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Dark Corner

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Quistis admits feelings to Squall

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"Him and Selphie seem to be getting along pretty well"
said Rinoa smirking while her and Quisits observed Irvine and Selphie talking animatedly in the corner of the train compartment

"Yeah, but I'm worried about Squall," Rinoa said leaning close to Quistis to not be overheard "He looks like the stress of the mission is going to make him break"

Quistis looked up to eye Squall sitting in the corner with his arms crossed and a distraught look etching its way into his face.

"I'll talk to him" Quistis told Rinoa as she strode across the room to Squall. He looked at her with a puzzled look upon his face. She pointed towards the door as she walked walked out the door and into the hush of the hallway. As she walked down the hallway to an empty compartment she heard the other compartment open and Squall's footsteps followed her into the empty one.

"Instructor Trepe, what exactly is this about?" Squall asked cautiously as the compartment door hushed behind him.

"You can call me Quistis now, I'm not your instructor anymore, I'm your teammate." she replied with a thread of anger edging into her voice. She was facing the window with her back to Squall.

He laid a hand on her shoulder and hesitantly replied "Sorry, I'm not adjusted yet is all."

"She worried about you and how your going to handle the stress of the mission" Quistis replied her body tensing as if to prepare for a blow.


"I think she cares a lot about you, more than an employer should if you catch my meaning. I get the impression that you care about her as well however" She said with the tears threatening to run down her face like waterfalls. Her hands slowly twisted and tightened around her whip.

"Quistis.." Squall said softly, with a mild tone of regret.

Bloody hell!! Quistis thought....'why does he have to like that freaking girl. He hardly knows her, she hired SeeD and she got's not freaking fair!'
Her rage began to burn like a hot coal within her chest.

Abruptly Quistis turned on her heel and pushed Squall into the wall. She grabbed the nape of his neck and roughly kissed him until the tension ran out of Squall and he relaxed in her grip, when he began to kiss her back.

Gently she let go of his nape and let her arms slide away from him.

"I'm sorry" Quistis said with her eyes averted towards the floor.

"For what?" Squall asked not hiding the confusion in his voice.

"I know you well enough to know that you don't love me Squall and that you will never love me like that." she replied letting her sadness taint her calmness.

"I do love you Quistis, but not the way you want."

"I guess she will get you after all" Quistis replied picking up her whip that she had dropped, wrapping it up and attaching it to her belt. The entire time she kept her eyes on the ground.

Squall looked as if someone had used a petrify on him.

"What's wrong?" Quisits asked hesitantly looking up at his expression.

"I don't plan on 'letting' anyone get me. I have to survive this mission first. Then we shall see about a love life." he replied

Quisits walked over to Squall to embrace him, until she began to quietly cry. She cried because she knew she would never have him but at least she knew he loved her.

Squall looked down into her eyes full of tears and gently raised her chin up to kiss her lips and then brushed away her tears.

"I will always love you Quistis, don't ever forget it, and everything will be alright."

"I know" she replied sternly with the tear tracks still visible on her face. She wiped the rest of the tears away and tried to straighten her face.

Squall regained his composure and when he looked and Quistis they both began to laugh hysterically.

Once the laughter faded they hardened their faces to a solemn stare and walked quietly back to the compartment.

Zell was passed out against the window slightly drooling and snoring. While both Rinoa and Selphie were talking to Irvine in the corner about Galbadia Garden.
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