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Nicole finds herself in a stickey situation.

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I gulped and sat up staring at the car he was currently in. Why didn't I go straight home like I usually do? The car horn honked again. This time he stuck his face out the window, "Get over here bitch! Your mom is worried!"

I growled under my breath and got up and began to walk home. I was not about to get into that car with him in it. There was no way in hell. I kept walking and heard the car pull up beside me. I walked faster and he drove a little faster. "Get in the car now or you will regret it when you get home." he snarled.

I ignored him and continued walking, I would regret it more if I got into that car now. He sped off and turned down our street. Great, he was even more pissed. I turned onto my street a few moments later.

I turned off my IPod and shoved it into my bookbag. I knew that he would take it away if it was anywhere in his sight. What can I say? He loves to torture me. And he knows how just to get to me too.

I heard him yelling at my mom as I walked up to the door. I was just glad I has no siblings that the monster could torture while I was away. He would probally hit them or verbally bash them like me. I was just lucky not to get hit. I only recieved threats. Which was not as bad as the actual thing. Right?

"There you are! Where have you been? Shagging boys in the park? Your an ungrateful little slut who doesn't know how to respect her mother or me." he yelled. I could feel the heat radiating off of him as his words cut through me.

I remained silent and kept my eyes to the floor. I saw my mothers feet behind him, almost hiding. She never did anything to me. Yet again she never did anything to help me get away either. I knew she wasn't blind. I know she knew what was happening on a daily basis. She saw me get hurt by the man she married. All she did was stand back and watch. I often wondered if she was afraid to stand up to him or run away for the fear of being found and being punished like me.

Suddenlty I felt a unfamiliar stinging on my right cheek. Had I just been hit? I dared to look up and saw his hand in the after swating position. I had been just hit. Hit by the man who only found verbally bashing me fitting enough. Today was apparently different. I looked down again, almost immediatley. I felt him getting closer. I smelled the strong stench of alcohol on his breath. He hardly ever drank and when he did it wasn't much. Fear ran through my veins and I flinched horribly when he put a hand on my shoulder which caused him to chuckle. I knew he loved the power over me and I was giving it to him unwillingly. What was there left to do?

He pushed me out of his way harshly knocking me into the wall behind me. I felt tears weld up in my eyes. I saw a blur of my mom pass me, following him. I was left alone. I needed a savior.

I pushed myself away from the wall and made it up to my room finally. I closed my door, leant aganst it, and fell to the floor crying. My heart panged and I needed to stop it. I reached for the knife stuffed under my dresser, it's number one hiding place. I shoved my jacket sleeve up, placed th knife on my skin and cried harder. Whay am I forced into this position at least twice a day? Why couldn't I stop it and shut the pain out completely? I ran the knife across my skin hard and wtched a red line form where I had cut that took some of the emotional pain away. I smiled and shoved my knife back under the dresser. Dragging my self up I changed into my PJ's and turned on my computer. Tish was on AIM and messaged me. I ignored it and signed back off. She would figure out that something was wrong.

Tomorrow they would pick a winner for the contest I reminded myself. I hope that just for once I can get out of here. Find a way out and stay there. I looked around my room and stared at my My Chemical Romance posters and wished that I was their with them.

I got into bed and set my alarm for the following day. I finally fell to sleep after tossing and turning in my sleep from emotional exhaustion. I knew that today was the beginning of the end if I stayed.
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