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Hyrule Town lay in ruins. Nineteen year old Link looked around in awe. People were fleeing, and a horde of moblins and darknuts were looting the town, heading towards the castle, where Link stood to help defend. The other guards had foolishly broke rank and charged forward. They were cut down, leaving Link and a handful of soldiers at the castle gate, waiting for the end. Smoke was billowing out from the town, and fire was spreading. A line of moblins was approaching the castle.

Link drew his bow, and readied an arrow. The guards pointed their spears down at the enemy. The moblins stopped a small distance away. A short silence followed, broken by the whistle of an arrow and the piercing of moblin flesh. Link readied another arrow. The moblins cried out angrily, and charged forward. Link dropped another with an arrow, and then drew his sword.

The guards all took a step forward as one and thrust their spears forward. Several moblins fell, but many more took their place. The guards tossed their spears, and drew swords for close combat. The enemies cleaved their way through with swords and axes. Link slashed two, but was forced to back up because of a darknut, which had arrived at the battlefield. More were coming, and the wild two handed sword swings forced Link and the other soldiers to back up into the castle. Link and the guards were forced all the way into the main hall, past the statue of Link that had been erected in the middle, protecting the new home of the Master Sword. An axe flew at it, embedding in its face.

Not a good omen, Link thought, as he and the guards stood their ground. By now the enemies had spread around, and were destroying things. Many were still attacking, and the guards were all slain quickly. Link resigned himself to death in this room, but it was not meant to be. The goddesses were not done with this Hero of Time. The colour began to drain out of the castle, and Link noticed the enemies began to lose their colour as well, and slow to a stop in whatever pose they had been in. Although he did not know it, this was happening all over Hyrule.

A darknut not yet consumed charged him, weapon raised. Link brought his sword up and blocked. They froze in this position, staring each other down, all of the colour gone from them. Neither would move for several hundred years.
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