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Lollipops and Lies

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Bella thinks she may have found the man to make her love life again....or maybe not.

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'I hate my job.' Bella Lanciotti thought as she listened to a lady complain about a charge to her bank account. She worked at the First National Bank of Belleville, New Jersey. As a customer service representative, she dealt with complaints and opening new accounts, which she hated more than anything, yet she kept a friendly demeanor the entire time.
"Mrs. Carter, the $30 charge is an insufficient funds fee, because a check you wrote bounced." Bella told her patiently. Mrs. Carter's face wrinkled in confusion.
"Well, why didn't you just charge me the difference rather than taking $30 that I didn't have?" Bella sighed inwardly, for she hated stupid people.
"That is our policy. If you do not have enough money to cover a transaction, we take care of it for you, and in turn charge you a fee for it. It was in the terms and conditions that you signed when you opened your account. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it, I'm sorry." Mrs. Cater scowled angrily.
"This bank is stupid. That is a dumb policy. I'm leaving." She said as she stood up and grabbed her purse. When she finally left, Bella signed and ran her hand through her soft black hair. She then looked in the small mirror that she kept in her desk drawer to make sure she hadn't messed her hair up when doing so. Her hair was fine, but her bright blue eyes looked tired. She was tired of her job and felt like she was going nowhere in her life. She was 24 years old and had nothing to show for it, except five years of working at this bank. She studied her face to make sure that nothing was out of place. Her pale skin shined against the light hanging above her desk. Her staring contest was broken when someone plopped down in the chair in front of her desk. She looked up quickly and her eyes widened a bit. He was unbelievably good looking. He was familiar, but she couldn't quite place his name with his face.
"So, ya gonna help me or gawk at me?" He joked with a smirk. Bella shook her head to knock herself out of the stupor that he so nicely placed her in.
"Y, yeah. What can I do for you?" She mentally smacked herself for the stutter she let slip. He grinned widely.
"Y, yes ma'am you can." Smart ass. "My mom decided that I need to start putting money in to savings so when I'm really old, I will still have money." He said in an almost childlike tone. Bella smiled politely and started typing on her computer.
"Okay sir, what is your account number?" He stared at her blankly. Bella had to admit, even when he looked like he was completely stupid, he was still hot. She studied his hair. It was blond with a black mohawk type deal in the middle that hung in his face. His hazel eyes had a spark to them that brought a tiny smile to her face. She noticed a nose ring and a lip ring, which she thought was very becoming on him. He began rubbing a hand on his pale chin, and lifted an eyebrow.
"I dont remember," he said honestly. She chuckled lightly.
"Well, how about your social security number?" He looked at her with fake confusion etching his features.
"I dont remember." She lifted an eyebrow, knowing that he was playing with her, so she decided to play along.
"Well Mr. Forgetful, how about your name, and don't tell me that you forgot that, too," Bella said jokingly.
"I do remember that, its Frank Iero." She typed it in her computer.
"Social ending in 7832?" He looked up as if he was thinking and nodded sheepishly. Bella clicked on a few things and her eyes widened remarkably. He was loaded. She looked at him and back at the screen, and thats when it hit her. He was from a band. She had never really listened to them because it wasn't her thing, but she did recognize him. "How much would you like to transfer to savings?"
"Just $1000, because that can build interest on its own very nicely." He studied her name tag. "So Bella, are you from here?" Bella shook her head.
"I come from New York, but I moved here to be closer to my sister. Anyway, you're all done," she said, handing him a receipt. He took it and smiled widely.
"Well Bella from New York, its been lovely. I will definitely be seeing you around." Bella smiled politely.
"Have a good day Mr. Iero." He stood up and bowed at her, taking a lollipop from the bowl on her desk before sauntering out of the door. Bella smiled lightly and started filling out forms to mail to customers.
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