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"All you need is is all you need."

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Nope, no hints, just read…this is the chapter with the final battle, I promise.

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Chapter 37

“All you need is love…love…love is all you need.”

Ron had his arm around Hermione’s shoulder, while Luna gave Neville a hug. But then they became aware of the sounds of more fighting nearby. And they recognized the voices.

“Draco!” Hermione pointed down a nearby hall, where Bella was dueling Draco, spells flying and smoke and debris getting thicker by the minute.

The four started to walk down the hall but halfway there, Neville took hold of Ron’s sleeve and they all stopped.

“No, she’s mine,” Neville said quietly.

“Oh, Neville,” Luna whispered, “be careful.”

Nodding, Neville tightened his grip on his wand and continued walking, coming up behind Draco, who was standing, facing Bella, their wands pointed at each other, panting, trying to get their breath.

“Hello, Draco. Keeping out of trouble, are you?” Neville greeted him cheerily.

“Hey, mate. Yeah, a little family get together; just me and Aunt Bella. Care to join us?” Draco gave Neville a lopsided grin.

“I don’t want to interrupt but, yes, since we’re on the subject of family, there’s a bit of unfinished ‘family’ business I need to discuss with your auntie,” Neville informed him.

“Indeed…well, be my guest.”

Draco grinned wickedly and bowing slightly, backed away, leaving Neville facing Bella. She was looking wildly around, eyes flicking back and forth, coming to the realization that she was alone and facing five D.A. members, as Luna came up beside Draco and Ron and Hermione stopped on the other side of him. They stood silently, watching as Neville approached and circled Bella.

“So,” Neville said quietly, “Bella Lestrange, remember me?...BOO!”

Bella’s eyes flashed and she attacked, screaming at Neville, throwing spells left and right, which Neville easily parried or dodged. The others weren’t cheering, for fear of distracting Neville, but they were ready to jump to his defense if it looked like he was in trouble. They needn’t have worried; Neville had been envisioning this duel since the inception of the D.A. and his confidence had nothing to do with the Felix potion.

Suddenly, Bella stumbled and with a quick “ ‘Accio wand!’ ” and “ ‘Petrificus Totalus’ ” she found herself on the floor, motionless and beaten. Draco conjured ropes around her, just in case and Luna took off her scarf and bound it around Bella’s head, sealing her mouth.

“Should we just leave her here?” Ron asked, looking around.

“It’s gotten a lot quieter. We’d better go see what’s happening,” Hermione suggested.

“Go ahead, you two, we’ll bring her along,” replied Draco, performed a floating charm on his aunt and started her drifting down the hallway.

Neville had his arm around Luna as they walked with Draco.

“You did good, Neville,” she told him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“She’s right, mate, you did.” Draco agreed.

A muffled scream from the bound witch made them giggle.


Remus, Severus and Anna burst into the disused girls bathroom where they found Myrtle floating lazily around the ceiling.

“Oh, are you going down there, too?” the ghost asked, dropping down eye level.

“Myrtle, did Harry Potter follow Ginny Weasley down these stairs?” Anna pointed.

“Oh, yes; so much coming and going…it’s very exciting, isn’t it?” Myrtle giggled, circling Severus.

Remus tugged on Severus’ sleeve and they went down the secret entrance stairs, but Anna stopped to talk to the girl’s ghost.

“Myrtle, you’ve done so much to help us today. I’m so proud of you, but, I do need you to do one more thing, please. And if this works, we’ll get even with the boy who caused your death!”

“Really? Oh, is he down there?” asked Myrtle, glancing down into the dark stairwell.

“Yes, he’s taken Ginny, but I need you to go find the others: Hermione, Ron, Draco, any of that group you can find and tell them we’re going down to the Chamber,” she pointed, “to try and help Harry Potter. It’s very important, Myrtle. Please hurry!”

And without waiting to hear Myrtle’s answer, Anna ran down the spiral stairs into the black abyss.


Harry stopped at the door to the Chamber of Secrets and took a deep breath before he went in. As he climbed down the stairs, he tried not to think about what he might find, remembering the last time he came down here searching for Ginny. When he turned and looked down to the other end, he saw her standing there, waiting for him. But was it Ginny?

Harry walked swiftly down the pathway between the snakehead statues and into the chamber itself. Ginny hadn’t moved or said a word. Harry shifted his wand into his left had, walked straight to her and BAM! he hit her with a right cross that dropped her to the floor. He waited, looking around, then he knelt and bending over, he kissed her. Almost immediately, a black mist arose from her body and drifted away, stopping at the edge of the pool to form itself into Voldemort.

“Very tricky, Harry. How did you guess?”

“Since you hadn’t shown yourself, you were still in Ginny and that was the first thing I thought of that would shift you, so,” Harry shrugged, with a bit of a smile on his face.


“Yes, Master?” The hunched over little man emerged from one of the side tunnels.

“Why didn’t you tell me Harry was involved with the Weasley chit.”

“I didn’t know sir, she’d gotten over the crush she had on him in first year…so….”

“Silence!” Voldemort turned his attention back to the young Wizard standing in front of him. “So, Harry, you came all this way, just to see me off, did you?” Voldemort asked.

“What? Leaving so soon, in your hour of triumph?” Harry answered back, with as much sarcasm as he could muster. “Sorry, Tom, I can’t let you do that.”

Voldemort’s eyes flashed.

“And you think you can keep me here, Harry Potter?”

“I know I can, as long as Pettigrew doesn’t interfere. And he won’t will you, Peter? After all, he owes me a Wizard’s debt, or didn’t he tell you about that?” Harry asked.


Anna jumped over the Basilisk shed skin and walked up behind Severus and Remus, who were standing by the door to the Chamber.

“I sent Myrtle for back up,” she told them.

“Good,” answered Remus.

“Ready?” asked Severus, looking at the other two, who nodded.

“Wait! I just thought of something.” Remus put out his hand and stopped Severus. “We’re outside of the ‘anti-Apparition’ spell. We’ll have to do another, then, inside the Chamber, so Voldemort can’t get out. It’s Harry’s only hope of getting this finished. The Prophesy was just about the two of them, but if Voldemort realizes he can’t escape, he might get reckless or panic when he sees us,” Remus said, peeking into the Chamber.

“We’ll stay back a bit. If Harry knows we’re there, that will help, I think. He knows we won’t interfere,” Severus added.

“Well then, as soon as we see they’re both there, let’s all cast an ‘anti- Apparition’ spell to seal him in, Anna suggested.

Severus bent and kissed Anna. “I love you.” He looked into her eyes.

“I love you, too,” she answered, smiling.

“And I quote, ‘you two should get a room’.” Remus grinned and then turned and started into the Chamber, wand out.

Severus and Anna kissed again and then followed him.


Tonks turned and saw her aunt Bella floating, tied securely, into the entrance hall, followed by Draco with his wand trained on the ‘prisoner’, and then Neville and Luna.

“Well, look who we have here. Wotcher, Bella?” Tonks leaned over and smiled. “We’ll have you all comfy in just a minute or two. Hey, Dawlish, here’s a prize for you.”

“Bella Lestrange, imagine finding you here! Tsk, tsk, you’ve been a naughty, naughty witch. It’s back to Azkaban for you, with your old friends, the Dementors, guarding you again, too.”

He took over and placed her in a magical holding cell which was already jammed with Voldemort’s followers.

“Hello,” said a dreamy voice above their heads. Tonks and the kids looked up to find Moaning Myrtle above their heads. “I’ve been sent to tell you that Harry Potter is in the Chamber and you are to join the others there as quickly as possible.”

“Bloody hell!” Neville gasped.

Where’s Ron and Hermione?” Luna looked around, searching.

“There! Hey, Weasley, Granger, get over her, quick! Harry needs us,” yelled Draco.

“What? Where is he?” Ron asked as he skidded to a stop, Hermione right behind him.

“Myrtle says he’s in the Chamber.”

“Let’s not stand here asking question, let’s go!” Tonks urged them.




Dumbledore’s body jerked. Madam Pomfrey stifled a scream, while Molly Weasley held her back, whispering comfortingly in her ear. Penny felt the side of the Headmaster’s neck, concentrating, then looking up at Gwen and she shook her

“Ventilate him, Art,” instructed Gwen, as she watched the meter on the portable defibrillating unit re-charge, it’s buzzing whine grating on their ears. Holding a plastic mask over Albus’ nose and mouth, Artemus pumped two big bursts of pure oxygen into the lungs of the man lying on the cold stone floor. There was no sound in the ward, even those there to get treated for their wounds were watching silently.

“Ok, let’s try it again,” said Gwen, when the green light came on. “CLEAR!”


“Come on old man, don’t ruin my reputation around this rock pile, damn it!” Gwen muttered.

“I’ve got a pulse!” Penny cried,

“Give his some more O2, Art!” cried Gwen.

Once more, the healer pushed the button on the ventilator, and jumped when Dumbledore coughed and moaned. Madam Pomfrey promptly fainted, but everyone else in the hospital wing started cheering. Bending over, Gwen tried to hear what Albus was whispering.

“Nope, sorry, Albus, you’re still here, on the floor and half naked, but still here!” Gwen replied, laughing.

Dumbledore turned his head and looked at Madam Pomfrey lying beside him, her eyelids fluttering.

“I do believe I’ve missed something,” he croaked.

“Let’s get you onto a bed, Albus, and we’ll explain.”

“Where’s Harry?” Dumbledore suddenly sat straight up, causing everyone to jump. “DOBBY!”


“Dobby, where is Harry?”

“Him is going down to the Chamber, Headmaster, sir, him is chasing Miss Ginny, sir. Something is wrong with her, him is saying.”

“I have a very bad feeling about this,” muttered Dumbledore. “Help me up!”

“No way! Albus, you are going right over there on that bed. I’ll go see what’s wrong with Ginny,” volunteered Gwen.

“I can’t let you do that,” replied the Headmaster. “Not by yourself.”

“OH, there is lots going down there, Headmaster, sir;” Dobby started to list, “Professor Snape and Missy Anna and Mister Remus and…”

“Remus? Dobby, what’s the quickest way to that bathroom?” Gwen asked, grabbing her bag.

“Wait Gwen, you don’t understand,” implored Dumbledore, but his protests were drowned out by Poppy as she regained her senses and sat up next to the Headmaster.

“You! Scaring us to death! Into bed …NOW!”


“Dobby can take Missy Gwen to the bathroom, but Dobby is scared of the tunnels, Missy Gwen.”

“That would be fine, just get me to Moaning Myrtle’s.” Gwen replied, grabbing Dobby’s hand.



Stepping through the door, they could hear voices and see Harry, Voldemort and Wormtail at the end of the walkway. Raising their wands, they cast the strongest ‘anti-Apparition’ spells they could and then they proceeded toward the distant pool of light.

“Do you mean to tell me that Harry Potter actually saved your life, Wormtail?” Voldemort inquired.

“He…stopped Lupin and Black from killing me…he wanted to turn me over to the ministry…but I escaped, Master and came and found you…I alone…of all you followers, I searched for you. And I found you, Master and helped you return to your former glory, so you could defeat Harry Potter.” Pettigrew was groveling at his Master’s feet.

“Ah, yes, your loyalty is commendable, don’t you think, Harry?”

“You need to hang around with a nicer crowd, if that’s your idea of loyalty,” Harry replied.

“Speaking of loyalty…..Severus. I thought I rid myself of your traitorous carcass months ago.”

“Apparently not,” replied Snape, as they arrived to stand behind Harry in the main part of the Chamber.

“And Anna Twigg-Jones. My compliments to your student warriors; they have learned their lessons well, it would seem.” The Dark Lord inclined his head and smiled slightly.

“Having the right motivation helps.” Anna nodded her head in mock agreement. “And I’m Anna Snape, by the way.”

“Really? How…odd. And how is it the three of you happened on Harry’s and my little meeting?”

“Harry took off…we followed,” Lupin replied, keeping an eye on Wormtail, who was slipping sideways, out of the line of fire, should Harry and the Dark Lord start dueling.

Voldemort glanced down and spoke Parseltongue to Nagini, “Are you hungry, my pet?”

The giant snake looked around at Wormtail and hissed, “Yes, Master, I am.”

Harry, understanding the exchange, called out, “Better move or you’re a dead man, Pettigrew.”

“What?” Wormtail’s head snapped around.

“He’s just told the snake to kill you,” Harry explained.

“Ahhh!” Standing quickly, Wormtail backed away from the advancing snake.

“Don’t touch him,” Harry hissed in Parseltongue.

The snake stopped, surprised to hear another human talking to him. “You speak; how is thatpossible?”

“I received the gift, from him.” Harry pointed at Voldemort with his left hand, never dropping his wand hand. “When he gave me this.” Pointing to his scar.

“Don’t listen to this child, kill him!” Voldemort ordered.

“Severus,” Harry called back over his shoulder. “If the snake moves
toward Pettigrew…kill it.”

“My pleasure.” Severus lifted his wand and pointed it at Nagini. “I never did like it much, anyway,” he added, smiling.

“Harry hissed again, “If you move to harm Wormtail, you will be killed.”

“You would kill me?”

“No, but my friend will. I only kill Basilisks. I don’t bother with small ones like yourself,” Harry answered.

“You killed…?” The snake turned its head and looked at the long skeletal remains of the giant snake Harry had killed in his second year.

“Kill him, I order you!” Voldemort hissed angrily at the snake.

“I think not,’ came the reply.

“You dare…! Voldemort was livid.

“He dares,” said Harry. “Severus, leave the snake alone, unless he goes for Wormtail.”

“Are you sure?”


The snake was slowly curling back behind Voldemort, away from Peter Pettigrew, who had no idea what had just happened.

“FOOL!” Voldemort addressed his cowering servant. “He’s just saved you life…again!

“But, Master, I’ve done nothing! I…” Wormtail protested.

“Anna?” Harry spoke up, cutting Peter off.

“Yes, Harry?” She tried to keep her voice calm, for Harry’s sake.

“Take care of Ginny; I had to cold cock her.”

Harry stepped over the girl’s unconscious body, placing himself between her and Voldemort.

“Really? I see flowers and a BIG box of chocolates making an appearance soon.”

“At the very least.” Harry smiled.

“You really believe you’re going to defeat me, don’t you, boy?” Voldemort cocked his head and smiled slightly.

“That’s the plan, yeah,” Harry answered pleasantly.

Anna had floated Ginny away from Harry and knelt down to examine her.


“Yes, Harry?”

“If Pettigrew tries anything, I’m letting you know I’m rescinding my intervention on his behalf from that bit in the Shrieking Shack.”

“Oh, well, if you insist,” Lupin pointed his wand at Peter. “I wish Sirius was here to see this.”

“Don’t worry, he’ll know, where ever he is.”


Just then, they heard voices behind them, as more members of the Order and D.A. showed up, having been alerted by Myrtle. They fanned out across the Chamber, wands out, facing Voldemort, who was, it seemed, strangely, unruffled by their arrival.

“I appear to be outnumbered.”

“I suppose it’s too much to hope you’ll just put your wand down and come peacefully,” Harry asked.

“Oh, Merlin, no. I couldn’t do that, but I think I will just….” Voldemort attempted to ‘Disapparate’. When nothing happened, his eyes grew wide in surprise and then narrowed.

“Very clever, Harry.”

“I haven’t done anything.” Harry’s eyebrows shot up. “What’s the matter?”

“He can’t ‘Apparate’ out of this Chamber,” Severus informed Harry. “We put up wards when we came in.”

“How thoughtful and clever,” sneered Voldemort.

“Thank you, Severus,” nodded Harry. “I have a few scores to settle with Tom and I mean to do it here and now.”

“So eager to join your mentor, Harry?”

“What?” Anna gasped, looking up.

“He killed Albus, up in the Great Hall.”

There were more gasps from the group. Severus, Remus and Anna exchanged looks, as did the others, trying to absorb this horrible news.

Running footsteps could be heard and Gwen came sprinting up, skidding to a halt beside Remus. She bent over, hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath.

“Gwen, what are you doing here?” Remus risked a sideways glance.

“Myrtle…” she panted, “said someone was hurt…Ginny?”

“She’s not hurt, Gwen, just unconscious; she’ll be fine,” Anna assured her.

Straightening up, Gwen looked around. “Hail, hail, the gang’s all here.” Spotting Wormtail and Voldemort, she did a double take. “Good Lord…don’t tell me that is...”

“Yes…it is,” Remus replied.

“Could you excuse me for a minute?”

“What?” Remus asked.

“Just a minute, ok?”

Gwen walked into the nearest tunnel and exploded into hysterical laughter. Voldemort’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“How dare that filthy Muggle…”

“Eh, eh, watch it, Tom,” Harry smiled, waving his wand. “That’s a friend of mine you’re talking about.”

“And my step-daughter.”

“And my fiancé.”

“And my friend.”

“And mine, too.”

“And mine.”

“Mine, too.”

“All of ours.”

Gwen staggered back to Remus, still smiling and giggling as she looked over at Voldemort.

“Sorry about that, but I wasn’t expecting a badly dressed, bald, Michael Jackson look-alike as the boogie man of the year. Sorry, Tom.”

Anna barked out a laugh and clamped her hand over her mouth, eyes twinkling. Hermione and Harry were grinning broadly, but the others were a little lost as to the humor of her statement.

“You know who I am?”

“Sure, heard all about you.” Gwen answered. “I’ve been hiding from you for most of a year, remember?”

“But you don’t fear me?” Voldemort looked puzzled.

“Don’t be daft, Tom, of course I fear your magical powers.” Gwen leaned on Remus’ shoulder. “I may be a Muggle but I’m not stupid. However, putting a face with a name has diminished your persona, considerably, in my book. Nice snake, by the way, it’s a real beauty.”

Harry hissed at Nagini, making Gwen turn and stare at him. Then she looked back at the snake, which regarded her and nodded. Gwen nodded back.

“I just repeated to her that you appreciated her beauty,” Harry told Gwen.

“Ok, I’ll take your word for it on that. Oh, by the way, Remus, Fenrir is dead.”

“What? How?” Remus turned his head and stared at her.

“Lead poisoning.”

“Lead…what?” Draco asked, totally confused.

“Who killed him,” asked Voldemort.

“I did.” Gwen replied, with a grin.

“How, might I inquire?” he growled.

“Well, he cornered me in the ambulance and I shot him with an arrow…put it right into his black heart, but it didn’t have the effect I was expecting, so, I went with Plan B,” Gwen related.

“You didn’t!?” Anna interrupted..

“Oh, yes, I most certainly did.”

“ ‘When all else fails…’ ” they said together.

“Right between the eyes,” continued Gwen. “Oh, by the way, I am NOT cleaning up that mess. There has to be a spell someone can do.”


Just then, Ginny moaned and sat up, looking around.



Harry didn’t dare take his eyes off of Voldemort, as much as he wanted to turn and check on Ginny.

“What’s going on?” She saw Voldemort and turning saw everyone standing, watching. She got to her feet, with Anna’s help. “What is it about you and me and him and this place? Ow.” She rubbed her jaw.

“Sorry about socking you, Ginny.”

“It’s ok, Harry. I still love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Harry had never taken his eyes off of Voldemort since the Dark Lord had reformed and suddenly, Harry could sense what the Dark Lord was thinking. In his anxiety at finding his escape route cut off, Voldemort had let his mental defenses slip; he was looking at all of those assembled in front of him, trying to decide which one he should possess, as he had Ginny, in order to get out of the Chamber.

“Ginny! What did you just say?” Harry asked, quickly.

“I love you.”

“Good, keep thinking that; he can’t use you, any of you, if you keep thinking that.”

“Anna,” Severus called to his wife, “I love you.”


“I love you, Gwen Jones.” Remus risked a sideways glance.

“I love you, too, Padfoot.” Gwen ruffled his hair.

“I love you, Ron!”

“I love you, too, Hermione.”

“I love you, Luna.” Neville grabbed her hand.

“I love you, too, Neville,” she replied, leaning against him.

Draco stepped over to Tonks and put his arm around her. “Love you, Aunt Tonks.”

“I love you, too, favorite nephew of mine,” Tonks’ hair changed color, from green to pink.

“I’m your only nephew,” Draco whispered, grinning.

“Details,” she whispered back.

“Harry,” Anna moved over to Severus’ side, but was watching the young Wizard before her. “We all love you; you know that, don’t you?”

“Yeah, Harry, we love you!” echoed the others.

“I love all of you lot, too.”

Voldemort staggered back a step, flicking his eyes left and right, totally mystified at the waves of emotion emmitating from the line of people facing him.

Gwen had her head cocked, thinking, then her eyes lit up.

“Anna, help me with this,” Gwen said. “You know the lyrics better than I:

There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.
Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung.”

Anna nodded, joining in,
“Nothing you can say but you learn how to play the game
It’s easy.
There’s nothing you can make that can’t be made.
No one you can save that can’t be saved.”

Smiling, Hermione picked up the lines,
“Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be in time.
It’s easy.
All you need is love, all you need is love,
All you need is love, love, love is all you need.”

Surprisingly, Luna added her voice,
“There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known.
Nothing you can see that isn’t shown.
Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.”

Harry started to smile at that line.

“All you need is love, all you need is love,
All you need is love, love, love is all you need.
All you need is love ( all together now)”

Tentatively, the guys joined in,
“All you need is love (everybody)
All you need is love, love, love is all you need”

Anna took as step backward.
“Love is all you need.”

As did Gwen.

“Love is all you need.”

Then Remus.

“Love is all you need.”

And Severus.

“Love is all you need.”

Then the others slowly started backing away, leaving Harry alone, to meet his destiny. The song had become a low, persistent whisper,

“Love is all you need.
Love is all you need.
Love is all you need.”

The words continued softly in the background, filling Harry’s heart, steadying his arm, and his chin came up as he locked eyes with Voldemort and smiled.

“Don’t you think it’s about time we got this over and done with, Tom?”

“Love is all you need.”

“In a hurry to die, Harry?”

“Love is all you need.”

“Not particularly, but seeing as how you’re not going to surrender peacefully, why delay the outcome of the prophesy any longer. Peter, better move your miserable self out of the line of fire,” Harry directed.

“Love is all you need.”

Whimpering, Pettigrew stood there, undecided as to where, exactly, to retreat: toward the D.A. and the other adults, or in Nagini’s direction. He froze, head turning back and forth. Remus was still pointing his wand at his former classmate and the snake was flicking her tongue and watching his every move.

“Love is all you need.”

“Master?” he whined.

“Love is all you need.”

“Quiet, fool!” snarled Voldemort

“Love is all you need.”

“Love won’t save you, Harry, and you’re not capable of hating enough to do the killing curse.” Voldemort sneered.

“Love is all you need.”

“I don’t need to hate you to kill you, Tom,” Harry started to explained calmly.

“Love is all you need.”

“I just need to love my friends enough to want to stop you. I’m killing you for love, Tom, not because of hate,” he finished.

“Love is all you need.”

Voldemort’s face contorted and he shifted on his feet; his wand was wavering up and down.

“Love is all you need.”

He clamped his hands over his ears, trying to shut out the whispering, but everyone starting getting a little louder.

“Love is all you need.”

Voldemort took a step backward and trod on Nagini, who hissed and jerked her coiled tail, making him tumble backwards, but he suddenly stopped, halfway to the floor. His eyes flew wide open and he gasped. The whispering halted abruptly.

“What the…?” Remus glanced away from Wormtail.

“Harry! He’s fallen onto the Basilisk fang!” Neveille called from his position at the side of the Chamber.

Voldemort made an effort to rise but stiffening, he suddenly collapsed and grew still, sagging down to lie limp.
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