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The musings of one of the Sanzo Party. Can he be someone's sun?

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Could he ever be someone's sun? With hair the color of blood and hands stained with crimson? Was a half-breed capable of making someone feel joy by his meer presence or pain by only his words? Would his state of health ever cause someone feel sadness?

He knew the answer to none of those questions. All he knew was that he had never been anyone's sun. The mask of a pervert is what he learned to hide himself behind. Going after almost every woman or girl kept up the illusion that he wated all to see. Sometimes though, his chi controlling companion noticed something deeper and they would talk.

Gojyo wanted to be Hakkai's sun, he soon learned. With a pain that was tangible, he always hid behind a mask of smiles. He needed to be his sun, so that he could see real smiles and genuine laughter.

If Gojyo never got anything more out of life, he at least wanted Cho Hakkai's happiness. In the end, Gojyo would do everything possible to be Hakkai's sun. Just as Sanzo was to Goku, and the true sun was to the world. He wanted to shine so brightly that it would chase away Hakkai's doubts and fears, and make the pained youkai show a geniune smile for once. That was all that he be Hakkai's sun.

Author: This came outta nowhere and I ran with it and here is the finished product! So, whaddya think? And so ya know...I don't own anything but this story.
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