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Eyes Wide Shut

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After an accident in the past Kagome turns her back on life on the other side of the well. Then someone from her past shows up with a desperate plea for help and Kagome is thrown into a modern day ...

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Horror,Romance - Characters: Inuyasha,Kagome,Koga,Sesshoumaru,Shippo - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-09-01 - Updated: 2007-09-02 - 2172 words

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, or anything else from the series, Rumiko Takahashi does.

Eyes Wide Shut


Kagome turned her head towards her bedroom window, but the only thing that welcomed her outside was a cold rainy night. She shuddered and wrapped the blanket more firmly around her shoulders. The thunder storm had been going on for a while, and hopefully would be ending soon. She sighed and turned her head back towards the door, a sudden restlessness coming over her.

Kagome set down her cup, the tea inside had long since gotten cold, and raised herself precariously up out of the chair. She sighed again and headed towards her homely little kitchen. She had had the intention of making herself another nice hot cup of tea, but she found her mind wandering as she was looking around in her cupboards for some tea bags. Seeing as she had most likely used the last one making her now cold tea. But as the soothing, rhythmic pounding of the rain on her roof created a pleasant background noise , and the warmth of kitchen seeped into her cold bones, it was warmer in the kitchen than in her room which was a quirk she hadn’t had the time to fix, Kagome felt the fatigue that had been nipping at her heals all day work its way into her body. She looked over her shoulder towards her front door, a sense of unease creeping up along her spine, as another crash of thunder rolled into her ears.

She stared at the plain, wood door for a handful of heartbeats until the hair on her arms stopped standing on ends. When the moment passed she dragged a chair from her small kitchen table over to her, cursing her short stature, and stepped up on to it. After several heart stopping moments of gaining her balance on the uneven surface she stretched her hand out and opened the cupboard. As another defining burst of thunder raced through the night and the hair on her arms stood on ends. Kagome found her head unwillingly swivel back towards the door, her hand still resting on the handle. Faintly she could see lightning illuminate the dark world outside for a moment through the small window beside her door. Kagome gasped and found herself trying to run away from the door, an un-nameable fear clutching at her, and she slipped off the chair. Dimly she saw herself falling onto the cold tile floor, and her head bounce viscously off the base of the table.

Another bust of lightning lit up the window, and faintly through the steadily growing blackness, she swore she saw some one standing on her front step.

“Inuyasha! That one word, that one little word seemed to be etched in her head, it would not leave her alone. "No, no it isn’t possible!". She whispered hoarsely, "It can’t… he can’t. That can’t have happened. It’s impossible! How dare you say that Sango! How dare you!” Kagome glared up at her once friend. The rain had made her bangs stick to her eyes, blocking her view. All she wanted was for Sango to stop lying and she would forgive her. Inuyasha would walk around that tree any second and threaten Sango for telling such a stupid lie. And then call her a stupid girl for crying so much.

" Kagome" Sango interjected quietly. "I’m sorry” Sango’s voice cracked and she reached over and pulled Kagome under the protection of the tree she was standing under. Kagome cried out, a broken sound, and threw herself back into the rain. She turned back to look at Sango. “Stop it! Don’t touch me! Don’t say your sorry. As if there were something to be sorry about. Nothing happened!” Kagome’s voice cracked , she started sobbing, her knees buckled and she fell heavily to the ground. Sango rushed over to her fallen friend and grabbed Kagome under the arms, trying to pick her up to bring her back to the relative safety of the trees. But Kagome started to struggle, and she started to hiccup and cry and try and yell at Sango at the same time, and only succeeded in choking herself.

By the time Sango had Kagome leaning up against the tree she was hyperventilating, and still trying to yell at Sango. The woman in question was crying right along with Kagome and she wrapped her arms around Kagome’s soaked shoulders and pulled her into a hug. Not only to comfort her friend, but to comfort herself. They sat there as thunder boomed around them. Both shaking like leaves in a tornado. Neither one of them wanting to admit to reality.

Time slowed to a crawl and both women slowly, painfully got themselves under control. But they still clung to each other, for the little comfort it offered. Each one mourning in their own way.

Sango was first to break the uneasy silence. “Kagome I –“ she was cut off by a thunder blast. She waited until it ended before continuing. “ I didn’t want to believe it either, but I was there…” She trailed off, casting a glance at Kagome, hoping her friend would respond. After several tense moments she sighed and plowed grimly onward. “And it couldn’t have been stopped. Inuyasha he… he didn’t come back. Not matter how hard Miroku and I fought for him. We waited and waited, but he still didn’t come back. Kiedie tried but… she couldn’t retrieve him” Sango had expected for Kagome to simply sit there and not speak, but suddenly Kagome surged to her feet, a great feat in her condition.

Kagome looked down at her friend, a sad smile on her face. “ I know” She whispered. After a moment Sango stood up and hugged Kagome around the shoulders. “lets go back to the village”, Sango suggested softly, Kagome needed patching up, and quickly. Kagome nodded and turned back to the village.


The closer two go the village, the more smoke could be seen in the sky, and the more tense Kagome became. Even through the thick sheets of rain Sango could see her shoulders tightening with every step. She was afraid of what Kagome might do. Being a slayer, sadly she was used to such situations, but Kagome, amazingly, throughout all their travels was still unused to this kind of hardship. As they reached the top of a hill over looking the village Sango felt a sinking in her stomach, like something bad was going to happen.

Kagome stopped suddenly, swaying as if unbalanced, and Sango almost ran into her back. Sango raked her eyes sadly over the ruins of the village. There was no building left standing, not a filed left growing, and fires still burned brightly red through the black torrent of rain. Smoke filled the sky, the backdrop of lightening making the scene seem to slow. The destruction was almost the worst Sango had ever seen, and that was saying a lot. Faintly she heard Kagome’s breath hitch.

Kagome suddenly spun and almost ran strait into Sango. “No, Sango this isn’t right! We came so far! Accomplished so much… The jewel is completed and Naraku is dead. This can’t happen!” Kagome was screaming now, sobbing, the tears mixing with raindrops on her face. Sango grabbed her shoulders gently. “Kagome, we fought as hard as we could. Inuyasha… he… we all fought for him. There was nothing any one could do.” Sango was crying now to, for her lost friend, and the one he left behind.

Kagome cried out with grief and tried to run past Sango, back into the woods. But her friend was faster and grabbed hold of her shoulders. It was so dark now she could barely see. Lightning flashed, Sango looked into Kagome eyes let go of her shoulders with a gasp. Kagome cried out again and ran off into woods leaving Sango alone in the rain.

Sango shuddered… the look in Kagome’s eyes. It was almost the exact same as the one she had seen in the eyes of a broken winged bird.


The rain fell hard and fast, stinging her flesh like thousands of little needles. Some how she knew where she was going, the well. The only way to escape this hell, this place without him. Tears clogged her throat and her foot snagged a root, sending her sprawling into the mud. She screamed when she hit, only succeeding in getting mud in her mouth. She started sobbing harder and stumbled her way back into a standing position, and then a run. She kept running, even when her lungs screamed in protest, white hot hands constricting her breath. Suddenly she came to a clearing and she stopped, panting, half leaning half standing against a tree. She peered through the rain, her eyes searching.

There! The well. With a desperate cry she stumbled towards the well.

Only yards away from the well something hit the ground with a “thud”. Kagome screamed and staggered backwards. There, barely a few feet away, was a man. Kagome peered at him as he stood from his crouching position. She screamed agin as red eyes glowed at her through the rain. The man, no demon stepped foreword. Kagome gasped and turned and ran towards the edge of the clearing.

She was almost at the edge of the clearing when the demon stepped out from behind a tree. Kagome tried to stop, but slid in the mud, strait into the demons chest. Desperately she tried to run back towards the well, but the demons arms had shot out and grabbed her, its claws digging into her arms painfully. She tried to fight out of its arms but the demon only dug in its claws harder, causing Kagome to scream.

The demon leaned down, she could feel its breath on her neck. “ Stop fighting, and I’ll make you like it”. The demon punctuated his words by slamming her into his chest. Kagome screamed again as she felt a certain hardness pressing into her butt. The demon laughed and nuzzled against her neck, laughing. “Stop screaming, save your voice. I want you screaming in other ways” Kagome shuddered and started struggling again, but it was useless. It was like fighting against steel bars. The demon laughed again and ripped her blouse.

Kagome stared to fight harder, and to shock the demons arms slipped away. Kagome staggered into a run and desperately started towards the well. She looked over her shoulder at the demon, his arms were hanging loose at his sides and he was staring off into the woods.

Suddenly Kagome hit something solid and she looked down at the well. She cried out in relief and started to climb over the rim. Suddenly Kagome heard a low rumbling sound. She gasped and looked back at the demon, he was staring directly at her, growling. Kagome blinked and the demon was barely inches from her, a smirk on its face. She screamed and started to fall back into the well, as the demon reached for her. She didn’t know if he tried to grab her, or hurt her. But its claws raked over her face as she fell back into the well.


Kagome sat up with a gasp, and then let out a moan of pain as her head protested at sitting up so fast. She gingerly felt the back of her head and winced as her finger came in contact with a large bump. She sat there for a few moment, gaining her bearings, and collecting her thoughts. ‘ I never remember having dreams when I passed out… okay so not a dream exactly. Reliving a memory would be the better term’ Kagome thought wryly as she slowly eased herself to her feet. A wave of dizziness washed over her and she clutched at the table. She stood there catching her breath until something caught her eye. Kagome jerked her head around to stare, horrified, at her bedroom door. She gasped horrified at her hand resting on the table, her bedroom side table not the kitchen table. Kagome stumbled backwards until she fell back down on her bed. She sat on her bed shivering, thought running rampant inside her head.

‘Who? Every one is out of town! A burglar wouldn’t have! Am I safe! What’s missing? Am I-‘ her thought were cut off by a sound from out side her door. She gasped and threw herself up off her bed. She ripped open her door and tore threw the hall, running for her kitchen. She skidded to a halt and stared helplessly at the stranger standing in the middle of her kitchen.


God I love cliff hangers…

( And before I forget, I stole the bird metaphor form Magic’s Price by. Mercedes Lackey, sorry if the name isn’t spelled right)

Thank you for reading.
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