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Heaven Help Us

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All hell breaks loose.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-08-28 - Updated: 2007-08-29 - 1203 words

Ray's POV

God, this is insane. Frank and I are lost. Lost in the middle of freaking nowhere. And we haven't seen anything of Mikey, or Gerard or Bob for that matter. I can tell Frank's starting to panic, he's getting jumpy.
"Ray?" He whispered. I didn't say anything.
"We're lost, aren't we?"
"We, uh, well, sort of, yeah." I couldn't avoid the truth. We WERE lost. I'm starting to think we've been going in circles for the past few hours. I desperately hope, for Mikey's sake, that Gerard and Bob found him, and that he's okay.
"Ray!?" Frank whimpered again, grabbing onto my arm and squeezing, hard.
"What?" I whispered back.
"Do you hear it?"
"Hear what?" I could feel the panic building up inside me.
I listened. And I heard it. Somewhere in the distance, muffled cries could barely be heard. I felt a chill run up my spine.
"Ray, we NEED to find Mikey, like, NOW."
"But where?"
Frank just stood there and listened. Then he pointed ahead. "That way."
"You sure?" I raised an eyebrow, knowing that it was quite likely we'd end up even more lost. On the other hand, what else could we do??? I broke off into a run in the direction Frank pointed. I could hear him close behind me. We just ran, until there was a visible gap in the trees up ahead. Stopping near the opening, I struggled under and around a few low branches and came face to face with the most awful thing I've ever seen.

Bob's POV

I can hear their voices. But I can't see a thing, it's too dark, and Gerard took off with the flashlight. I really hope they're all okay. I've got a horrible feeling, like someone's watching me, almost like I'm being followed. I heard a twig snap, and I whipped around.
"Who's-" I was cut off when I felt a hand over my mouth and something cold and sharp on my throat. Oh, God.

General POV

Gerard's head snapped up and his arms instinctively tightened around Mikey's body when two men jumped out of the trees.
"Mikey!" Frank whispered as his eyes widened. He dropped to the ground next to Gerard, who was crying silently over Mikey's corpse. Ray just stood there, his face getting paler by the second.
"W-what happened?" He asked finally, as his voice choked. Gerard said nothing. The silence was overwhelming. Frank spoke up.
"This can't be happening."
"I can't believe it." Gerard sobbed. "I just can't believe that my baby brother's d-dead. I've always p-protected him, and now he's gone, it's my fault!"
"No, Gee, no it wasn't. You did everything you could. Sometimes bad things happen." Ray cut in.
"But he's gone, I bet he thought I hated him, the last conversation we ever had I told him to go away, to leave me alone, and he was worried, he was only trying to help-" Gerard continued, as if no one had even said anything.
Ray hugged Gerard. Frank was staring at the ground, trying, and failing to hide his tears.
"Mikey's not gone. He'll always be there for you, remember that. That's exactly what he would've said."
Gerard nodded. "Thanks"
"For what?" Frank asked miserably.
"For being my friends."
More silence.
I really want to go home," Ray mumbled.
"Me too. I have a bad feeling about this place. I did from the beginning." Gerard admitted.
"We'll have to call Brian." said Ray. "And find Bob."
"Shit!" Gerard cursed."He was right behind me, I swear. I got a bit mad, and I ran up ahead, then I found Mikey's body and completely forgot about him, shit, what if he's dead too?"
"Gerard, I'm sure he's fine-"
"No, Frank, that was exactly what Bob said about my little brother! And does HE look 'fine' to you? DOES HE?" Gerard exploded, his voice getting louder with every syllable. "I'm telling you, someone's after us! We're all going to die!"
"Just calm down, okay, Gerard?" Ray snapped.
"Both of you, SHUT UP!" Frank yelled. "We shouldn't be acting like this, not now! We're gonna have to go find Bob, and get back to the house to call Brian so he can send a helicopter for us and for Mikey's corp- for Mikey- so he can have a proper funeral back home!" He still couldn't bear to call his best friend a 'corpse.'
"You're right," Ray confessed. "Sorry, Gee. I know this-" He gestured towards Mikey, "-Is hard for you. It's hard for me, too. But we've obviously got a problem, and we're going to have to fix it together, because being mad and beating the shit out of each other won't help our current situation."
Gerard sighed. Frank looked at Mikey. He leaned in, hugging him. Ray did the same, and a few tears fell from his eyes and onto to Mikey's face.
"We really should go find Bob," Frank said. Gerard didn't say anything. He bent down and wrapped his arms around Mikey, kissing him softly on the cheek.
"I love you, Mikey," He said in a barely audible whisper, taking one last look at his brother.

Hours later, Ray, Gerard, and Frank made their way back to the house, hoping that Bob had made it back safely, seeing as their search was unsuccessful. Frank opened the door and peaked his head inside.
"BOB?" He yelled. No answer. He tried again. Gerard pushed past Frank and walked inside.
"I bet he's still okay," Ray said in what he hoped was a reassuring tone, though it was rather
"Or not," Gerard added. There was nothing else they could possibly do. They had looked over the whole island what seemed like multiple times over. over, but there was no sign of their friend. Suddenly, without warning, the front door burst open to reveal Bob, who was tired, petrified, and livid all at once.
"Bob!" Frank jumped on him, enveloping him in a hug. "Where the fuck where you, what happened? Are you-"
"Shut up, Frank. You all need to know, we're not the only ones on this island. There's this man, this insane freak, and he's looking for us. He grabbed me from behind and put a knife on my neck, but I kicked him from behind and hit him where it hurts, which gave enough time to get away. I know you where looking for me, I could hear you, but I was hiding, I didn't want him to find me, or to follow me here." He said it all in one breath. "And there's one more thing. I don't really know how to tell you all this, but Mikey's-"
"We know," Ray and Gerard said in unison. "Dead. He's dead."
"I'm going to call Brian." Gerard announced, and left the foyer. He entered the kitchen and picked up the ancient phone. Thankfully it had still worked the last time it was used, considering there was no cell phone reception. But this time, when Gerard picked it up, there was no dial tone. There was nothing. He bent down to make sure the phone was plugged in, when he realized the line had been cut.
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