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Ville and Manson get hot and heavy

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Chapter 3:

The next few days were just as interesting for Ville. Master now took him almost wherever he went, leading him on the leather leash. Ville had now seen almost every room in the mansion and could probably find his way around on his own. He had met another one of Master's friends, Tim, who was kind and fed him little cookies like a puppy. At night he would fall asleep in Master's arms. Sleeping in his own room was soon forgotten. It was, in total, a pretty good few days.

It was on the night following those days that Ville was instructed to wait in Master's room. He sat at the foot of the bed, not knowing what to expect. Soon Master entered the room with a smile on his face. Master walked over to him and ran his hand through Ville's hair. Ville sighed from the contact. He had begun to crave the attention he got from Master. Before he could open his eyes, a black blindfold was tied securely around his eyes.

"Don't worry baby. I promise you will enjoy this", Manson seductivly whispered into Ville's ear, flicking his tongue inside for a second, "Are you scared darling?"

"No Master", Ville whispered.

"Such a good boy, always so obedient", Manson whispered, his forehead pressed aganist Ville's so that their lips brushed when he talked, "Good boy, I've wanted this for a long time. And I know you've wanted this too"

Manson pressed their lips together for a heated kiss, his tongue taking dominance. He ran his hand through Ville's hair before stopping to pull off his own shirt and then tugging off Ville's. Manson pushed Ville down onto the bed and straddled him, their erections pressed together. Manson kissed a line down Ville's chest, nipping at his skin. Ville moaned at the bites, his senses hightened due to his unability to see. Manson continued repeatedly, going up and down, leaving wet trails from his tongue. He licked a line along the boy's pants line, slipping his tongue under the hem line.

With nimble fingers, Manson quickly undid his own pants, leaving him completely nude. He then undid Ville's pants painfully slow. The slow action made Ville restless.

"Please Master....please, I'm begging you", Ville moaned.

"All in good time beauty", Manson replied, but still complied, working quickly to remove Ville's black jeans and undergarments.

Whimpering from the cold air, Ville moved his hands to cover his erection. His hands were then pushed away by Manson who ran his tongue down his shaft. Ville moaned from the touch and bucked his hips. Manson used his hands to hold Ville's hips in place as he took Ville into his mouth. Ville moaned as Manson swirled his tongue and deep throated him. Thursting madly into Master's mouth his cock ached, but before he could release Ville could feel Master release him from his mouth and his hot breath on his neck.

"Now its my time for a little fun pet", Manson whispered, removing Ville's blindfold while straddling Ville's hips.

Ville looked up at Master. He had a seductive smile on his face and his black hair was plastered to his head. Never had he looked so beautiful. Manson lined himself up with Ville's entrance before pushing himself in halfway. Ville screamed at the pain. Manson only smiled. But the pain soon subsided, and Ville opened his eyes to look at his master as a signal to continue.

"Oh god fuckin tight" Manson moaned as he pushed all the way into Ville, leaning to press a hard kiss to Ville's lips.

Manson picked up the pace, creating a rapid rhythmn. Ville gripped his fingers onto the sheets, trying to control his moaning. Each time Master slammed into him, his painful erection grew larger. Master reached for his erection, pumping him in time with the rhythmn. He leant down to Ville's shoulder and bit hard, drawing blood. This made Ville moan loud, making Manson moan even louder.

"Thats right pet, moan for me..."Manson moaned himself, quickening his pace.

Ville responded with a moan so loud that he even surprised himself. He was so close and he could barely control himself. He held off as long as he possibly could.

"Master! So close...Master!" Ville moaned as lost control, bucking his hips and he came all over his stomach and Master's hand.

Manson quicken his pace and came seconds after Ville, slamming erradicly, riding out the orgasm. After that, he collapsed on top of Ville, pulling out of him. He panted in time with him. Eventually he rolled off of Ville, both of them sweaty, and satisfied. Ville decided to be daring and snuggled into Master's side, closing his eyes. Master began stroking Ville's head, running his fingers through his hair.

"So beautiful, my beautiful boy", Manson whispered.

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