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Jamia Nestor

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“Frankie?” I tapped lightly on his bedroom door, “you nearly ready?”
“Yeah, why are the guys here?” I heard a bang and a muffled “ouch! shit!” come from behind the door.
“What?” I was confused, we were supposed to be going Christmas shopping together, what had the guys got to do with it? “I don’t get it, are they coming too?”
“Oh. Right. Damnit. I totally forgot about shopping, I already arranged to go to this Black Flag gig with Ray and Bob.” he sounded sorry, but then he let a small giggle slip.
“Ow Frank!!” I banged my hand on the door, harder this time. I think I broke my finger! I shook the pain away.
“Relax, I was joking!” Frank emerged from his room, “I was just winding you up!” he put his arm around my shoulder and shook me a little.
I punched his arm, laughing, “Bitch.”

We said goodbye to our parents, and made our way to the bus stop.
“Its here!” Frank said grabbing my hand and yanking me towards the edge of the road, sticking his hand out so the bus would stop.
We sat down right at the back.
I could see her staring. A woman would look over at me and Frank every so often, eventually she spoke.
“Excuse me?” She said, “I was just wondering, are you expecting?”
“Yes.” I smiled. Really, I was getting pissed off with people keep asking me that.
“How far along are you?” She smiled back.
“4 months,” I said, trying not to sigh or flip up my middle finger at her.
“She’s moody already.” Frank laughed. I scowled at him.
“Oh,” the woman laughed, “well, I’m sure when she has had the baby you will enjoy being a father.”
Frank nearly choked. I laughed that much I nearly choked too.
“It’s not my baby.” Frank said, then realised how that sounded.
The woman looked at me disgusted. It was a kind of,/ you get pregnant with one guy and then go out with a different one? Slut!/ Kind of look.
“Ah. No. I mean, Im her brother. Im not the father, my best friend is.” Frank spluttered.
“Oh right. “ The woman turned back around to face the front of the bus. Frank and I were in stitches.

Finally, after about an hour of Frank singing along, very loudly and out of tune to songs on his i-pod, we arrived.
“Come on dumbass,” I took hold of Frank’s hand and lead him to the door, pulling out his headphones in the process.

“So what are you buying Gerard?” Frank asked as we entered a shop selling chocolate and other sweets.
“I’m not sure yet, its hard to buy for guys, girls are easy, you just buy them shit to put in the bath or something, but dudes are awkward, especially when their name is Gerard.” I looked over at Frank, who was carefully scanning the shelves, “are you even listening?”
“What, sorry, got carried away,” He turned around clutching a heart shaped box.
“Oooh, who are they for?” I asked.
Frank looked down at his feet, “Nobody.”
“Come on! Tell me!! I promise I won’t say anything! Please Frankie! Pleeeease!!” I begged.
“Okay. But if you tell, you are dead!” Frank looked serious.
“Okay okay. Just spit it out!” I urged him to talk.
“Jamia.” Frank muttered.
“Jamia Nestor!?!” I shouted, then covered my mouth with my hand, “sorry.”
“Sshhhh!” Frank nudged me, “yeah, I really like her, and was hoping to ask her out just before we break up from school. Then give her these.” he smiled.
“Aww,” I pinched his cheek, “isn’t she your partner in biology?”
“Yeah,” Frank giggled, “I got paired with her”
I laughed at the cute expression on his face.
Frank paid for the chocolates.
“So, you got everything?” I asked, as we walked towards the door.
“Yeah.” he held up all of his bags, “Time to go home... oh shit!” he cried.
“What? What?” I looked around, it was then that I noticed Jamia, and she was heading this way.
“Has she seen me?” Frank tried to hide behind me.
“Yeah, looks like it. She’s heading over here,” I laughed.
“”Oh fuck.” Frank groaned.
“Dude, if you like her, you have to talk to her sometime, you can’t just smile and look cute.” I moved him from behind me.

“Hey you guys,” Jamia waved at us.
“Hey,” I smiled, kicking Frank for him to say something.
“Hi, umm” Frank blushed.
I tried not to laugh. I could just imagine what he would be like asking her out. Talking complete crap.
“So Frank, when does our biology project have to be in for?” Jamia smiled at Frank, who blushed even more.
He didn’t speak. He just stood smiling.
I kicked him again, “It’s in for Friday Jamia” I said for Frank, before he said something stupid.
“Have you already done yours then?” She asked.
“I’ve done nothing on it, Euan has done it all.” I laughed. I was paired with the class geek, and so he wouldn’t let me help out with the project. He was afraid I would wreck it. So Id get good marks for doing fuck all.
Jamia giggled, “So Frank, wanna come over to mine later to finish it, or should I come to yours?”
I looked at Frank, say something, say something, say something, I thought.
“Come over to ours. About 5? You can stay for tea if you like.” Frank looked shocked at himself. He had actually managed to say something to her that actually made sense.
“Sure, okay. See you at 5 then,” She waved again, and skipped away.

“See that wasn’t so hard!” I hugged Frank, just before the bus arrived to take us home.
“I was shitting myself.” He sighed, “How am I gonna cope later on, when she’s in my fucking house!”
“Dude, you’ll be fine,” I tried to calm him down.

“Mom, we’re having a guest for tea later.” I exclaimed as we entered our house.
“Okay, who?” My mum replied.
“Her name is Jamia” I shouted so she could hear me over the noise of the kettle boiling.
“Oh, a friend of yours is she?” My mum asked, sounding surprised, as all my friends are boys.
“No. Frank’s biology partner, she’s coming to finish off their project.” I nodded, and winked at my mum.
“Oh, right.” She winked back, knowingly.

5 o’clock dead. The doorbell rang.
“Ill get it!” Frank shouted, shooting up from where he was sitting, hurdling over the arm of the sofa, and speeding towards the door.
I watched as Frank pulled open the door to reveal Jamia, holding tightly onto a cluster of papers.
“Hi,” She smiled.
“Hey, let me help you,” Frank smiled back, being a gentleman and taking the papers from her, “just make yourself at home.”
“Hey,” I smiled at her as she entered the front room.
“Hi. Wow, nice place you’ve got.” she giggled.
“Yeah. Thanks” I turned off the TV.
Frank entered at sat down, then tried to arrange the papers into a neat pile before handing them back to Jamia who sat down beside him.

After about an hour, the doorbell rang again. I looked up at Frank.
“Just one minute, Ill just go and answer the door,” he said looking at Jamia, who laughed.
“Sarah! Its Ray, he wants you!” I heard Frank call from the door.
“Ray?” I looked puzzled, “what does he want me for?”
“Hey dude,” I smiled at Ray who was standing in the doorway, “come in.”
We stood in the hallway talking.
“Gerard and I went to the arcade today and we won some stuff. I just thought you might like it, y’know.” Ray smiled, handing me a small blue stuffed bear, with stripes and stars on its stomach.
“Oh. Love it,” I smiled, hugging Ray. His hair tickled my nose, making me giggle.
“Is that your sister’s boyfriend?” I heard Jamia say, “I knew he was a year older than us, but I didn’t know who he was.”
“No, that’s Ray. He’s a friend. Gerard will probably be over later, so if you stay you’ll probably get the pleasure of meeting him.” Frank laughed.
“Oh, right.” Jamia giggled.
“Come and sit down,” I pulled at Ray’s arm, “Jamia this is Ray, not my boyfriend.” I laughed.
“Are you breaking up with me?” Ray pretended to sob, making everyone laugh.

Another few hours passed and we were all sat playing video games, when the doorbell rang once again.
“Not again.” Frank sighed, answering the door.
The rest of the guys piled in.
“I’ve missed you today” Gerard held me in his arms, “where have you been all my life.”
He sat down beside Mikey on the sofa, and I sat down on his knees.
He kissed my neck, making me giggle.
“Here we go.” Mikey sighed.
The guys and Jamia all laughed in stereo.
Gerard stuck up his middle finger at them all, as his toungue found its way inside my mouth.
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