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It’s The Way That He Kisses You

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Times were changing, and they had to change with them.

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Title from "Pretty Girl" - Sugarcult

Adam tasted better than Gerard remembered, because it was so long since he’d felt those lips against his. He hadn’t lied that Frank was his first, that he was sure of. But, God, had he left out a lot about his past life.
“You want me…” he whispered against Adam’s lips.
“I could say the same about you.” Adam answered.
“You can’t cheat on Gabby…” Gerard said halfheartedly.
“Then you can’t cheat on Frank…” Adam mocked.
“He’s not Frank anymore.” Gerard argued.
Gerard’s hands pulled Adam closer to him as the backs of his legs hit the edge of the bed.
Adam’s fingers were working with the hem of his shirt and Gerard didn’t care, ‘cause he was too fucking good.
They were lying together minutes later, and Gerard didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt. Times were changing, and they had to change with them.
Once they were out on the street, it was no different. Gerard regarded Adam with the same insulting put downs about his strength, while Adam took it with little interest.
“Fuck it, Adam. We’re not getting anywhere.” Gerard groans.
“Yes, we are actually. Take a look.”
Adam pointed to the building they were standing outside of.
Inside was a mess. It looked like it a bomb had been blown off inside.
“Come on. Justin’s this way.” Adam said.
Justin had his back turned when they entered the room.
“Justin. Gerard’s here.” Adam announced.
The man turned. He was little more than a boy, but his stance reeked of superiority. His hair was brown.
“Gerard.” He said.
Gerard tipped up his head in acknowledgement. He didn’t like being patronized.
“We need you to find this guy.” Justin said, handing Gerard a small manila folder.
A large, dark man glared out at Gerard from the photo.
“This guy could fucking rip my arms off!” Gerard said.
“Well, if you want to sit around and be lazy…”
“What do you need him for?” Gerard asked, ignoring him.
Justin pulled something from a little wooden chest on his desk.
It was a bloody severed ear in a bag.
Gerard raised an eyebrow and took it as Justin handed it to him.
“A few of our men are missing. This guy took ‘em someplace.” Justin replied, patting the folder in Gerard’s hand.
“And I’m just supposed to go out and find him?”
“We know he’s not in New York or Chicago. Stan saw him in Jersey last, but he was injured, so he couldn’t catch him.”
Gerard nodded.
Adam brought Gerard to a closet. Guns lined the walls among other weapons. Adam strapped a gun to his back and loaded the front of the holster with ammunition.
“I cant just walk around with a gun over my shoulder!” Gerard protested.
“Yeah, then run.” Adam said stubbornly.
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