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Internet Buddy

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Maggie Whitmer is obsessed with hotmail... she has msn messenger and over 356 friends and even a hotmail group about Fall Out Boy in which she started and her friends joined. (group is created and ...

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I was proud to say that I am addicted to Really I am and I can’t get enough of it. I search msn for everyone who has msn messenger. If their profile sounded interesting then I’d add them and wait to accept it. If they didn’t, I’d go on to the next person on the list. Right now I have around 356 contacts in my messenger and I couldn’t be happier. I talk to all of them and tell their friends to add me as well. Today I got a request from UrNightmareB4Xmas. I gladly accepted and was surprised to see that whoever it was is now online. This was perfect I could talk to another person. I quickly sent them an IM to start up some conversation.

June 6th; 12:00pm
xxfobga12341xx: hey there… a/s/l?
UrNightmareB4Xmas: hi… 27/m/Chicago… u?
xxfobgal2341xx: 21/f/SF
UrNightmareB4Xmas: SF?
xxfobgal2341xx: yea… San Francisco, California
UrNightmareB4Xmas: awesome… so ur 21 huh? birthday?
xxfobgal2341xx: today… 3:45am... 27? When’s ur birthday mr u?
UrNightmareB4Xmas: lol mr u?... today… 3:15am… coincidence?
xxfobgal2341xx: boredom… maybe… happy birthday… and to let you know you are SOOOO NOT my nightmare before Christmas! Lol
UrNightmareB4Christmas: happy birthday 2 u 2! And u no u wish I was. Admit it.
xxfobga12341xx: how could you be if I don’t know you? Gotta go anyways…I’m trying to catch a plane to Chicago to move in with my sister. Then get a job at a local Jamba Juice. TTYL Nightmare!

I got off the laptop and stuck it in the messenger bag/carry-on I had. I grabbed the bags that were scattered around my feet and stood up. My plane had been called to board so I had to go. My twin sister was this hot-shot music video director and she wanted me to come live with her. I couldn’t refuse because she lives in Chicago and that’s where Pete lives. If you couldn’t tell by my username, I loved Fall Out Boy and would do anything (even jump off the Golden Gate Bridge into freezing cold water with sharp rocks beneath it) to meet them. I had talked to Andy once only because he thought I was my sister in high school. Then again, that was before they were famous. I quickly got on the plane in my first class seat and looked out of the window. I hated flying but, once again, I’m doing this for Fall Out Boy.

A really cute, skinny guy with a great pair of skinny jeans sat next to me. I didn’t really know he was there until he had said something. “You don’t mind if I sit here do you? My friend stole my seat and sent me back here.” I quickly shook my head ‘no’ and continued staring out of the window. He caught me off guard and started to speak again. “You know, if you’re scared you can close your eyes and count backwards from 100. It worked for me.” I nodded this time and closed my eyes, slowly counting backwards from 100 like he said. When I got to 50 I was already relaxed and felt much better. That and I had fallen asleep.

When I awoke a few hours later, I heard the flight attendant say we’d be landing in about an hour. Was I really asleep for that long? I guess so. The guy next to me was asleep and looked quite relaxed as well. I softly whispered a thank you and looked out of the window at the beautiful country. Why I hated flying, I never knew, but I do know now that it’s beautiful when you look down.

An hour passed by and we were about to land. Everyone put on their seatbelts and prepared for it. I put my hand on the arm rest only to realize there was a hand already there. I quickly drew my hand back. “Sorry, I didn’t realize that your hand was there.” He quickly said it was ok and I noted a hint of fear in his voice. “What’s wrong?”

“This is always the part I hate and nothing can make me forget about it.” He sounded so scared. I slowly put my hand back on his, but to comfort him this time. He flashed a quick smile and squeezed my hand for dear life. I silently laughed and squeezed his back. That soon turned into a game and we’d squeeze the other person’s hand as hard as we could for as long as we could. After a minute of playing the game we started laughing and realized that we had landed. “Wow I usually don’t forget about landing, but I did this time. Thank you, for helping me realized that playing a game can make you forget about things you hate.” I smiled.

“And thank you for helping me get over my fear of flying and heights in the same 5 minutes.” This caused us both to laugh and we got up. “It was nice talking and playing game with you. By the way, I’m Maggie.” I hadn’t looked at him this entire plane ride, but when I did at that moment I realized he was fairly cute. His hat was completely adorable and his hair was perfect.

“Ross, Ryan Ross.” He stated this while mimicking James Bond. That was even cuter.

“That was cute Ross, real cute. You may just be my new best friend. You should call me sometime.” Before he could answer he blushed slightly and then some other guy ran up behind him.

“Well we have a concert tonight and a pretty lady like you can easily get backstage passes. RyRo here can give you one. By the way I’m Brendon.” Brendon’s immaturity made me laugh.

“Thanks guys I’d really appreciate that but I’m sorry to say that I have no idea who you are.” I felt really bad. They’re doing a concert that must be huge and I don’t even know who they are. Well when you’re busy with college you don’t have time to listen to music much.

“That’s ok. Just come by the show and see if you like us. If so we’ll give you a CD and if not, well you can choose not to talk to us after that if you like.” Ryan was so adorable, I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to see him play. But the Fall Out Boy concert was tonight as well. “We’re playing with Fall Out Boy so if you don’t come for us come for them.” He handed me the ticked and I was practically frozen to the floor.

“Ok I’ll see you guys there. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I really wouldn’t. I love Fall Out Boy and if Ryan and Brendon were playing with Fall Out Boy they must be good. I took the ticket and left for baggage claim. I grabbed my bags and soon found my sister Maggie standing there with a huge sign that read MAGDALENA WITMER in big, bold, pink letters.

Maggie and I stood there talking for a little while until Brendon and Ryan walked up to us. “Maggie?”

“Yes?” We both answered them. We had the same name so it was hard to choose who was who. It was also hard to figure out because we were identical twins.

“Which is the Maggie that we were talking to earlier?” I answered Ryan and smiled. “Well looks like you’re going to need one more ticket. We wanted to tell you something earlier but you just walked off. If you want to ride with us there we’d be happy to pick you 2 up if you want.” We both smiled and nodded. After giving them directions to our house we left to go get ready.
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