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the day i woke up at the other side of the world

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Lani is taken to England by this weird connection with a biy named Harry.AND THE CHAPTER WHEN SHE FINDS OUT SHE IS A WITCH

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And I’ll start by telling how I found out. It was really scaring for me.

After a long, exhausting Friday, I entered my room, throwing my bag besides my dresser. I undressed and pulled my pajamas on. I threw myself on my bed and laid there. All that could be heard was the sound of the waves and birds outside my window. I lived near a beach, in Acapulco, the best place to live. I turned to my closed window and wished to be opened. Something scary happened. Without any wind or force, it went opened. I frowned, surprised.
“Lani, dont sleep to late! Rememberrr u have curso tomorrrrow!” my mom trying to speak English. She had to learn for her new job, she knew I know how to speak English so she always talked to me like that.
“ugh! Okay!” I said back. That was my call to sleep, so I just closed my eyes but before anything, like every night, I touched my thunder-shaped like scar on my forehead, gave up and felt sleep.

I was sleeping just fine, like any other night. I was dreaming, such an interesting dream, though. I was in an old house, very old, where the wood was broken and the house seemed to soon collapse. My head was starting to hurt a little when I was sleeping. Then in seconds I was coming into a room. There were two beds and everything was a mess! Clothes on the floor, books, food, and an owl? Weird. My head was really hurting now. A moment later I was looking at a boy. Sleeping peacefully. He had black hair and he was good looking for my criteria but then I saw something really familiar to me on him. That scar! The same scar I had! My head was hurting a lot! But, I don’t know why, I reach my hand to his forehead, wanting to tough his scar but …
“EH!” I gasped, waking up and sitting down on my bed, freaked out by that dream. I could barely breathe and my head hurt a lot. I tried to breath normally again but there was a pinching hurt on my head.
“ahh!” I gasped touching my forehead. My scar was hurting badly but then it disappear like nothing. I frowned at that. Weird, very weird. I was decided to go and sleep again but then I realized It wasn’t dark anymore…and that I was not in my bed. Nor in my room and obviously not my house.
“hu?” I said to myself as I looked around the room. Didn’t I dream about this room just now? It was the same room. Exactly the same! What is going on? Where am I? Why am I here!? I asked desperately and got scared.

I heard voices, far away but I followed them. I climbed out of the bed and went out of the room to the hallway where there were steps. The voices came from downstairs.
“Harry! Why the hell did you do that?!” a female young voice yelled and hit something. That freaked me out. So there’s a Harry and he did something really bad. I listened again.
“because I had too! Hermione, she has the same scar and there was a connection between both tonight! I dreamed about her and my scar pinched me!” wow wow, that sounded just like me but in a male voice. Scar? My stupid scar? I touched it asking me that. My eyes widened.
“but you didn’t had to bring her here!” another female voice said
“look the damage is already done. We’ll just get her home again now” and adult male voice said calmly
“that’s what we are going to do Harry, end of discussion!” a mother voice like snapped back. Where the hell am I!? I just wanted to cry and get back home I was getting really scared and it didn’t felt so nice. But then I heard footsteps and moving chairs and the voices coming nearer. They were coming up! God!
I ran back to the room and started looking for a knife or something to hit someone. I had to defend myself! Obviously, I was brought here when I was sleep. Why? Who the hell cares!
“dam!!!” I cursed desperately and finally found something sharp. It was like a stick of wood with a handle. It didn’t help too much but it was the only thing there!
“Ron, Fred and George! You are grounded!” shouted the mother, I think
“for what?! We didn’t had the idea!” two male voices said
“but you helped!” they were getting closer!
“what about Harry!?” I’m going to pee
“he’s grounded too!” I was soooooo nervous
“bravo Ron”
“it had to be even mate” they were inches away! What am I going to do!? I only had this stupid stick! I don’t- wait! Suddenly I started remembering things. My scar was hurting again but I shut my mouth for the others not to hear me. I saw my Nanny with a baby, I think me, with a wand? She was swinging it to the air; then she pointed to a cat, murmured something difficult to say, and the cat stood frozen. What? I went back to earth and the hurt stopped. I look what I had on my hand, it look the same. I had a wand in my hands!
“come on to see her” not even thinking it, I jumped out of the room and pointed at the person in front of me and yelled
“Petrificus Totalus!” the boy’s eyes widened, he went white and fall to the ground like a block! Omg! I killed him! I dropped my weapon, shocked for what I just did. I had no idea of what I did! The boy couldn’t move. He was death! Dear god I killed someone!
“ohhh GOD!” I yelled and stumbled backwards till I hit a wall and fall to the ground, weakly, when I saw the terrifying scene. I saw the boy and I knew him! I saw him in my dream, he had the scar! I took my hands to my mouth, shocked and crying harder.
“jezz!” a red haired said looking at me shocked. Actually, there were like 6 redheads there.
“how did you do that!?” I understand him but was incapable to talk. Then, a girl with wavy hair pulled out, what it seemed like a wand from her pocket, pointed at a boy, said something I don’t remember, and the boy went to his normal color and began breathing and moving. How?…
“Harry, you ok?” another red haired asked, helping Harry? To get up. He was alive!! Where the •$%% I am?!
“yeah I’m fine just-” Harry said calmly like if nothing happened to him! I just looked at all of them shocked and mouth opened. Harry then looked firmly to me, like everyone in there. I felt like a total freak
“Harry, she threw you a spell!”
“I know” Harry answered still looking at me. There was a very awkward silence full of looks to me. I just needed to know where I was. So, knowing they talk English I talked clearing my throat
“whe..where am I?” I hesitated and all the faces in front of me frowned confused
“didn’t you said you went to Mexico to pick her up?” the red haired girl asked.
“yeah…I did. Can you understand us?” Harry asked me
“yes” I answered. There was a long pause. So I asked back “please answer me” I begged
“oh…sorry…it’s just that…wau!…ehm, ejem, you are in London-“
“LONDON!” I yelled shocked. I was at the other side of the world!? “why!? I was at home sleeping! In Mexico!” I yelled again. I could tell I scared the boy by his look.
“yes, you were!…but I brought you here!…not for hurting you or for doing something bad to you, though. We are not going to harm you. I will explain you everything but you have to calm down” he said calmly. He had this peaceful look in his face that instantly made me calm down. Everyone was still looking at me. Stop it! I though
“I’m fine” I nodded and looked at Harry. He walked to me and sat next to on the floor.
“I brought you here because I dreamed about you” he started
“I dreamed about you too” I added
“I imagined…you see, there was connection between us tonight. I think is about this” he pulled up his hair on his forehead and revealed his scar. Yep. The same shape, the same place, everything the same. I did the same and I heard a gasp. I turned where the others were and saw shocking faces.
“you see? I told you!” Harry said to them. The looks that felt awkward before went even more by this! I quickly dropped my hand and my hair was again covering my scar.
“I feel like a freak” I whispered to Harry. He nodded and stood up and offered a hand to me. I look at it strange and scared. I took it and stood up. He grabbed my hand and walked me back to the room.
“wait! Where are you going?” a red-haired young man said
“Ron, I brought her here. I will explain her everything on private” and he closed the door. I let go of his hand and started talking
“okay, so you brought me here because, you think, there was a connection” I raised my voice. “I only remember that I was sleeping and my scar started hurting a lot; I missed the part where I get here. I mean, how the hell I woke up here if I’m at the other side of world? that’s impossible!” I said in one breath, I was starting to desperate
“with magic, of course” he simply said
“magic? know what magic is, don’t you?” he asked at me like if I was stupid
“of course I do!...but that’s ridiculous magic doesn’t exists” I assured and Harry looked at me worried
“Oh…you don’t know?...-I looked at him more confused-you don’t!” he raised his voice. What I didn’t know?
“know what?” I asked. He had a look like he was thinking how to explain me
“do you know what you did to me before?” he asked and I remembered, my eyes widened
“omg! Yeah! I’m so sorry! I though I killed you! I’m sorry im-“ I begged
“yeah, yeah, it’s nothing. I’m fine-“
“but how are you fine! I don’t know what the hell I did to you!” I said
“you threw me a spell! How did you do it if you don’t know-?!”
“know what!?” I just wanted to know! I calmed down, breath in and started talking again “Harry, right?” I asked him
“oh yeah sorry, I’m Harry Potter” he raised a hand to me to shook it
“Lani Contreras” I said back shacking it but I went straight to the topic “so I threw you a spell that I honestly didn’t heard of it before but somehow I remember of it, when I remembered my scar hurt like hell just like it hurt when I dreamed you” I explained
“yeah it happens to me too. Lani, I think we are connected, not only for the scar but somehow we are connected. Somehow I dreamed you for some reason. That’s why you are here, to see why that happened”
“and you know why?” I asked
“I though I did but now I don’t” I didn’t understand and I gave up
“ugh! I don’t understand anything!” I walked to the bed and sat down, Harry followed
“Lani, I don’t know if you know this, but…you are a witch” I was lost when he said that, I frowned and looked at him. His look didn’t changed, he was for real. I understood and my eyes widened
“I’m a what?” I gasped shocked
“a witch. What you did to me proved it. I though you knew-“
“you are kidding me right? I mean, there’s not such thing as witches. That’s nonsense” he was obviously joking, for sure.
“no, there are witches and wizards. I am a wizard” what?
“oh jaja, Harry you are NOT a wizard” this guy was crazy
“yes I am and they are too” he pointed at the door, referring to the redheads. I just denied with my head. Witches and wizard? Come on, only in fairy tales. Harry stood up and walked to the door he opened it and, who seemed Ron, and twins and two girls were standing there, probably listening everything.
“ehm, hi” a twin said grinning at Harry
“Fred could you do some magic right now?” he asked the twin
“sure!” he said smiling and walked into the room taking out a wand from his pocket. The others walked in too.
“Engorgio!” he said pointing to a chair. The chair began to get bigger and bigger till he stopped pointing at it, my eyes widened.
“Reducio!” he said again and the chair got smaller to it’s normal size
“eh!” I gasped and covered my mouth shocked. OMG! Witches and wizards are real!
“I guess you changed your mind, didn’t you?” Harry asked and I nodded. So I was a witch. A witch! How I didn’t know!? Or am I a witch since today? I know I sound so stupid but I’m sure you’ll act the same way!
“and you born like that?” I asked to anyone
“yeah, since the day you leave “the cage”” the other twin joked
“dude, not time for it” the other snapped at him
“it’s in your blood” someone said but I didn’t saw who. I was so lost
“but my parents are not wizards” not that I know.
“sometimes it happens that your parents are un-magical people but you are born like a witch. We are call Muggle-born” the girl with curly hair explained
“we?” I asked
“yeah, my parents are not wizards either and well I’m a witch too” oh! Great to have someone like me!
“I just can’t believe it! If you say you born like that why I found out just now! I mean, 15 years being normal and now it turns out I’m a witch”
“and not any witch” Harry started saying “I think you turned out like me” hu?
“like you?” I asked and he sat down again besides me.
“yeah for the scar” he added
“oh, right…yeah, I want to know why we have it. I mean I know how I get but, you?”
“well…” he started telling how he got that scar. His story was better than mine. He got it because he survived a killing curse, that I always tough it was a happy phrase, by a dark wizard named Lord Voldemort-everyone shhs him when he said that name- when he was one year old.
“wwoo…your story is better than mine”
“jaja” Ron laughed, don’t know why
“I got it when I was like 4. My sis threw me a glass straight to my forehead and it turned this shape. My mom told me I bleed a lot” I explained
“wow that’s savage” Ron added
“yeah, I know. I hate her for that. For her I had to stand silly jokes. People always joke about me and my scar. I hate it” I said a lil angry
“but you don’t remember the incident?” Harry asked
“no, not at all” I answered
“hum” Harry nodded thinking
“you think I got it just like you? That my parents lied at me” yeah, that wouldn’t be the first time. No surprise if they did.
“could be but you, didn’t had any wizard to defend you. My parents died for me, that’s how I survived” well he was right. I didn’t know if I had any wizard siblings. I remembered all my aunts and uncles or cousins but they never mentioned any magic or any of them were death, luckily. Wait…didn’t I just remember my Nanny? She was carrying a wand! She was a witch. And she died!
“my Nanny!” I yelled remembering “my Nanny was a witch and she is death!-I said excited- but we were not siblings” that brought me down
“how she died?” a red haired girl asked
“I don’t remember, but my mom told me she had a hearth attack when she was taking care of me. She died in my room. That always scared me, I hoped she wouldn’t show in my room one night”
“she died for you! You survived because of her!” Harry said excited
“Harry I don’t think-“
“Hermione! It all fits!” he said back
“but we are not sure yet! It could be that or something else”
“Look, the thing is I’m a witch and I’ve been living a lie! I’m sure my parents knew all this. They always kept me things and, well, this is a big thing and of course they didn’t wanted her daughter to be a freak. No offense” I hurried to said to all
“non taken” some said.
“we got to tell this to Dumbledore. He will know just what to do” the red haired girl said.
“yeah, I will send him an owl telling him all this. Meanwhile, you can stay here, right Ron?”
“yeah, sure. There’s always a room for another one here”
“wait! Don’t you think we should do what we were going to do in the first place? Sending her home?” Hermione said?
“Hermione, you saw what she is! She has to be with her own kind” Harry answered back
“yeah, but what about her parents? They must be looking for her! I think the proper thing to do is to send her back home”
“wow, wow, wow…hold it-I interrupted the fight, they were talking of me like I was an object- the only reason I would rather to go to my house is to asked my parents why all this .AND then I will come back here because they wouldn’t let me use my powers, and now knowing I am a witch I will tried to discover them and I want to it freely. So do what you were going to do, sending who ever it is an owl”
“good answer” Ron added
“thanks” I smiled
“speaking of owls” the red haired girl said looking at the window. We all followed her eyes. 4 dark points were in the sky. Soon, they were nearer and I found out there were owls.
“it was about time” Hermione added, smiling. What was going on?. I frowned confused.
“letters from school” Harry told me “come on” said to everyone and we went out of the room and downstairs. All of us went to, what it seemed the kitchen, and the owls were already settled on the table. There were two adults, obviously the mom and dad of the red haired kids.
“how are you feeling darling?” the mother asked me, worried, with a smiled
“shocked…but alright” I smiled
“by the way I am Molly Weasley” she shocked my hand
“Lani Contreras” I introduced myself. And then I finally met the red heads. Mrs. Weasley introduced them to me. “always a fan of big families” I said when I knew all. Mrs. Weasley smiled; she looked like a such a nice person.
“I’m Hermione Granger” finally I was sure of her name. We shocked hands and both smiled I turned to Harry but he already introduced himself earlier
“and you are Harry Potter” I said at him, smiling
“yes I am” he smiled back. Didn’t notice he had green eyes under those glasses. Nice
“open your letter guys!” Mrs, Weasley said excited and so they did. The owls took of trough the window in the kitchen. Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Harry were reading the letters. Harry began smiling.
“they named me captain from the quidditch team!” he said excited but I didn’t understood. I didn’t mind asking. Anything here could happen. I was just standing there, awkwardly. I was thinking all that had happen and well, it didn’t seemed that shocking right know. There had to be a better reason for my scar. I looked outside the window and frowned when I saw another owl arriving towards the window. It came into the kitchen and stopped at the table.
“guess from whom” Mrs. Weasley murmured coming closer to the owl and read the enveloped. She looked at me confused.
“what?” I asked
“is for you” she said. Wow! Mail for me?
“for me?” I asked stupidly and walked to the owl I cast off the letter from the owl’s leg and it instantly took of. I looked at the enveloped it say: To Miss. L. Contreras, The Burrow. That was me. I looked at Harry to tell me what to do.
“open it” he said and I did it and read it out loud.
“Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore, Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcery, Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confederation of Wizards. Wau, very important person. Dear Miss. Contreras: we are pleased to inform you that you have a vacant in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please, observe the list of supplies and books needed below. Classes begin in September first. We wait for your owl tomorrow early in the morning. PS: We know about your situation and everything will be clear for you when you arrive to Hogwarts. Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress??” wau! I was accepted in a school of wizards already?! Awesome. But problem? What problem. “Hogwarts?” I asked to any one
“that’s the school we attend to” someone said
“you were accepted? How?” Ginny asked and took the letter of my hand, reading it.
“yeah, how?” I asked
“usually, they sent it when you turn eleven”
“maybe you did got it but you didn’t know”
“but she’s a muggle born. A wiz from the minister went to my house and explained me everything. I didn’t got a letter”
“I’m sure no man went to mine” I added
“well, Dumbledore obviously already knows about you and it says it would all be clear when you get to Hogwarts” Harry explained to me.
“you have the same books as us” Ron said comparing his letter with mine. I walked to him and looked at them. “you are going to sixth year too?” he asked
“apparently…well, let’s send my owl!” I said excited. Of course I was going to Hogwarts! I was never coming back home. Yei!
“wait, Lani, think about it for a second. What about your parents?”
“they didn’t told me, this is their price. Plus, like I said, I will go someday to my house and asked them. Right now they probably are sleeping” believe me they are!
“but, just in case, send them an owl, telling them you are in good hands and that you are fine”
“ok” I rolled my eyes to Harry. “Mr. And Mrs. Weasley, is it ok if I stay here till I go to school?” I asked politely
“of course, you are welcome darling. I think there’s room with Hermione and Ginny” I turned to them
“sure” they both said
“thanks!…I really appreciate it!” I smiled to them “so, where can I get an owl?” Harry told me he will burrow me his. I told him if it would stand the trip to Mexico. He said it will. My intentions of the letter were just saying what Harry told me, but they change. I wrote the saddest letter I’ve ever written. I asked my parents why they kept this from me and why they didn’t trust in me. That I was mad at them because I’ve lived a lie and because of the stupidly made up lies about my Nanny and my scar. I told them that I made a decision to stay in London and to go to Hogwarts, it was not turning back. I added that I was in pretty good hands and to not worry about. I sent greetings only to my sister Dani, my best friend. And I send Ron’s owl with my acceptation letter to Hogwarts. Harry helped me to send them. During all this drama, I didn’t notice I was still wearing my pajamas. Embarrassing. Till Ginny pointed out if she could burrow me clothes. I changed and just move me to Ginny and Hermione’s room. They seemed such a cool girls. Then Mr. Weasley and I had a little chat. He asked me any type of questions about the Muggle world. He seemed to have an obsession for it.

Mrs. Weasley was taking care of me that day. She worried a whole more than my own mother for me. All the guys, asked me things about me. I felt flattered they wanted to know about this poor girl. Harry seemed excited about me going to Hogwarts and told me every basic thing I needed to know about this world. He told me about Lord Voldemort again and that he’s name was unspeakable. That he was looking to kill Harry, to role the world. And that he just found out that he was the only one capable to kill him but know he wasn’t sure because of me, but he will wait to see what Dumbledore says.

Ahmww…so many things to learn, so many doubts, so many things for my brain to handle!





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