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Never Caught My Breath, Every Second I'm Without You I'm A Mess

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“We didn’t think we’d have to stick anything into you again, Frank. I’m slightly disappointed…"

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Title from "I Caught Fire" - The Used

“…here, put… yeah…” Aiden’s voice wafted into Frank’s ears when he woke.
Frank opened his eyes and the unbearable burning sensation in his throat returned. He was held by leather straps over his wrists and ankles to a metal upright table-like thing. Aiden was to the left of him while Riley stood before Frank with a syringe in his hand.
“We didn’t think we’d have to stick anything into you again, Frank. I’m slightly disappointed… Oh well, next time, don’t cause any trouble. Wait, there isn’t gonna be a next time,” he said evilly.
Riley pushed the needle into Frank’s skin and that was the last thing Frank remembered.
On almost the other side of the world Gerard was running. He could smell Adam, and the world was a blur around him. He had to find Frank, or God knows how crazy he would go.
It could have been days later when he had gotten off a plane and was tracking the busy streets of England. He searched and searched, mind borderline insane, and found Adam. The wolf was running through the forests, his fur scrawny and dirty. Gerard ran behind him, catching up quickly and slamming the man up against a tree in under a millisecond.
“Holy fuck, Gerard!” Adam yelled, fur disappeared, and Gerard’s fist balling the front of his red t-shirt.
“Where is Frank?!” Gerard growled, “Is he still dead?”
“No, he’s not! But I-I dunno where he is! They took over the fucking place, so I ran!” Adam stammered.
“Coward…” Gerard spat, shoving Adam to the ground, “Why didn’t you help him?”
“You know I’m not strong enough…” Adam said softly.
Gerard turned to Adam. His eyes weren’t red, but completely black, vulnerable… human.
“Just get me out of here…” he whispered.
Adam slinked back down onto his haunches, paws gripping the dirt as he stretched. Gerard followed wearily, choking every once in a while on trapped screams.
“Gabby, Gabby, open up! … GABBY!” Adam yelled.
They’d arrived days later at Adam’s house. His mate, Gabby, spent most of her time there while Adam was out.
“Sheesh, chill, huh?” Gabby smirked, opening the door and letting the two in.
“Gerard! I haven’t seen you in decades!” she squealed, hugging him.
She looked at Adam.
“Whoa, you two must be starving.”
Adam ate while Gerard stared at the food in his bowl. He excused himself and went down into Adam’s basement, closing the door behind him.
“Is something wrong?” Gabby asked.
“Well, hon, it’s a long story… See, Gerard told Frank that…”
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