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ch 3 first show helping out

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Ch 3

August 11th

I woke up this morning excited as hell. It took me forever to decided what to wear. It was hot as hell outside. I was told to be there at 2pm. It was an outdoor show.. I got there at 2 like I was told. It was almost 3pm when the guys finally got there. I stayed where I was while they unloaded and started roaming around.

“You must be Katie” a guy with dark brown hair said
“yep that’s me” I said
“ im frank: he said shaking me hand
“thanks for coming out and helping. We really appreciate it” he said pulling me into a hug
“its no problem. I love helping people out” I said
“ the others are setting up the booth. Wanna head over there?” he asked as we started walking. I just nodded. I was never one to open up to people real easily but for some reason I felt extremely comfortable with him
“hey Katie” ray said
“hey” I said
“have you met everyone” frank asked
“no” I said
“ im Gerard” one of them said coming up and shaking my hand.
“ I already know you” Mikey said smiling at me. We all sat behind the booth in the shade talking. Ray disappeared somewhere. Mikey had his dog Elvis there. Elvis kept hugging his water bowl and then licking people. Gerard kept showing me magic tricks. Frank complained about his ass being on fire. He was standing in the sun with black pants on. Elvis kept coming over to me and licking me all on my hands and arms
“ he likes you” mikey said. We sat talking to each other about god knows what. The guys had to go perform. I attempted to watch their set but there was a tree in my way. I had a few people come up during their set. As soon as they finished I was slammed with people. Gerard came back once the crowd had died down. Eventually they all came back and we sat chatting to each other. It started to get dark out and things had died down so I decided to leave.
“Hey im gonna get going” I said to mikey. He was the only one not talking to anyone at the moment.
“ ok. Thanks for coming out. I had a good time talking to ya” he said pulling me into a hug with Elvis wrapping his leash around us.
“ its no problem. If you all need help just let me know” I said hugging him back. Once we got untangled I left .
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