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I'm Baaack.

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The next 6 months went better than any other 6 moths of my life. Though for the last 2 weeks Frank’s been off with the guys in San Francisco to get some ‘quiet time’ if that’s what you would like to call it, while practicing for their new album. From what I hear on the TV though it’s going to be out tomorrow, meaning they’re going to start their tour next week, meaning Frank will be back later this afternoon.

I glanced out of my living room window and saw that it was sunny and heated whereas I was fucking impatient. Tapping my foot on the ground softly, I checked my watch then looked at the television screen. 3:00, still 2 hours until he came back. Why did I have to wait so long?!
I decided to go wash my car out front, which Ray was kind enough to put in for a couple of months back. I loved it like Frank and his guitar. It WAS my baby. Getting up from the chair I switched off the TV and walked upstairs to my room and closing the door behind me. I looked through the drawers in my bedroom and finally found what I was looking for, my new lime green bikini and black board shorts. Slipping them on quickly, I walked downstairs and ran into the hallway cupboard to grab a towel. I then walked outside, and left my towel hanging on the verandah while I walked down and turned on the hose. Then as it started to run I put it to one side and turned on the car through the window, putting on a good radio station.
I must of looked pretty weird, dancing along to a song while washing my car in a green bikini but whatever. I was having fun and the water that was spraying onto my face and neck felt better against the strong heat.
You’re so retarted.
Shut the fuck up. You’re not the one frying here.
Look at yourself woman, seriously. For once in your life-
“What I got you gotta give it to your doctor, you do a little dance and then you drink a little water.”
Great, now she’s singing.

Frank’s Pov
“Wow”, I murmured, looking out of Bob’s window.
“Frank! Get your ass over here! Wait.. what are you looking at anyway?”, Gerard asked, walking over and opening the curtain a bit more.
“Nothing!”, I cried in defense. Great defense I have. Gerard whistled when he saw what I was looking at.
“You’re one lucky mother fucker Frank.” He said, shaking his head and turning back around to the rest of the guys.
“What is it?”, they asked.
“Nothing!” I said again. But.. nevertheless they still came bounding over to have a look at what I was staring at. Fuckers.
“Dudes! Just fuck off! I’m coming back ok?” I said, walking away.
“Holy shit.” Said Ray, rubbing his eyes, “Is that my sister?”.
“Dude, yuck, incest!” Bob cried, slapping Ray over the back of the head.
“Ow!” He cried, then in turn wacking Bob back.
“Guys, just come away from the fucking window!”, I cried. This time they agreed and came back to sit down.
“Dude.. what’s she going to do when she realizes you were at Bob’s place the whole two weeks man? I’m surprised she hasn’t noticed your car.” Said Ray, ploppling himself down on the nearest single chair.
“Nothing. Because she won’t find out. You have no idea how bad I feel as it is.. knowing that she’s just across the road and I can’t even touch her, hold her..” I was then lost in my train of thought and Gerard started clapping.
“That there was poetry sweetheart.”
“Shut up” I said, sitting down and putting my head in my hands.
“I bet they have make up sex!” Mikey shouted, putting his hand up. The rest of them followed, surprisingly including Ray.
“No mate. She’s not that type of person, I don’t want to disrespect her in any way.”
“We’re glad, but don’t believe you.” Said Ray.
“I bet you, $50.. that you get laid tonight.” Said Mikey. I rolled my eyes.
“Fine! And I bet I don’t!” I said. Gerard laughed and patted my back.
“You’d better have $50 handy dude.” I scoffed and stood up.
“That’s it.. I’m going to see her.”
“Dude she’s going to know you’ve been here!” Said Bob. I shook my head, running my fingers through my hair.
“I can’t take it.. I’ll just say we stopped by here to drop off equipment.” I said, walking out the front door. I was about to close it when a hand grabbed on to my arm and I was pulled back for a second.
“Get her pregnant and you’re a dead man.” I heard whispered in my ear. I turned to meet Ray’s serious eyes from which I shrunk and nodded. He smiled and patted my arm. Nice change of personality. I closed the door and put my hands in my pockets, starting down the driveway. I looked up and saw her putting away her bucket and hose. She was so cute. I didn’t deserve her really. I checked for cars before walking across the road and running up the driveway behind her. I covered her eyes, even though she was soaked head to toe and I felt her smile.
“Frank?” she asked. I let my hands drop and she turned around, kissing me hard. I laughed and kissed her back. God I’d missed her.
“Fuck” I said, stepping back and giving her a once over. She blushed and ran up, grabbing her towel and poking her tongue out at me. Then I quickly ran up the steps as she walked inside, following her.
“I missed you Emily, You know that? Fucking more than you can imagine.” I said, keeping pace behind her and giving it everything I had to not just drop her to the floor and kiss her all over. She kept walking and I could tell that she was smiling, as she walked into the living room.
“Fuck this.” I said out loud, and ran up spinning her around and kissing her lips with as much love as I could muster. I felt her go limp slightly in my arms and I held her up. As I pulled away though the only thing she could say though was, “Wow.” I laughed and sat down on the lounge, bringing her onto my lap and kissing her once again.
“Fuck Iero, stop I need those lips ya’ know.” She said smiling. I shook my head and smiled back.
“I love you.” I said. She giggled.
“I love you too.”

Normal Pov
I blew him a kiss from where I was and got up from his lap, bolting for upstairs. He was quick to follow damn him, I made it about half way before he tackled me to the stairs and I started laughing.
“Owww. Frankie you poop face!” I said, getting up and dusting myself off. He grinned and suddenly swooped me up in his arms and carried me the rest of the way up the stairs, stopping at the top and opening the door to my room. He nuzzled my neck and walked in, kicking the door closed with his foot and letting me go gently onto the bed.
I’m proud of you Em.
Hehe. Shutup.
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