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Part 1

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The sequel to 'You play with Fire, It's gunna burn you.' It won't make much sense unless you've read that one first.

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Part 1
Frank’s POV- ‘She’s all I need. She’s all I dream. She’s all I’m always wanting.’
I miss her.
I miss her presence.
Her smile
Her quick glances.
Her scent.
Her lips.
Her bad jokes.
Her annoying love of kid’s cartoons.
Her touch.
Her eyes.
Her tears.
Her insults.
And to make it even worse I know it’s my fault she’s gone. I should never have agreed to that bet. There was too much to loose, of course I never realised that until it was too late. I haven’t spoken to her since our argument in the woods, which was just over a month ago now. We’re in the middle of GCSE’s and I know that I’ve failed at least one of them because rather than actually doing the test I took the opportunity to stare at her for 2 hours straight. When ever I see her outside the exam hall I want so badly to talk to her but I don’t because I know there’d be no point. I’d been on the verge of it at the beginning of this exam… but then Tom arrived…
Me and the guys hardly hang out at her house anymore. Charli still goes around a lot. The rest of us stay at Mikey and Gerard’s.
The first week was the worst. Whenever I went round she’d unintentionally guilt trip me so badly I’d want to scream. Her just looking sad made me feel sh*t. And then I would hate her for having this power over me. I don’t want to hate her.
Bob keeps assuring me she’s fine but I know she isn’t. I know because she’s dating Tom. I know because it’s the most obvious rebound ever. I know because I can see it in her eyes whenever she looks my way. I know because once upon a tome we had been close, so amazingly close. I know because her eyes never could lie.
Love is a strong word but I sure as hell like her.
Depression is strong word but I’ve never felt so cr*p in my entire life.
This is coming from the boy who cheated on his girlfriend with her sister, and broke up with someone else by phone on her birthday. I know guilt. People assume I didn’t feel guilty about those things, I did, I just feel a lot worse about this.
Like I said, love is a strong word but I really like her.

Amy’s POV- ‘Thought I knew who you were watch how fast I forget.’
What a w*nker. I’m sat staring at my Maths paper thinking about the way Frank had been looking at me before the doors to the exam opened. I hate him. And now I can’t do this ridiculously hard calculation because my head is full of him. I hate him.
I take to carving ‘I love TE’ into the exam desk until my mind clears enough and I can concentrate on the exam again. I don’t really love Tom but he’s amazing and we’re amazing and sometimes love isn’t everything people make it out to be.
2 hours later I leave the exam hall with Tom and we make out way outside holding onto each others hands discussing how the exam went.
“That question about proportion really screwed me up.” Tom says.
“Oh. I did that one Ok I think. Sir went through proportion with me and Amanda every lesson in the last week to make sure we could do it.”
“Oh. You screw anything up?”
“That question with the odd shape and you had to use Pythag and SohCahToa together. I didn’t get it at all.”
“What a thrilling conversation.” Comes Frank’s voice. He hasn’t really spoken to me since that day in the woods so God knows why he’s decided to now. “I’m meeting up with your brother so can I walk back with you?” he asks me, pointedly ignoring Tom. I look at his slightly loping walk, the hidden sneer, the eyes I used to down in. He’s drawn all up his arm. All these things I used to find attractive! Now it just makes me feel sick. Don’t even get me on his constant sarcastic comments.
“F*ck off Frank.” I say finally. It was hard to summon the words as I was still in the process of making myself get over him but when they did appear they were filled with so much venom it was obvious that I really meant them.
Tom walks me home, like he does everyday. He’s so nice. We stand outside the front door saying goodbye. I’m perfectly aware of Frank approaching us down the road. I do nothing but deepen the kiss.
“You OK?” Tom asks me when we finally break away.
“Yeah.” I reply, not very convincingly. I can see Fran opening the front gate now.
“Right, well I’ll be round soon anyway. Love you.”
“Love you too.” I reply with a smile that was half genuine. Frank pushes past me as I open the front door and I call out instinctively although the last thing I want to do is create a confrontation.
“What?” Frank asks, turning to face me in the hall. He looks seriously p*ssed off.
“You can’t just barge into people like that just because something’s screwed you up.” I reply. God knows where the words were coming from as my brain was way too busy trying to deal with the storm of emotions charging through my body; longing, hatred, worry, pity, disappointment and confusion at all the other things.
“You can’t just go out 3 days after you break-up with someone and get together with some one else!” He shouts back. I always knew he’d be jealous but the openness with which he was admitting to it struck some chord inside me that echoed painfully.
“You don’t tell me what you can and can’t do.” I say as steadily as I can. “Plus you can hardly say we had a relationship we were only together for a matter of hours.”
“Yet still you’re trying to make me jealous by making out with your dork of a boyfriend in front of a door you know full well I need to go through.”
“Don’t call Tom a dork!”
“Don’t be such a b*tch then!” I turn and run upstairs in the pretence of unbearable anger when really I was just hiding the tears that had risen quickly to me eyes.
I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. This was my new mantra and I almost did. He wasn’t doing anything to hinder the process. Asides from making a bet with Gerard involving me he also seems to have restarted his quest to sleep with the entire human population. In the back of my mind I see him talking to me in my kitchen, “You used a blade, I used sex.” but I drown that memory out. Telling myself instead that he’s just a man wh*re who is not even worth the oxygen he breathes.
But my Frank wouldn’t be so thoughtless.
‘Your Frank’ wouldn’t sneak behind your back…
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