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chapter two

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Kio's jealous of Ritsuka, and Soubi plans a day out for them to get along.

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Soubi was sleeping soundly when he was awakened by sensing a presence in his room. Someone was walking slowly across the floor, keeping to the edges of the room to avoide creaking floor board. Soubi propped himself up on his elbow and gazed at the silohuette of the person. He could tell they were too tall to be Ritsuka, and besides, they didnt have ears. "Kio. Is that you?" Asked Soubie. He heard the person tut moodily and the light was flicked on. Kio stood by the light switch looking annoyed. "What are you doing in my room?" Asked Soubi. Kio walked over to Soubis bed and knelt beside it.
"I wanted to make sure that little brat wasnt with you" He said.
"But...wouldnt you have walked past the sofa on the way to my room? And my door is locked remember? You locked it yourself." Said Soubi, causing Kio to scowl even more. "Is it a crime to come and see you!?" He snapped.
"No. I am just curious why you would make up an excuse for it, and why you would wish to see me when I am sleeping." Soubi said in the same calm tones he always used. Kio sighed angrily. "You used to really like me. But then you got mixed up with that Siemie, and then he died and I thought you'd like me again but then you got all involved with that Ritsuka and I've been forgotten again!" Kio grabbed Soubis naked shoulders and pulled him roughly towards him so their faces were almost touching. "Dont you remember all the good times we had!?" He cried. Soubi snarled as he tried to pull away, a look of disgust on his face.
"Kio - Let - go - of - me!" He cried. But Kio refused, instead he began shaking Soubi.
"Why dont you love me anymore!? Arent I good enough for you!? I can offer you so much more than that stupid kid!" Soubi grabbed Kio's wrists and pried his hands away from his shoulders. "Kio get ahold of yourself. I never said that I loved you, not even before I knew Siemei. And Ritsuka isnt a child anymore -"
"HE STILL HAS HIS EARS!" Kio screeched.
"Kio be quiet!" Cried Soubi angrily. Kio closed his mouth obediently. "Ritsuka may still has his ears but he is NOT a child. Infact he is probably more mature than you are." Said Soubi. Kio let go of Soubis shoulders and looked thoughtful.
"So...if I was more mature...would you love me more?" He asked. Soubi shook his head.
"Kio I do not love you, I will never love you. We are just good friends, and I hope that we can stay that way." He said. Kio sighed and sat back on his haunches.
"What is it about him that you like so much?" He asked miserably. Soubi was taken aback by the question.
"I...I just love him. Everything about him just seems so perfect. I do not expect you to understand Kio" He replied. Kio stood up.
"Yeah well...I...I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight Soubi." He mumbled.
"Goodnight Kio" Returned Soubi, he watched Kio turn out the light and leave the room, his head hung low and shoulders raised. Soubi sighed and rolled over onto his other side before falling asleep.

The next morning Soubi got up and walked into the living room. Ritsuka was still asleep, lying on his side so his face was facing the back of the sofa. The blanket had sunk to below his shoulder blades. Soubi smiled at the sight of the teenager. 'Your shoulders are so small cute' he thought. He approached Ritsukas sleeping form and lightly brushed his hand over the top of his head, his black hair was soft beneath his fingers. His cat ears moved ever so slightly. But he didnt wake. Soubi walked into the kitchen. Kio was sat at the table, swivelling a candy lolly between his fingers, a cup of green tea infront of him. He was gazing out the window, completely spaced out. He put the lolly in his mouth and sucked on it, un - aware of Soubis presence. He pulled the lolly out of his mouth and licked it repeatedly with his tongue. "Good morning Kio" Soubi greeted, Kio didnt respond. "Kio? Kio? Hello? Konichiwa? Ohio? Kio? Kio!" Soubi wasnt sure whether Kio was ignoring him or was just so spaced out he couldnt hear him. "Kio. Goodmorrow?" Soubi decided if old English wouldnt work then Kio really was just spaced out. Soubi walked over to him and snapped his ginfers infront of his face, Kio started and looked at Soubi. "Oh. Morning" He said sleepily. Soubi smiled.
"Good morning Kio, what were you thinking about?" He asked. Kio sucked on his lolly, gazing out the window again.
"Just about sunrise...beautiful isnt it. I was up early enough to see it." He said. Soubi smiled and poured himself some of the tea. "Ritsuka still asleep?" Asked Kio. Soubi nodded and sipped some tea. "I want you and Ritsuka to get along Kio, I dont like it when your constantly glaring at eachother and trying to put one another down." He said. "Yeah, I've been thinking about that too. I'm sorry..." Said Kio. Soubi smiled.
"I accept your apolody Kio. I'm very glad your prepared to get along with Ritsuka, because I've decided the three of us are going to go out today. You and Ritsuka shall have to get along with eachother aswell, and we're going somewhere on the train, you and Ritsuka can sit by eachother" He announced, Kio's face fell while Soubi's smile widened.
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