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Chapter Two.

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Hiya, okay, so this isn't a one shot anymore. I thought it would make a good one, but it utterly sucked. In which case, I am going to write more to this. :]
Hope you enjoy, remember thoughts are /Italics/. :]
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After a few minutes of quiet, Frank carefully slid out from under the couch. "Okay, let's not push the blue button again", his voice was clear, but he was shaking some. Mikey crawled out from under the couch, shaking as well. "C-can w-we go home?", his voice shook. Frank looked at him, "Yeah, we can, but we need a way out." Mikey looked around, "There IS no way out!" He was starting to freak out a little. After all, they had been there for a few hours already. Frank looked at him. "Ah shit, don't freak out on me man." "Come on Mikey, it'll be fine, we'll get out okay?", he reassured him. Mikey sighed, "Alright", he didn't sound too sure about it.

They both looked up as a noise bubbled forth. There were more metallic clangs as another box appeared. But this one was purple and contained the same blue button. They both looked at each other and then back at the button. They sat in silence for some time.

Frank broke it, "Wanna press it?" He looked at Mikey. Mikey looked at him like he was crazy, "Oh hell no! Not after what happened last time! Are you TRYING to kill me now?!" Frank smiled, "No, why would you think that?" He walked over to the button. "Frank, I swear to god if you press that!" He got up from his seat on the couch. "Yeah? What can you do about it?", Frank was taunting him. "Dammit! Don't press the stupid thing!! I'll hurt you!", Mikey was freaking out a little. "Oh calm down", Frank had reached the button, "It's not like it matters anyways." "It does matter! It matters a lot nimrod!!", Mikey shouted. "Stop shouting, you're hurting my ears", Frank was talking calmly, with a smile on his face. "I'm serious! Don't mess with it!", Mikey toned it down a little bit. Frank pushed the button, watching it light up red again, "Oops." He smiled. "YOU IDIOT!!", Mikey dived back under the couch. Frank looked around the room.

Frank watched as part of the floor opened up and the button went back down, just like the other. "Hmm, I wonder what'll happen this time." He scanned the room again in search of something out of the ordinary. He saw part of the wall open at the other end of the room. He didn't move, but only watched it happening. Part of the ceiling opened above him, he looked up, "Uhhh..." A big red target mark appeared under him. He moved to the left, "Ha ha." The target followed him. He moved again, "Stupid thing!" He heard something click and stopped, looking back up. A bunch of arrows were being shot from the other end of the room. "AAGH!!", he screamed and ran in circles, trying to get away from the arrows. Finally he dived under the couch, "Okay, no more button pressing." Mikey looked at him and spoke sarcastically, "Nah, ya think?!"

YAY! Another chapter done. So, ya like, ya don't like? :]
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