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The Discovery

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Robin, now a Vampire learns about his new darker nature. On his first night as a Vampire, Robin with his new powers, turns his attention to Slade.

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The Blood Oath Chronicles
The Vampire Prophecy Saga
Chapter 3: The Discovery

Robin’s stomach twisted and turned in pain as his thirst for blood grew stronger but he didn’t realize that he didn’t feel the urge to feed. No survival instincts emerged to ensure that he quench his urge, only the growing thirst. Leo rolled up the sleeve of his yellow jacket and a finger nail on the other hand grew longer and sharper.

“You need to feed that is the only way to make the pain disappear,” Leo spoke calmly and prepared to slit his wrist.

“Wait I don’t want them to see this,” Robin called out as he felt Cyborg’s nervousness at what was happening but Raven felt strangely calm.

The deathly pale wrist in front of him had caught his interest and watched as Leo cut open his wrist with those inhuman finger nails of his and Robin approached as he smelled the blood through the cut skin. Cyborg turned to leave but Raven grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him around to face Robin. He grabbed the wrist and then sunk his fangs into the bloodied flesh of his wrist.

The blood tasted delicious yet somehow empty as if something was missing, the blood was dead he felt the urge for living blood but pushed it down and continued to drink Leo’s blood. Robin’s eyes rolled back from the pleasure of the blood going through his fangs.

Cyborg looked green from the sight of what Raven was making him watch. Raven was inwardly laughing at the sight of Cyborg being severely grossed out at what he saw in front of him. Robin removed himself for Leo’s wrist and he took a step back, he then turned to Raven and Cyborg with a serious look on his face.

“Listen guys since you two already knew what I was I don’t mind but I don’t want Beastboy and Starfire finding out not yet anyway,” Robin explained calmly.

The three of them then walked out of his room walked out of his room. Cyborg and Raven noticed that Robin moved with the same grace Leo had. Robin’s muscles had grown larger but were still graceful and sleek in his appearance and his skin had gained a little more color. Probably because of the blood he had drunk from Leo was why his skin wasn’t as pale as before but it was still to pale to be considered normal in public that much as for sure.

Robin pressed the call button on the elevator and after a few seconds the lit door opened and they walked in and he pressed the button for the first floor and the elevator whirred to life.

Robin looked at hid watch and it said Ten PM and Robin noticed that Cyborg looked tired but he ignored it knowing that while the others slept he would be wide awake with nothing to do. The elevator door opened and Robin quickly put his dark blue sunglasses back over his eyes knowing that Beastboy and Starfire would freak out if they saw his now menacing blood red eyes. They stepped out and saw Beastboy on the game station playing a racing game while Starfire sat next to him watching carefully.

“Well guys I better be off and Robin remember to stay out of the sunlight okay,” Leo stated calmly.

Leo then took a step back and flames suddenly engulfed him and Leo and the flames disappeared in a flash. To say that what had happened had startled Beastboy and Starfire was a serious understatement. Robin wondered if he would ever learn that trick one day.

Starfire flew up to Robin and embraced him but Robin immediately stiffened as he sensed the rich blood flowing under her skin. He backed away before the urge became to strong and walked up to the computer in the corner of the room.

“What is wrong with Robin?” Starfire asked quietly.

“Oh he is fine but he’s going through some changes at the moment so it is best that you don’t get so close next time,” Cyborg answered sounding as polite as possible.

Starfire looked at Robin and immediately blushed since she had never seen him without a shirt on and she only just noticed his well toned muscular chest but what put the image off was that his skin was a similar color to Raven’s skin but only slightly more pale than her.

Starfire floated up to Robin and she managed to get rid of the blush.

Friend Robin why don’t we all go out tonight?” Starfire asked with a hint of hope within her voice.

“Sorry I have work to do maybe tomorrow night,” Robin said calmly and then began searching the web for hints.

Clues of anything else that might lead him in on Slade’s recent activities.

“Well Robin has work to do so we’ll be going clubbing,” Cyborg said and started to head for the main entrance.

Starfire decided to join them and flew after them.

“Aren’t you going with them?” Robin asked calmly and his fingers flew over the keyboard with inhuman speed.

“Clubbing isn’t really my thing so I think I’ll stay here,” Raven said and sat down on the sofa.

She picked up one of her books that were on the table in front of her and she opened it to begin reading.

As Robin searched the internet with unreal speed he came across a page showing what had happened last night at the nearby military facility. It said something about three new prototype microchips being stolen and have yet to be recovered which meant Slade had them for sure. Well now he was getting somewhere so he went to another webpage which caught his interest and saw something about a warehouse complex being bought the exact day before Slade reappeared and it had to be more than coincidence.

It was located down town and was now off-limits to just about everyone in the city. Raven took a peek at the boy wonder and blushed at the sight of him since she wasn’t used to Robin wearing that little since he was usually completely covered up but he seemed to have the perfect body except for plenty of scars which he hid under his clothes. She went back to her book but then Robin got to his feet and walked up to her. He sat down and grabbed the television remote.

He turned the televisions power on and began flipping through the channels for something decent to watch. Raven looked up at the television and saw that for both of them there was absolutely nothing on at all to watch. Just as Robin got to his feet Flames appeared a few feet away from them and Leo appeared and the flames faded away. Leo walled up to them and handed something black to Robin. Raven took a closer look and saw that it was leather clothing along with pitch black sunglasses and metallic boots.

“What’s this for?” Robin asked sounding slightly confused.

“Your new uniform I don’t think your old one suits you anymore,” Leo said and sat down on the sofa.

“Well thanks for the offer but I am fine with my old one anyway,” Robin said sounding nervous about the idea of a new uniform.

“Trust me other Vampires would end up teasing and picking on you for the rest of you unlife if you wore that in public,” Leo said.

“Yes so maybe it is best that you fit in with the other Vampires,” Raven added.

Robin looked at Raven with something like shock on his face but it disappeared quicker than it came.

“She’s smart besides I promise you that you’ll love the new look,” Leo stated. “I haven’t met a vampire who doesn’t because every single vampire instinctively takes a liking to black leather and other dark clothing.”

Robin decided what was the harm in doing so. Raven turned around and left the room as Robin began to dress himself and Leo had the decency to look away.

Robin removed the tattered Jeans and put on his new black leather ones after he had taken off his old shoes. He then put on the metallic boots but found the base of the new boots to be thick leather. Robin put on the black T-shirt and spotted two intertwined Snakes around a sleek and beautiful dagger marking on it. He gave a questioning look towards Leo and then put on the Smooth black leather jacket which also had the same marking on as well.

He did up the Jacket and found that all this new clothing fitted him perfectly. He removed his blue tinted sunglasses and put on the pitch-black ones and Leo formed another mirror out of thin air and this one was body length.

Robin looked at himself in the mirror and saw that this new look suited him a lot and turned around to face Leo.

“Leo what does this marking mean?” Robin asked with a hint of curiosity in his voice.

“Oh the twin snakes represents our speed and agility and the dagger represents how deadly we are and yet beautiful and sleek at the same time, Leo explained calmly.

Robin guessed that the marking did suit a Vampire after all and he noticed that Leo was looking intensely at the entrance to the commons room. “Okay Raven you can come out now, Leo said and Raven’s head appeared from the corridor and she then walked back into the commons room.

It was only then that she noticed Robin had actually tried out the new look and she definitely noticed that Robin wore it well. She hid her blush by pulling up her hood and hiding her face but somehow she knew that Leo already knew. Robin turned to Raven and noticed that she was hiding her face for some reason or another.
“So Raven what do you think?” Robin asked and waited for an answer.

“It looks good on you,” Raven mumbled in her monotone voice.

Robin suddenly felt restless and decided to go for a walk throughout town. He headed for the entrance and suddenly noticed Leo and Raven following him.

“What is it?” Robin asked quietly.

“Oh us we wondered where you were heading off to that’s all,” Leo said and waited for Robin to answer.

He considered not answering the older Vampire but decided that there was no harm in answering that question.

“I feel restless that’s all so I’m going to have a walk around town that’s all,” Robin answered.

A smirk appeared upon Leo’s face and he chuckled to himself.

“Ah your Vampire instincts are already taking hold I see,” Leo answered calmly. “Well the only reason your restless is because the Vampire in you wants to explore and learn more about the night so now you know,”

Leo and walked Robin. Raven watched the two Vampires discussing about instincts and various other similar things.

Then Raven came up with a decent idea that might just work out for everyone’s tastes.

“I’ve got it how about we all go for a night out,” Raven asked calmly.

“Actually I was hoping to go off by myself instead,” Robin stated calmly.

Robin decided not telling them the fact that he also wanted to go out to get Slade since he now knew where his hideout was most likely to be. Since Raven would probably blast him through a wall if he told them he wanted to hunt down the man who nearly killed him less than twenty four hours ago.

“Planning to go after Slade are you,” Leo said and it seemed to be a statement more than a question.

“Did you read my mind?” Robin asked the older Vampire.

Leo shook his head and had a solemn expression among his face.

“I didn’t need to since it is clearly obvious that you are obsessed with him,” Leo said.

Robin frowned and walked out of the door leaving Leo and Raven behind in the tower as he headed out into the night by himself. He noticed that even though he was wearing sunglasses the night didn’t seem as dark as it used to and something about the night thrilled him.

He could smell humans and other vampires in the distance as well. He walked to the main garage and opened it to see both of his motor bikes there. One normal and the one he used when he played as Robin. He decided to take the sports Bike and rode off into the night heading for Slade’s new hideout.

“That Robin seriously needs to cool down if he isn’t careful the Vampire nation may consider him a threat if he doesn’t go by our laws,” Leo said calmly.

He then walked out of the tower leaving Raven by herself as usual. Raven decided that the best thing to do was to either follow Robin or try to find the other Titans instead.


Robin sped through town on his motorbike heading towards the warehouse complex that had been bought at the same time of Slade’s reappearance in Jump city. He weaved through the city traffic as if it wasn’t even there thanks to his newly enhanced reflexes. His timing and reaction time and greatly improved and found driving through the city at over ninety miles an hour far too easy. Let’s say if Robin was still human he probably wouldn’t be able to do something like this so easily and knowing that sent a rush of adrenaline through Robins Veins but somehow felt different maybe it was because his pulse was so much slower than before.

He then smelled something like a dog or wolf nearby and then a Shadowy figure jumped him and Robin fell off the bike and both he and the bike crashed onto the empty street. Robin flipped himself to his feet and looked around to see what had jumped him but couldn’t find anything as of yet but that smell a canine was stronger than ever. Then out of the alleyway came a creature that looked half wolf and half human. It looked like a Werewolf to Robin and realized that was exactly what it was.

“Damn how do you kill a Werewolf?” Robin asked himself.

He had seen movies of Werewolves and realized that he needs Silver to kill a Werewolf. He searched himself for weapons and then felt a bulge in his leather Jacket. His hand dived in the pocket and it felt like a pistol but the design felt different.

He pulled it out and aimed at the Werewolf. He knew that a normal gun had no effect on them but hoped that Leo had snuck the pistol into the Jacket for a good reason. He pulled the trigger three times in a row and the three bullets made contact with the Werewolf. He bullet holes in the Werewolf’s chest began to smoke. The Werewolf squirmed in pain as the bullets strangely burned it. Robin guessed that the bullets were made of silver. The Werewolf got to its feet and lashed out at Robin with its razor sharp claws but Robin dodged them and popped a bullet into the Werewolf’s head.

Robin checked the clip in his pistol and found that they were silver hollow point bullets. Robin guessed Leo slipped the pistol in just in case he ran into any trouble and what a lucky guess it was as well. He took another look at the Werewolf and saw that it was slowly transforming back to its human form.

“I guess that happens naturally when a Werewolf dies,” Robin said calmly.

Robin then noticed that once the Werewolf had fully reverted back to its human form he had gotten to his feet. Robin nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw that happen and noticed that the man looked extremely tense and in pain.

“Holy shit!” Robin muttered to himself and then he saw something being forced out of the bullet holes.

He used his enhanced vision and saw that they were the silver bullets Robin had shot and saw that they were somehow being forced out.

Robin blinked hard as the four bullets were forced out one by one, even the one which hit him in the skull. The Werewolf in his human form attacked with a lightning fast uppercut but Robin dodged it with his new Vampire reflexes and countered with a spinning axe kick knocking the Werewolf to his feet. He got to his feet and snarled viciously at Robin.

“You Vampires always sicken me so I might as well kill you,” the Werewolf roared and attacked.

Robin flipped out the way and threw here freeze disks at the werewolf but missed.

The Werewolf leaped at him but Robin dodged it and drew back his fist and punched the Werewolf in the stomach with all the strength he could muster. The Werewolf fell to his knees and Robin pumped several bullets into the Werewolf while he had the chance. The Werewolf twitched in agony and then died before his eyes.

A burst of flame to his left caught Robins attention and from the flames stepped Leo and after that the flames disappeared.

“Now do you see why I said all three of us should go to town because Vampires aren’t the only creatures wandering around at night,” Leo said calmly. “There are Werewolves, Zombies and other such creatures.”

Both Robin and Leo saw Raven emerge from a black shadow in a nearby wall.

“Did you just say Zombies?” Robin asked.

“Yeah they are the result of a failed Vampire transformation to say the least,” Leo replied.

“So I am lucky I didn’t become a Zombie then,” Robin said.

Leo chuckled softly at what Robin had said and shook his head.

“Oh no transforming into a Zombie instead of a Vampire is rare you usually just turn into a Vampire,” Leo explained. “Those without the willpower wouldn’t survive it so you need to be powerful mentally to become what we are.”

Leo turned his attention back to the boy wonder and the three of them walked down the streets of downtown Jump city.

Robin picked up his bike and got on it and he turned to Leo and Raven with a serious look on his face.

“Whatever you do don’t bother following me I have something I need to take care of myself and you two would only slow me down,” Robin muttered.

Robin then kicked his bike into gear he rode away from them towards his destination for the night.

“That boy is so stubborn I guess he’ll just have to learn in time,” Leo said to himself.

Raven and Leo continued walking down the streets of Jump city. Raven couldn’t help but feel a tinge of worry for the boy wonder and even though he had became a Vampire he was still distancing himself from the rest of his team.

“Robin can handle himself and he knows what he is doing,” Raven assured him and silently added an ‘I hope’ to what she said.

Leo heard what she said in her mind but didn’t say anything about it and they continued to have a peaceful walk even though his thirst for blood was nagging at him he ignored it.
Robin rode towards the warehouse complex and turned into an alleyway which was only a corner away from where Robin believed Slade was hiding.

He got off the bike after he had pulled to a stop. In the back of his mind he wondered why the Werewolf had attacked him for no reason and realized that there was probably a reason he did not yet know. He took the keys for the bike and put them in his pocket and emerged from the alleyway. He crept up to the warehouse complex just in case he was right about Slade living here. It wouldn’t surprise him though since Slade always had a taste for something dark and abandoned.

He remembered how Slade had threw him off the cliff outside of town and was then taken in by Bruce Wayne who he learned to call batman the dark knight of Gotham city. First his parents died in an acrobatic act and Slade his only family took him in only to feel pain and suffering and Robin thought he had finally found a normal life with Bruce Wayne.

He ran up to a fifteen foot gate which seemed to be the only entrance to the Warehouse complex and Robin prepared to test out some more of his new Vampire abilities. He leaped into the air and easily jumped over the gate and went a little higher than he bargained for. He propelled himself forward in the air and landed on the roof on one of the Warehouses. Right then Robin decided that becoming a Vampire was probably the best thing that ever happened to him and ran up to a window on the roof. He looked through and saw Slade’s robots and there must have been a couple of a hundred of them at the least.

They looked like they were in stasis so they weren’t much of a threat for now so he jumped to the next building with ease.

Robin checked the time on his watch and it showed eleven pm, he didn’t want to lose track of time and be turned into extra crispy steak since he liked what he had become but also a part of him told him that he would never see the sun again and that made a part of him hate what he was. He ran up to a window on the ceiling and looked through to see an empty corridor. It looked like it had been reinforced with heavy steel though. He frowned and concentrated on them trying to figure out a way to get through and then suddenly saw the reinforced glass shattered and the steel took a massive dent.

Robin realized he had done that with his mind and concentrated as hard as he could on the dented steel.

The steel shattered and Robin jumped through and landed on the corridor floor silently and looked around now that he had a better view. Robin took this time to focus his Vampire instincts to see what other abilities he now had and learned that all Vampires had teleportation, they could fly, jump higher, walk on walls and ceilings, change their eye color to fit in better, super speed, super strength, mind control and he also learned that what he did with the reinforced window was several of many of his unique gifts that he now had.

He didn’t realize that he would learn so much if he just looked deep inside himself, when he did that his instincts even told him how to control his powers.
He silently crept down the corridor and heard voices around the corner. He used his enhanced hearing and recognized them as Jinx, Mammoth and Gizmo. HIVE seemed to be working with Slade and knew that those three probably weren’t the only HIVE members inside this facility.

Robin moved with speed that made mortals look like they were standing still and was standing in front of the three Hive members in an instant. They turned to him and Robin gave Mammoth an uppercut and sent him flying all the way down the corridor. Robin was kind of surprised that his raw strength had increased so much that he had knocked Mammoth out with a single low. Gizmo sent a metallic tentacle his way and Jinx fired a few hex bolts at him and Robin dodged them with ease.

Robin kicked Gizmo in the face and he went crashing through a nearby wall. Jinx fired more hex bolts but Robin disappeared from her sight and felt someone tapped her on the shoulder from behind.

She turned around and saw Robin with a smirk upon his face. He clenched his hand into a fist and punched Jinx straight in the face and she was out cold in an instant. A gash had appeared from where Robin had punched Jinx and Robin knelt down and scooped up some of the blood with his finger. He looked at his blood covered finger and licked the blood from it and swallowed.

The blood felt sweet and rich as it went down his throat and somehow felt strangely soothing as well. It tasted a lot better than Leo’s blood and decided that he wouldn’t drink from Leo anymore and would stick to human blood from now on.

He got to his feet and walked past the other two out cold HIVE members that he had defeated with a single blow. He went around a corner and spotted a lone door. He walked up to it. He gently tried to pull it open and found it to be locked. He pulled harder and ripped the door from its hinges with ease and walked into the room.

It seemed to be an arena of some kind but the place was poorly lit but to his eyes he could see through the shadows as if it was daytime. He could see the people trying to look invisible and would have done if he were human. Robin shook his head in pity and walked into the centre of the arena. “Come on out I know you’re here,” Robin yelled and Slade’s robots began to come out of the shadows. A grin came upon his face and the robots attacked with as much speed as they could but to robin it seemed as though they were moving in slow motion.

The first one to reach him suddenly found itself headless as had beheaded with a roundhouse kick. He ducked below the next attack and grabbed its arm intending to throw it but ended up pulling its arm out instead. He looked t the arm for a second and then threw it at a nearby robot taking its head off. The one with the missing arm attacked but Robin dodged it and punched it in the chest. His hand went straight through the robots chest and his hand was holding the robots core processor. He swung the deactivated robot away and then did a spinning axle kick on the nearest robot and ended up tearing it in half.

There were only three robots left as he had defeated the others and he took his fighting stance preparing to finish off the final robots. The tree robots looked at him and then each of their left arms pointed at him and they turned into cannons.

“Well that’s new,” Robin said with an eerie calmness.

They fired and Robin dodged the blasts with inhuman sped making him nothing but a blur as he moved.

“Surely you can do better than that?” Robin said sounding bored but yet in a teasing manner.

He focused on the robots and tore them apart with his mind. He couldn’t remember what that talent was called, it was something like telekinesis. Yeah it had to be that and decided that he would save his other unique talents for Slade himself.

“Come on Slade is that all you’ve got?” Robin yelled with intense anger in his voice.

He waited in the uncomfortable silence around him and suddenly heard footsteps with his new and improved hearing.

“Robin you should have died from that wound but something about you has changed, you no longer seem…human,” Slade said with his usual emotionless and cruel voice.

How Slade seemed so calm at a time like this was beyond him as he had probably witnessed how Robin had easily dispatched Slade’s robots.

“That’s because I’m not, now show yourself and fight me,” Robin roared with barely contained rage.

He could smell, hear and sense exactly where Slade was but he didn’t need to know that since he might catch along that Robin was only toying with him. He heard more footsteps nearby but were to far away to help Slade in time.

Slade appeared from the shadows seeming as calm and in control as usual but Robin could smell uncertainty within Slade but he could also smell confidence that Slade could handle Robin and how wrong he was.

Slade threw a hook punch at Robin but he simply vanished right before the fist came in contact with him. Slade looked left and right but couldn’t see the boy wonder anywhere.

“Hey up here,” Robin called out.

Slade slowly looked up to see Robin standing on the ceiling grinning or more like smirking at Slade. Slade’s eyes widened at what he saw and Robin saw the expression even though most of Slade’s face was hidden behind that metallic face of his.

Robin stood on the ceiling as if it were the floor. No tug of gravity seemed to try and pull him down. He felt weightless as he looked down upon the shocked Slade below him.

“I’d give up now if I were you because you don’t stand a chance against me now,” Robin said as he began to walk towards the nearest wall.

Slade’s cool headed attitude quickly gained control and Slade ha to hold back a laugh.

”Me surrender to you, why on earth would I surrender to my own nephew,” Slade said with an overly cool tone. “Just you wait until the Titans find out how you really are.”

“Quite frankly I don’t care if they knew that I am related by blood to you,” Robin said calmly as his feet once again touched the floor.

Robin turned to Slade and a grin spread across his face.

“Its funny you end up nearly killing me and when I return I’m stronger than ever and now you have no chance of surviving in a fight with me,” Robin stated.

Then in the blink of an eye Robin was in front of Slade with Robin’s fist connecting with Slade’s stomach.

Slade took a step back obviously trying to stay on his feet and get some air back in his lungs at the same time. Slade took his fighting stance and then Robin reappeared next to Slade and punched him in the face. Slade went crashing through the arena wall and Robin walked up to the debris. Slade was back on his feet and running down the corridor he had landed in. Robin went after Slade with inhuman speed and was several feet in front of Slade in moments.

“You didn’t really think you could escape did you?” Robin asked with a hint of malice in his voice.

Slade ran at Robin and was about to punch him but he had stopped suddenly when he was right in front of Robin.

Robins knee had smashed into Slade’s stomach and Slade looked like he was about to collapse at any moment.

“It must be strange for you to feel this much pain,” Robin said and then punched Slade in the side of his face.

That single blow sent him crashing through yet another wall. Robin smirked as dust shot up into the air, obscuring his vision of where Slade landed. It didn’t matter since with his newfound strength, Slade was no match for him. Robin would finally have his revenge thanks to his new power.

Robin waited for the dust to settle which took a good twenty seconds and when it did he saw a landing pad and the night sky. Slade had started up the Russian Hind D attack chopper and it was starting to lift itself into the air. Robin didn’t bother finishing him of since Slade knew he was beaten and his pride had taken a serious bashing and that was good enough for Robin for now anyway.

He watched the helicopter fly away in the distance and then he heard a beeping noise from above. He looked up t the ceiling and focused on it and a hole was smashed through the ceiling.

Robin jumped through the hole to find himself in the main control room of the
Warehouse facility. He walked up to the main control panel and saw a countdown timer on one of the screen interfaces.

“Oh shit that better not be what I think it is,” Robin muttered and started to run back to the helipad.

What worried Robin was the fact that there was only fifteen seconds before this place was blown sky high. He jumped back down into the corridor and ran towards the landing pad as fast as he could. He had reached the landing pad with five seconds to spare and decided that there was only one way to get out of this place alive.

He leaped into the air and kept going higher and then he used his flying ability and below him a massive explosion destroyed the entire facility and the explosion nearly burnt Robin to a crisp with the flames only a couple of feet below him. There was on one in the control room which meant that Slade must have activated the self destruct timer with a remote control hoping the blast would destroy Robin.

“Whew that was close I better remember to bring my frequent flyers ticket next time,” Robin said with a smirk upon his face.

Leo and Raven had walked most of the time since Robin had ditched them without a second thought and Raven began to wonder if it was a good idea letting Robin go off by himself. Leo must have read her mind since he answered her minds question.

“Robin can take care of himself and he was one of the most powerful humans on this planet,” Leo said calmly. “When I turned him into a Vampire he became an extraordinarily powerful one and he is probably even more powerful than me as well.”

Raven was surprised at the last part of his sentence to say the least.

“What do you mean more powerful than you?” Raven asked with a not so subtle hint of curiosity in her voice.

Leo looked down on the gothic girl and decided to answer her question since no harm could come from it.

“Well I am over a thousand years old and Vampire regulation states that no Vampire over a hundred can turn another,” Leo explained. “Since the older a Vampire becomes the stronger they become so it only makes sense that Robin is more powerful that myself.”

“So how powerful is Robin?” Raven asked sounding only slightly cautious with that question.

“Well to make it clear he is probably one of the most powerful Vampires alive that much is for sure but I don’t know his exact strength yet,” Leo replied calmly and then they saw fire in the distance as they turned a corner.

Robin landed onto solid ground and walked into the alleyway which hid his bike. He walked up to it and got on the bike but then Leo and Raven appeared from the flames and the dissipated moments later.

“Leaving without saying goodbye, eh Robin,” Leo said calmly and they began walking up to him.

Robin turned to face the older Vampire and saw the serious expression among their faces.

“What’s it got to do with you Leo and how did you find me?” Robin asked sounding slightly sour and in a bad mood.

“Oh it has nothing to do with me and I will always know where you are I made you of course,” Leo replied with an honest smile upon his face.

Raven looked slightly concerned for some reason and was about to say something but didn’t get as far as opening his mouth.

“Robin did you have anything to do with that fire in the Warehouse complex,” Raven asked calmly.

Robin thought about the question and decided that she had the right to know at the very least.

“Yeah that place was Slade’s new hideout but he left and set the place on self destruct I guess I was lucky I got out of there in time to,” Robin stated.

He answered her question with some truth but decided not to tell her that he let Slade get away. He decided to also leave out the part about Slade threatening to reveal who he was to the Titans. The less she knew the better off the others were.

“Well the night is still young how about going to a nightclub?” Leo asked with a hopeful smile on his face.

Raven felt uncomfortable with the idea but was about to agree since she had nothing better to do but Robin interrupted her.

“Sorry I have to get back to the tower and get to work on where Slade will strike next,” Robin said and drove away leaving them in the dust.

“I can’t believe he ditched us again,” Raven said as her temper started to fume.

Leo just shook his head and disappeared into the night with a burst of flames. Raven yawned and decided that she had spent enough time outside and teleported back to the Titans tower. She reappeared back in the commons room and sensed that the other three Titans were asleep in the rooms. She sat down on the couch and turned on the television but kept the volume low so that she didn’t wake up the others since it was nearly midnight and everyone needed their beauty sleep as Beastboy called it.

She flipped to channel four and found a comedy version of Dracula was on called love first bite which she had watched before and thoroughly enjoyed but thought that knowing to real live Vampires was better than any movie and flipped the television to skymovies1 and a horror movie called Xtro the second encounter which was a decent movie and decided to watch it.

She sensed Robin pulling up in the garage and was surprised that he was back so soon. Raven made no move to greet him since she was still slightly ticked off that Robin had ditched them just because he had an obsession with Slade. She kept her eyes glued to the television as Robin walled into the commons room and silently walked towards the room next to the commons room which was the kitchen.

Robin began to make himself coffee and felt as if he was being watched and turned to Raven but she was watching the television so he went back to his coffee. Raven got up from the coach and silently walked up to Robin leaving the television turned on. Robin was stirring his coffee as she tapped him on the shoulder. Robin turned around and found himself staring into Raven’s eyes.

“What is it Raven?” Robin asked calmly.

“Tell me, why did you ditch me and Leo downtown?” Raven asked sounding slightly annoyed with him.

“I had things to do and besides I doubt I would have been able to get you here faster,” Robin explained. “I wasn’t in the mood for nightclubbing either since I don’t have time for that I need too get back to work,”

Robin lifted the coffee to his mouth but suddenly found himself disgusted by the coffee. His instincts were screaming at him not to drink the coffee and he felt a wave of nausea as it neared his mouth. He quickly placed it down onto the counter and disappeared in a burst of flames. He reappeared about ten seconds later with a pack in his hands but Raven couldn’t get a good view of it.

“What is that stuff?” Raven asked as Robin poured it into another mug.

She looked at the packet and saw that it was a blood pack most likely from the medical lab.

He finished pouring it into the mug and started to drink the red liquid and a look of immense pleasure and relief spread across his face. Raven guessed that the only liquid that Vampires could drink was blood since Robin now seemed revolted by coffee which used to by his absolute favorite. The mug left his mouth and there was a small blood stain around his lips and Robin eagerly licked away the blood and leaned against the counter.

“What was wrong with coffee?” Raven asked.

Robin looked at her to his mug untouched mug of coffee and then back to Raven.

“Nothing really but something inside me screamed at me not to drink it and waves of utter disgust ran through me,” Robin answered. “I guess I can only drink blood now but I don’t see a problem with that.”

Robin turned his attention back to the mug filled with blood. Robin let a smile cross his face as he began to sip from the mug of blood once more.

Raven thought for a second and then picked up the mug of coffee which Robin had left untouched.

“I guess I’ll have it then,” Raven said calmly.

Robin looked at her with utter confusion and it disappeared as quickly as it came.

“Oh I didn’t know you liked coffee I thought you only drank herbal tea,” Robin said.

“No I prefer herbal tea but I do like coffee as well,” Raven replied and walked back into the commons room with Robin following her.

They both sat down and watched the movie but Robin got bored after about ten minutes leaving Raven by herself as she watched the movie.

Robin walked down the corridor towards the Gym to train since he had plenty of time to use and had about six hours before sunrise leaving him with enough time for a decent workout.

Robin started with the basics of Mantis Kung Fu since it had been a while since he had actually used that fighting style. Robin did perfectly executed combos showing that he was an expert with this fighting style. After about half an hours practice Robin went began to use his weights but found that the heaviest one he had felt as light as a feather so decided that he would get more results with Cyborg’s weights.

He walked up to Cyborg’s heaviest weight and lifted it with ease and even Cyborg had trouble with that one as it weighed nearly over three tones, Robin now realized how much his strength had increasing in twenty four hours even though most of it didn’t show.

Robin realized that he would have to build his own training weights if he were to find any challenge in training now but getting the stuff he needed would have to wait for tomorrow night as he doubted that he had enough time to get everything he wanted before sunrise.

Raven then walked into the training room to see that Robin seemed bored with training which was unusual for him since it was what he did with most of his free time.

“Is something wrong Robin?” She asked calmly.

Robin turned to face her and saw the shocked look upon her face.

“Oh Raven I’m just bored my training weights are as light as a feather,” Robin answered. “Even Cyborg’s weights aren’t much of a challenge so I’ll probably have to make my own tomorrow night,”

Robin dropped the weight and it fell to the floor with a mighty clang. The noise might’ve woken everyone in the building up had it not been for the thick walls. Robin turned to Raven and removed his sunglasses revealing blood red eyes.

She wondered what color his eyes originally were before he became a Vampire and found no harm in asking.

“Robin before you turned into a Vampire what color were you eyes?” Raven asked. “Since they aren’t that color anymore there isn’t a point to hide it.”

Saying that Robin was surprised by how forward she was being was a serious understatement to say the least.

Raven had a point though there was really no point in not telling her.

“Alright, my eyes were mixed, my left eye green and the right one was brown in color,” Robin stated. “I hid my eyes since when I was a kid a lot of people teased me about them so I hid behind that mask for the most of my life.”

Robin was going to ignore that question but something inside him told him that he could answer the question. Robin himself was actually surprised that he had told her more than his eye color but the reason he hid behind his mask and wore sunglasses when he wasn’t wearing the mask.

They both left the Training room headed towards the elevator. Robin walked down the corridor with unnatural grace and silence making Raven look clumsy compared to him. Robin pressed the call button and the elevator started heading towards them.

A few seconds later Robin walked in followed by Raven and he pressed the button for the floor where their rooms were located.

Raven wondered why Robin seemed so silent after answering her question in the training room. She would have asked but felt that he wasn’t in the mood to talk to her. Robin on the other hand happened to be wondering why he told her all that. Perhaps it was because he realized that he trusted her more than the other Titans since he had known her the longer than any of the other Titans.

The lift door opened and the two Titans walked out and headed to their respective rooms. Robin just glided through his room as if it wasn’t even there to begin with and Raven shut her door behind her and both Titans wondered what tomorrow night would bring.

To Be Continued

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