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Too Damn Easy

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Too Damn Easy

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Chapter 5

“So tell me, Ryan, who is this…beautiful lady accompanying you tonight?” asked the editor of the magazine after they said their respective hello’s.
“My date” Ryan said simply, with a smile that clearly said ‘back off’.
Brendon laughed and everyone turned to him, “Why are you so shy, Ry?” He said, in a jolly tone.
“She’s more than just your ‘date’” Brendon continued.
“What do you mean, Brendon?” The editor interjected before Ryan could say anything else, sensing a possible front page story. Brendon shot her a not-so-disguised glance of hatred, he opened his mouth to continue but this time Lia was faster.
“I’m the lead singer from ‘Forgotten November’” She said proudly.
“Is that so…?” The editor replied, faking enthusiasm.

The rest of the evening didn’t go remotely different.
The five of them sat in a red velvet sofa with drinks on their hands, staring into the distance, awkwardness growing each second.
“What’s wrong with you?” Ryan asked Lia, tugging her closer, “You’re not yourself today…you’re all…quiet”
Lia continued to stare off, back extremely straight, drink half full.
“Lia?” Ryan said, shaking her somewhat.
“What?” She asked, as if coming out of a trance.
“Ugh, I asked if there was something wrong, you’re oddly quiet. And now you’re spacing out. You’re worrying me.”
“Of course she’s like that. She’s bored to hell. As I am” Brendon spat moodily.
Ryan shot him a death glare.
“Guys, relax” Lia said, looking at them sternly, “I was just thinking about stuff. Nothing important, Ry. Chill.”
Ryan looked at her, deeply.
She was scared that very minute.
Maybe he could see right through her.
All of the shit that was inside.
She wouldn’t let him.
“Hey, I love that song…Let’s go dance” She said, sitting up and pulling him with her.
The moment they hit the dance floor everything went back to normal. She walked there, slowly but rapidly, slutty but seductive. All eyes on them now. The dance was more than Ryan had felt in a long time and Lia sensed him almost immediately.
“Mannnn I didn’t know I was that good” Lia said in between gasps.
“Waddayamean?” Ryan gasped, trying to keep up with her.
Lia looked down to in between his legs and raised her eyebrows at him.
“Oh…” He said, chuckling.
She turned around in an elaborate turn, making Ryan laugh louder. At that same moment she placed her long fingers on his package, didn’t even apply any pressure and he stiffened in that way that guys do when they want something and are afraid to ask for it.
She smiled.
Knew she had him.
They went to the bathroom without further ado. They all knew everyone was looking at them, especially a pair of jealous big, chocolate eyes.
This was her territory now.
No bullshit interviewers.
Just him and her.
And he was already turned on.
She did him easily.
For some reason he was not it anymore.
He enjoyed it.
She didn’t.
This part of the game was over.
And she had won.
No fair, but easy.

Too damn easy.
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