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With that said....I give you the end....

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Mike and Trish welcome baby Rylee into the world and pretty soon all goes back to how it was. Enjoy!!

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It had been a few days since Rylee was born and the Carden family were allowed to go back home. Mike and William had gone to a custom jeweler a few weeks back and had found the perfect ring for Trish. It was a small diamond ring with a platnium band and engraved was 'Trish+Mike'. Life was going to be different, but a good different. The Academy Is and Fall Out Boy were to be going on-tour together soon; along with Cobra Starship and Panic! at the Disco. Trish was going to come along for the ride because her school was ending soon and she had more time to spend with Mike.

As of right now, we see Mike and Trish in the kitchen at Mike's parents' house. Trish is brewing some coffee and Mike is just sitting on a bar stool. He's adoring the sight of his daughter's mother. She's beautiful, tall, slender, and a mix of Italian, German, and Brazilian.

"Trish darling...", Mike started.

Trish turned around and smiled. Mike got up from his chair and took Trish's hands. He then got down on one knee and gazed up into her eyes. Trish began to feel tears sting her eyelashes and she started to cry.

" of my life....mother to my daughter....Will you marry me??" Mike asked, starting to cry himself.

The two just gazed into eachother's watery eyes. Trish then accepted Mike's proposal and then they kissed and kissed. They would've gone further, but baby Rylee started crying. So, they broke out of their kiss and went to check-up on her.

From then on, Mike and Trish spent the rest of the spring and summer planning their wedding and going on-tour. Trish sang a few songs with the Academy Is and Cobra Starship. Gabe Saporta from Cobra let Trish sing with him during the songs 'Billie Jean' and 'Bring It'. Mike and Trish got married that August. Trish looked absolutely elegant and Mike looked so handsome. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Carden are now enjoying their lives back home in Chicago, IL, with their daughter.

The End.
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