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Chapter One

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Riley Donovan is pretty normal. Except for those odd times when she gets scared and turns into a wolf! Oh, did I forget to say her roommate's a werewolf and her friend's an Oracle? And what about t...

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I’m Riley Cyrus, and I refuse to go into a haunted house. That’s right, no matter if it’s the one in Kentucky that will scare the life out of you, or the one in the carnival that people laugh at. And I’m certainly not going in this one.
It was about fifty yards in front of where I was leaning against a pole. It was a windy night and my long black hair was fluttering-loose- around my face. My friends had forced me to go to the travelling carnival with them, even though I hate it. At the moment they were in the so said Haunted House. I heard screams and my heart beat sped up, just a little bit. I took a deep breath to slow it down.
Most people just get nightmares or a thrill when they get scared. What do I get? I get to change into a wolf. I’m not kidding. I’m completely serious. When I get scared I morph into a big black wolf. I think maybe I’m a werewolf, but maybe I stepped in some radiation and mutated myself. Who knows? The only thing that matters is that when I get scared-boom-I have a lot more hair than usual. Though sometimes, if I just get startled, dog ears will suddenly pop out on my head. This is not a joke, and this is not some anime about a cute wittle wolfy. No, this is a serious problem for one such as me. I feel as pathetic as that breed of goat that faints when something scares it. Isn’t that just pitiable?
Looking at me, you may think I’m graceful, fearless, and uncaring. I have to work to maintain that look. Truthfully, I’m so clumsy that my friends take bets on what bone I’ll break next. I got my long black hair from my mom, and I guess I got my blue-grey eyes from my Father. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never known him. He left Mom before I was born. Maybe this condition is his fault. I’ll never know, I guess. Anyway, I stand about five foot seven, and I have a pretty good figure, I think. I mean, I would hope the fact that I spontaneously run around as a four legged carnivore.
So naturally, when my friends pestered me to go into the Haunted House, I used some excuse. I think this time I’d been tired, but they had insisted. It made me feel kind of bad that I didn’t go in with them, but what would they think if I suddenly sprouted canine ears? Or better yet if they blinked and their friend, Riley Kay Cyrus, was gone. Instead there was a leggy black wolf standing there, about to lose it completely. No, that wasn’t something I desired at the moment, or ever really.
Sighing, I checked my watch-eleven fifty two pm. Rolling my eyes I changed my stance so my right foot was crossed over my left. Would they ever get done? I mean, how long does it take to walk through a tent?
“Hey, hey, hey!” called a voice from behind me, making me jump. I crushed my hands to the sides of my head just as I felt ears spring from my scalp. Behind me stood some stupid carnie. He had brown hair and a pale face that was illuminated by the glow sticks he was carrying.
“What the hell?” I gasped, taking a step away from the tall man. He was at least forty years old.
“Does the pretty lady want a glow necklace?” asked the man, shoving the glowing plastic in my face. I let my hands down as my ears flattened against my head and glared at the man.
“No, I don’t think so,” I growled, folding my arms.
“Are you sure, pretty girl?” cooed the man, shaking the glowing plastic again in my face.
“No,” I snapped. The man finally walked away, not at all depressed. No, he simply moved on to the next person.
Leaning back against the pole, I glared at the spot my friends had disappeared.
Five minutes later they came out, laughing and talking to each other. A brief pang of jealousy made me sigh. I really wished I could go with them without having to worry about growing furry ears and a tail.
“Hey Riley!” called one of my friends, Marissa. She was a short blond girl who sometimes annoyed me.
“You missed a killer haunt!” called Trevor, a red headed guy. I didn’t know him too well yet, he was dating Marissa.
“Yeah,” I muttered, pushing away from the pole and over to the three of them. The one who hadn’t spoken was Drew, my best friend. He had dark brown hair and level green eyes. I’d known him since I was a little kid.
“You okay?” Drew asked, catching sight of my slightly sad expression.
“Fine,” I exhaled, turning on my heel. I looked down to see if I’d scuffed my sketchers, I was instantly glad I hadn’t. I guess I was wearing too much black tonight. A black, long sleeved shirt, a pair of dark (almost black) jeans, and my black shoes. “Look, I have to start packing in the morning, so I should get home,” I yawned, blinking back at my friends. They were all the same age as me: sixteen.
“I’d forgotten you’re leaving tomorrow,” remarked Trevor.
“It’s not like I’m going far, just to my new boarding school,” I muttered, starting to walk.
Drew started walking as well, which made sense seeing I was his ride home.
“I’ll miss you, Riley,” he murmured under his breath.
“You’ll see me,” I trailed off, not really believing my own words.
“Liar,” growled Drew. He looked at me, his dark hair flopped over his eyes when he looked at me, making him look a bit more mysterious. My stomach tightened, I would miss him, I really would.
Sighing for probably the hundredth time that night, I pulled my keys out of my pocket and clicked the unlock button for my car. I veered my steps, walking towards the black Lamborghini in the parking lot with its lights on. Oh, how I loved my car. It’d been a birthday present from my Dad. He was also the one sending me to my new school. It was one of the best high schools in the nation. Yeah, I know I said I don’t know much about my dad, but he was all the time sending me stuff. He sent a letter last year, saying he had enrolled me in some fancy boarding school. Mom thought it was a good idea to go, to get a really good education or something.
“I really don’t want to go to a new school,” I groaned, exasperatedly.
Drew nodded in understanding.
The rest of the drive was silent as I went about three miles over the speed limit.
I made it to Drew’s house and stopped, my brakes squealing a bit as I pressed them hard. I never said I was the safest driver the world’s ever seen. Drew gave me a one sided smile and opened the door. “I’ll see you around, ‘kay?” he asked.
“Of course, Drewy,” I assured, using his old nickname.
Drew rolled his eyes at me before giving me a quick hug and then getting out. It was more than he’d ever done. If you took the word ‘Goth’ and applied it to a person, that person would be Drew. He wore eyeliner, had his left ear pierced all the way to the top (which I had mimicked a little by doing six in my left ear, two in my right.) He always wore black and whenever I heard the rattle of chains, I knew it was him.
“Bye,” he called, then he closed the door of my car. He shoved his hands in his pockets, gave me another half smile, and trudged up the driveway of his house. After he got inside I drove off, not looking to the fifteen minute, lonely drive to my mom’s house.

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