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The party

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Very short, sorry...but more coming soon. I'm over the wirters block =]

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'So , Ella, how did the date go?' Asked Eliza the next morning, setting her coffee down on the table.
I took a couple of safety steps away from it.

'Great , i'm seeing him again tonight infact.'

Of course this was actually the first time i was going out with him, but she thought otherwise.

'Excellent' She exclaimed, clapping her hands together.'So how far did you get last night?'
' , kissed.' I said.
'Hmm, yes, good good.' She said stroking her chin.'Now then this is where phase three comes in. This is where you get the story.
You need to take him to a club and well...i'm pretty sure your familiar with what you have to do next.'

I nodded. Of course i was. And the more and more i saw him the more and more i wished i didn't have to do it.
But i really have no choice, do i?

'Next friday' Said Eliza 'Scene is having a promotion party, lot's of people from bands and whatever are going to be there, and i was thinking this is the perfect oppurtunity. It's perfectly mapped out, all you have to do is invite him along and well, you know...'

Next friday, that's when my brothers coming.
Oh well, Reese will be there.

'Um sure, yeah great- i'll ask him tonight.' I nodded.

'Good-it starts at 8, now go visit Sasha to sort out your dress
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