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kiss and make up

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As Mikey and Megan pulled up outside Gerard and Keisha’s house, Keisha was sitting on the front stairs laughing.
“Get a bit lost did you?” Keisha smirked
“actually no, Mikey just drives like a grandma!” Megan Laughed giving Keisha a bear hug.
“No I don’t! I’m just careful!” Mikey whinged
“Mikey, being your future sister in-law, it’s my job to tell you the truth! You drive like a grandma.” Keisha agreed “sorry. Hahaha.”
“where’s Gerard? He’ll stand up for me!” Mikey said looking around
“Sorry Bro, I have to agree with the girls, you’re a pussy driver!” Gerard said putting a shirt on while walking out the door.
“God, to I have no respect?” Mikey smiled
“oh there there darling, it’ll be ok, I’ll give you some lessons!” Megan burst out laughing
“Shut up you.” Mikey said grabbing Megan and giving her a noggy.

For the rest of the day, they just sat in the lounge room talking, except for Megan and Gerard, they hadn’t really spoken since Megan came out of the hospital. He hadn’t even gone to see her while she was in there. They just every now and again looked at each other and then looked away straight away.
“well I’m going to get some more wine! Does anyone want anything else?” said Megan standing up.
“Nope.”, “No thanks.” Mikey and Keisha said
“I’ll show you where the cork screw is.” Answered Gerard
when they got into the kitchen, Megan opened the fridge and pulled out a white wine and placed it onto the bench that Gerard was leaning on. Her turn his head around and looked at her, she looked down.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you I was going to do it! to tell you the truth I didn’t even now I was going to do it until I woke up crying. I dreamt what would happen if we kept it! it was horrible Gerard I could put us all through that! To tell you the truth, I was expecting to wake up!” Megan said with a tear running down her cheek.
“Yeah well you can thank Mikey for that!” Gerard said in disgust
“Mikey went to see you and talk, when he knocked on the door, you didn’t answer, but he knew you were there because I told him! Megan I told him everything as soon as I dropped you off. He went to tell you that he would help you look after the baby instead of me if that’s what you wanted”
“WHAT! Why?” she said gritting her teeth. “you were prepared to give up your baby? Did you even plan on being there for me when I had it?”
“Of corse I was! I just thought you might want it to be Mikey not me! Because he’s my brother, and he deserved to know!”
“Why? He wasn’t with me! He cheated on me and didn’t deserve anything!” Megan yelled with tears streaming down her face.
That’s when Mikey and Keisha walked in.
“What’s going on?” Keisha asked
“Nothing baby, just talking about Megan’s dad!” Gerard smiled
“Oh k.”
“No Keisha, we weren’t, what you don’t know is before you and Gerard met, we didn’t something very stupid and drunkly, then I got pregnant and deliberately killed it!” Megan Cried
“What? Is this true Gerard!” Keisha said half hysterical.
“Megan Why? Why would you do that!”
“The same reason why you told Mikey!”
Who was shaking his head at them all, then left. At which time Megan followed.
“Where are you going?” Gerard yelled
“To get the only guy I’ve every liked! Any giving you guys some space to kill each other!” Megan yelled back
as she left Keisha burst into tears. Gerard automatically grabbed her and held her as tight as possible and whispered in her ear
“it was so long ago, and where all past it!”
“then why were you two fighting before?”
“because it was the first time we’ve talked about it, since she went into hospital! I was just so angry at her, I didn’t know what I was going to say if I did!”
“why could you just tell me when we first met?”
“how would you have felt going out with a guy who knocked up your best friend, then didn’t talk to her when she lost it? I was so disappointed in myself for doing what we did when she was in such a vulnerable state!”
“you right I guess!”
“I really wanted to tell, just at the right time!”
“I forgive you! So was that around the time Megan didn’t come to school for a couple of months?”
“Yeah, she was pretty sick! She nearly died! And I only just found out that she wasn’t planning on waking up! That’s when I snapped!”
“really? So she tried to commit suicide?”
“Apparently! Lucky Mikey went to see her!”
“what do you mean?”
“He saw her on the ground and called the hospital! Anyway enough about this! I’m just glad you forgive me! Do you know how much I love you?” Gerard said Grabbing Keisha around the waist.
“as much as I love revenge!”
“No! more!”
He leant in and kissed her on the lips. What Gerard and Megan didn’t know was that Mikey and Keisha had a secret of their own. About a month before her and Gerard had met Mikey came up to visit Megan for the weekend. All three of them went to a party together, and got really drunk. When Megan fell asleep in the motel, Mikey and Keisha got even more drunk and slept together only in their case they used protection, so there was no chance of conceiving. When they woke up, Megan was still fast asleep, so they had plenty of time fix themselves up. They hadn’t talked about that since. They both agreed that it was a mistake, a drunken mistake.

“Mikey wait up! Please!” Megan Yelled
“Megan I promised Gerard I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it! and I’m not, but seeing you the way you were nearly killed me! You nearly died Megan, and just then I heard you say you didn’t want to wake up! And most of that pain was my fault! And I have tried ever since then to make it up to you!” Mikey said, eyes welling up
“And you have, more than you know! You were prepared to take the blame for your brother’s unborn baby. I don’t think you know how much that means! And don’t think I don’t know that you saved me from those creepy guys at Sydney. See you’ve done more than enough! You’ve been there for me always!”
“Yeah but just as a friend!”
“What’s wrong with that?”
“I thought you would have known me better then that Megan!”
“How so?”
“Megan I never stopped liking you. Never. And I still do!” Mikey said leaning in to Megan and kissing her on the cheek and staying there for about 7 seconds.
All Megan could do was smell Mikey’s neck, she felt so at home at that moment, so she reached up and grabbed his head and pulled him into meet his lips with hers, she stopped just before they touched, and kept them like that for a matter of seconds before yanking his head into hers, he grabbed her on the hips and lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around his waist and hung on tight. They kissed for about 10 minutes. Then he carried her back to the apartment, were they found Gerard on top of Keisha on the couch! That’s when he dropped Megan; luckily she landed on her feet in a fit of laughter! That’s when Keisha looked up and started laughing as well. To Mikey and Megan’s relief, Gerard and Keisha were only making out.
“Well looks like you two didn’t waste anytime with us out of the house!” Mikey said with a smirk
“I could say the same with you two, caring Megan around like the hero you are. Ahahahaha!” Gerard said trying not to burst out laughing.
“Enough Talk, more action. If you get my drift.” Keisha announced
“You think you want action! How do you think I feel.” Megan Agreed.
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