantly, it was October and the chill of autumn pumped adrenalin into my body. I closed the door and ran across the extravagant gardens and to the big gates. Joe the worker there nodded at me and unlocked the gates with a touch of a button. I nodded at him and ran out on to the footpath. I was on 252nd street and the smell of the river filled my nostrils. The Hudson River was about 10 steps from granddads house, and the colorful lights on the boats reminded me of my task. Get to the Yankee Stadium as soon as possible. I remembered that granddad said that the subway station was not that far from here. On the 242nd street which isn’t that far from here. I thought of catching a cab but they are way to dangerous so I just walked instead. I took one last look at the house and started walking to the subway.

The Subway
I finally arrived at 242nd street after about an hour, there was no-one out, so I was lucky but I didn’t starting counting my lucky stars yet... there still could be some-one out there. I walked past many fancy style buildings, when I saw the gates and stairs that lead down to the station. I slowed down a bit, for the whole trip I was walking quite briskly trying to get there as quick as possible, but when I saw the sign saying “Subway” I felt like for once maybe something wont go wrong for me. Then I saw something, I saw a man with a black jumper and a black beanie running up toward me with a large sack, he came up to me and grabbed my neck, screaming at me in some strange language, I tried to scream but no sound came out, I struggled for ages then everything went blank.

I woke up on the subway seeing similar sights to my last trip, the dirt on the walls, the scary people but some how I felt safer.

Yankee Doodle

The train stopped and I and four other people got off. I walked through the dirty and greasy station with nothing much than an echo of footsteps as sounds surrounding me. I stepped up the long flight of stairs to the gates and stepped out into the fresh air. I made my way past the bums and up the stairs to the path and the Yankee Stadium. I looked around and saw many people lined up out side of the Yankee Stadium and were trying to get into the venue, One caught my eye and his black hair and blue eyes reminded me of some one. I ran up to the cue and stood in front of the guy, the guy frowned and said, “Even though you are a cutie u can’t just push in! I’ve been waiting here for ages!” I smiled and said, “I’m not trying to push in I’m trying to say hello... it’s me the chick from the train..... don’t you remember?”
“I remember,” some guy behind him said, “remember?" She was the one you dreamt about... I mean saw on the train...”
“Oh yeh...” the hot guy said frowning at his friend... “Hey sorry about the... dissing... you want to come in front of me? ....... I mean cut in front of me?”
“Uhh ok...” I said, shuffling in front of him. We made our way up to the front of the cue and paid for our tickets. We stepped inside the venue and the sharp smell of hotdogs and onions burnt my nostrils. I only just realised that the only food I’d had in 2 days was a cookie and a piece of ham... not exactly the best diet in the world. I walked up to the hotdog stand and purchased a hot dog and fries, the hotdog guy looked familiar, he looked like a hobo, covered in rags and dirt, his face was smudged with mud and his tiny beady eyes barely visible. I shrugged it off and made my way to the auditorium. The Auditorium was covered in purple velvet and many circus performers gallivanted around near the stage. I found my seat up near the front of the stage, the stage was hidden by a massive velvet curtain but I could hear the faint sound of people preparing for a performance. I took my seat next to the guy and his friends. “Guys...” the hot guy began, “this is uhhh...”
“Myrtle,” I interrupted and smiled to his friends. There were four of them and they all looked the same... there were two girls and two boys and they all had black hair and a fringe swept to the side covering one eye. The fringe was dyed red and there eyes were smothered in black shadow and liner. “And Myrtle... this is... Harley and his girlfriend, Steph...” he said pointing to the couple sitting furthest away from me I smiled and said, “Hi,” they waved and said in unison, “Hi darl,” then the hot guy pointed to the couple sitting next to me, “They are Callum and Vyvyan,” he said, “Callum is a dickhead...” I laughed, then Callum said, “Yeh... but I’m not the single one now am I?”
“Single?” I said, “Interesting... so uhh what’s your name any way?” he blushed and leant closer to me and whispered in my ear, “Seth,” he said, “and don’t you forget it!” I giggled and whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry I’ll try my best to....” he smiled, and Callum leant over and whispered, “Stop flirting!” I slapped him softly on the face and said, “Ssshhh! you’ll scare the whales!”
“I like this one...” said Seth and smiled, “I think I’ll keep her...”
“Yeh and probably keep her framed too...” said Steph laughing. Suddenly the curtain opened and the faint sound of a lively brass section tingled in my ears. I looked up at the stage and a band called the ‘Blue Birds’ were on stage playing I’ve got you under my skin by Frank Sinatra and doing the twist. All of a sudden I felt really sleepy... so I laid my head on Seth’s shoulder and fell asleep.

The Change Room

When I woke up the ‘Blue Birds’ were finished playing and PANIC! at the Disco were just setting up. Seth’s arm was around me, holding me tight. I looked up at him and he smiled and said, “Do you need to go to the toilet again?” I looked at him in disgust and pushed his arm aside I got up out of the chair and eased my way through the aisle and toward the toilet. “Myrtle!” Seth shouted, “What’d I do?” I kept walking and said to myself, “What an idiot! Was it supposed to be funny?” he caught up to me and said, “I’m sorry Myrtle I didn’t think you’d take it to heart,” he gave me a hug and I walked toward the bathroom, I looked at the door and on it was a sign saying ‘Change room’ I picked out the not and on it were the same letters as change room. I smiled and said, “YES!” I walked into the bathroom and into a cubicle. The cubicle was big and it had a mirror and a basin, I looked at myself in the mirror and in the corner of the mirror was a piece of paper, I unfolded it and this is what it looked like.


I read the message and looked up to the mirror but there was no-one there... I looked down at the message and read it again... I looked up again but this time there was another note, I looked around then reached for the note, I unfolded the note and this is what it said:

“ME!!!!!!!!” I screamed, “I SEE MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” I hit the mirror and it smashed and fell to the floor. I unlocked the toilet door and ran out with blood on my hands. I tripped over myself and fell to the floor, I pulled my self to the wall and sat in the corner and cried. I looked at my hands and carved all over them were the words, “It was you!” I screamed and fainted in a big pool of my own blood.

I awoke a couple of hours later in a white room, there was a face looking down at me; it looked like a 6 foot bird, covered by a mask and giant doctors coat... I sat up and looked around; there was nothing in the room but the bird and a small table on wheels, with bandages and scalpels all over it. I went to talk but the big bird shushed me and told me with a muffled voice to lie back down and relax. I did as the bird said and then out of its pocket revealed a massive syringe filled with a green substance. I screamed but nothing came out, I sat up and the bird pushed me to try and put me back down. I kicked and screamed a silent scream and tried to fight away the massive bird. Suddenly two more birds entered the room and pushed me down onto the portable bed. I kicked and punched but the birds were too strong for me. The bird with the needle held my arm and injected it into me, I felt the needle go in and I screamed, suddenly a quick rush of drowsiness hit me, like those warm drowsy summer days, I gasped some helpless breaths and fell asleep.

The Funny Farm
I woke up in an over crowded room of people in white. I was lying on the floor with my head resting against a sofa. I jumped up quickly and looked around. There were many people, most of them rambling or mumbling and a few things were placed around the room, (piano, sofa, chairs) but the strange thing was they were all white. I had never seen any thing like it. I walked cautiously up to an old woman. She had no teeth, no hair and her eyes were red and filled with fear. I was alarmed by her features and began to ask where I was when she answered, “You are in the hands of GOD,” I frowned and stumbled away quickly. I approached a nurse who was holding a knife and she smiled when she spotted me and said, “Hello Myrtle!” she was very enthusiastic, I smiled and said, “Uhh where the hell am I, what happened to my concert?”
“Myrtle,” she began, “What concert? You are in an institute not a concert!” I frowned, “NO!” I said, “My last memories are of the PANIC! at the Disco concert!”
“Oh Myrtle,” she said, “You don’t remember anything do you?”
“No.... wait I remember a 6 foot bird in white, which injected me with a needle, but apart from that no nothing... but if you could explain to me why I’m in a friggen Funny Farm then that would be great!!!” I yelled. She shushed me and dragged me into another room which had an aluminium table and a mirror. For a second I felt a little, proud, I was finally in an interrogation room, but that soon wore off and I sat down frowning, she placed the knife onto the table. “Look, Myrtle,” she began, “Your grandfather has passed away,”
“OH MY GOD!” I said, “W-w-when?!” my eyes filled with tears, “Myrtle, uhh, you see, you killed him...”
“WHAT!!! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!? I would never! how could you......” I got up and slammed the chair onto the ground. The nurse got up and rubbed my shoulder, “Listen to me, why else would you be here, if you didn’t do it?” suddenly the vision of the hobo came into my head. “It was the hobo,” I whispered, “THE HOBO DID IT!!” I looked at the nurse she looked frightened for me, “That’s what you said when you were picked up from your grandfathers house,” the nurse said, “Myrtle, you brutally murdered your grandfather! Can’t you see?!”
“NO!!!!!!! It’s not true!!” I sat back down and started crying, “I mean.... it can’t be me!” the nurse stood up and realised that this would take a lot of persuasion. She made her way to the door and closed it firmly she then eased passed the table and pushed a button on the wall. The wall opened and inside the hole was a television, “Hopefully this will persuade you...” she pressed a button on the TV and it lit up and showed an old woman jumping around on a train. “Hey!!” I said, I walked up to the TV set and realised that it was me, “that’s me and that crazy old lady from the train!”
“Uhuh!” the nurse said smugly, “but watch this....” I watched myself put the headphones in my ears, then something strange happened, I looked at the timer on the video which seemed to start timing when I put them in my ears, when the timer hit 1 minute and 27 seconds, my eyes went bright red and I got up off of the seat, I then walked away, the camera didn’t follow but I then realised where I went.... I tried to look away but my eyes were glued to the TV. “Oh my god.....” I whispered worriedly, “what have I done?” Suddenly the door was eased open and another nurse popped her head in... “Mildred, you are needed in the bathroom...” the other nurse then closed the door. “Myrtle I have to go... but just think about what you are going to do...” Mildred said she opened the door and left. I sat down and thought about what was happening to me...I got up from my seat and played the movie marked, “Myrtle Case 2” I sat on a chair and watched it, I could see me standing in my grandfather’s room stabbing him while doing the twist, I jumped up out of my seat and screamed I fell to the floor and cried trying to release all the hatred of myself. I looked around the room looking for some sort of sign or something to calm me down. On the table was a note which looked like this:




I screamed as a sharp pain stabbed into my chest, I looked into the mirror and there I was pushing a knife into what looked like a mass of red and black, suddenly all the colour seemed to drain from the already colourless room and I felt the world slipping from my blood soaked fingers, I tried to scream for help, but my voice wouldn’t work, I looked up from the ground only then realising I had fallen to the floor, My eyes were wide with fear and blood began to trickle from my nose and mouth as I saw two figures, they looked just like me, but older and there faces were covered with a look of sadness and despair I tried to reach out but I couldn’t control my arms any more, I slowly closed my eyes and let the light of a thousand candles flow into the room and drench it in happiness, I stopped fighting it and let the light poor over my body and there was the last feeling I ever felt and the last effort filled breath I ever took. I was finally free.


Myrtle had a severe case of Schizophrenia, which was triggered by the song that had caused her so much pain. Schizophrenia is a disease that interferes with mental functioning of a person and, in the long term, may cause changes to a person’s personality. It does not make someone have a split personality or multiple egos but more make people seclude themselves from life and people. It is a real illness and effects 1 in 100 people. Myrtle’s life at home was terrible with her parents arguing all the time; she sought help from drugs and alcohol which lead to the break down of her mind and then after, the psychotic episodes that were told in this story. Myrtle’s parents’ killer was not found but evidence led to one man, who failed to kill Myrtle the first time, he stalked her and helped feed her mind with paranoia. Myrtle committed suicide on the 30th of October 2006 in the Marigold Mental Asylum at 1.27pm.
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