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Chapter 2

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Pencey Prep

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"Hi… I'm Courtney. I sing, and play bass guitar and piano" Erin stood up as Courtney sat down after introducing herself.
"um.. Hi! I'm Erin and I sing, play piano, drums, trombone, trumpet, cello and bass guitar. Oh, and also the violin and bassoon." Erin said, as everyone else in the small class started clapping. Music was not very many peoples first choice of subject.
Next Cassie got up. "Hi, I'm Cassie, and I'm an alcoholic!" she grinned as Courtney and Erin started rolling around in their seats with laughter. After receiving a funny look from the teacher she quickly continued. "No, ignore the last bit. I sing, play guitar, preferably electric, and the piano."
After all the introductions were done, which wasn't long, since there were only 12 people who chose to study music, and thankfully there were only 3 preps, the teacher spoke. "Okay, now that those introductions are over, you should know who is in this class, and what their instruments are. You all should have paid great attention as your first assignment for this year is a group performance in small groups. Your group can be anything from a wind quartet, to a string quintet or a barbershop quartet. Possibly even a rock band. This time you can chose any piece to perform, but after the composition unit you will be required to perform each members own work in your same performance group. So choose wisely."

At once there was a rush to decide groups. Courtney, Cassie and Erin didn't even have to speak, they knew they were going to be together and form a band.
"um like, excuse me?" one of the preps in the class said, coming up to where the three girls were sitting at the back. She glared at Cassie and Courtney, who in return poked out their tongues and made rude signs at her which involved their middle fingers. "um, Evelyn like would…"
"It's Erin"
"Okay then!! Erin, or whatever your like name is, would you like to like join mine and Bethany and Joan's group? It's going to be so like totally cool. I'm thinking we should like totally do a string quartet. And like, you can have the like, main part!" the prep said giving them a sickeningly sweet smile.
"OMG, that has to totally be like the funniest thing I've heard in my whole, like life!" Courtney said, imitating the way the prep spoke. Erin and Cassie were laughing hard. Courtney continued. "There's no way like Erin would want to be in your like group!"
"Well, who's group will she be in? She needs a group, and we need another person. And everyone else already has like groups"
"She's with us, dumb bitch." Cassie said, while the prep looked shocked.
"Why would a good musician like her want to be with, like, your lot?" the prep spat at Cassie.
"Look" Erin spat back at the prep. "I don't know what the hell your name is, and I sure don't care, but I am already in a group. With my FRIENDS. Now I suggest you leave us alone and try and find someone who will let you use them!"
“Maybe they will even do your nails for you”, Cassie added
"Oh! Well, Erin, you so aren't cool anymore! Like totally not!"
"Does it look as though I care?" Erin yelled as the prep walked back to her friends.

"That had to be the best lesson ever!" Cassie said as they were walking down the corridor to their next class. For the rest of the lesson they had been in a band practice room mucking about on their instruments.
"So, Science next" Erin read of her new timetable. Cassie nodded in agreement, while Courtney was trying to work out the best way to the science labs on the school map.
Once they reached the science block, Courtney and Erin tried to find lab 6, according to their timetables that was where they had to go.
"Wait up guys! Where are you going? It's here." Cassie said, pointing to a door with a big 8 on it. Erin looked at it weirdly, and then her timetable.
"No. It says 6 on this." She then looked over Courtney's shoulder at hers and it said the same thing. "No, it also says 6"
Now it was Cassie's turn to look at her timetable, even though she had looked at it before leaving music, and was sure it said 8. And earlier on in the day, she had compared timetables with Erin and Courtney and they all had the same classes. Having another look at her timetable showed that she was meant to be in lab 8 for science, and Erin and Courtney were in 6.
Suddenly Courtney figured that Cassie must have been put in another class. She felt sad for Cassie, because she and Erin would be together in Science when Cassie would be alone.
"Aw, this sucks" Cassie said. Erin and Courtney nodded in silence. They were both pleased to be together, but thought it would have been way better if Cassie was also with them.
"Meet out here after, so we can find out lockers together?" Erin asked.
"Sure" said Cassie as she walked into lab 8 and the other two walked in the second door down.

Erin and Courtney grabbed seats at the back bench and sat up on the stools, wishing Cassie was there on the spare stool for the bench. The teacher hadn't come in, so they used the time to sort through the bulk of paper that was given to them that day.
"What's your locker number?" Courtney asked Erin, as the classroom door burst open and the teacher walked in. Everyone else in the classroom was silent instantly.
"196" Erin replied, too engrossed in the paper she was reading to notice the presence of the teacher and the fact no-one else was talking. Courtney kicked her under the bench. Erin jumped, and realized. The teacher looked super strict, and angry.
"What did you say?" the teacher said, her eyes narrowing.
"umm… nothing. Sorry" said Erin quickly.
"No!" she exclaimed. "Don't you talk to me like that! I am your teacher, and you shall address me as miss at all times. Is that understood?"
"Yes, miss"
"Yes, miss" Erin copied.
"Good, finally. And that goes for all of you!"
As she started handing out books, and explaining her long list of rules, Courtney risked whispering to Erin "I can see this class will be very interesting"

At the same time, two classrooms down, Cassie was sitting at the back bench, with none other than Frank and Mikey. When she walked in, she discovered that it was a year 9/10 combined science class. She was a bit upset about both Erin and Courtney being in a different class, but when she saw the two boys at the back she was pleased she got put in this class rather than the one with the girls. What had made her happier is that Frank had invited her to sit with them, not her having to go up and ask. Their teacher, who was
busy sorting out a year 11 who had accidentally been put in the class, had told them they could do whatever they wanted as long as it was quiet. Frank, Mikey and Cassie were sitting down eating skittles and drawing in each other's homework planners. Frank was listening to his iPod.
"Cassie!" Frank whispered. She looked up from the hand grenade she was drawing in Mikey's planner.
"What?" she smiled.
"Do you want to listen?" he asked holding out a headphone to her and passing her the iPod so she could select a song. Frank had heaps of cool stuff; bands like Green Day, Story of the Year, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, The Used, Escape the Fate, U2, The Ramones, and many more.
Cassie selected "Make Damn Sure" by Taking Back Sunday and it started playing while she finished drawing the hand grenade for Mikey.
"Do you have myspace?" Mikey asked as she handed his planner back to him.
Cassie nodded and grabbed the planner back. She wrote her myspace and MSN on the back page, below where Frank's already was.
"What about me!" Frank pouted. Cassie grabbed his, and saw he already had Mikey, Gerard and Bob's MSN names and myspaces. She wrote hers underneath, then copied the others into her planner. All the guys were great friends, but she couldn't help wondering if she liked Gerard in more ways than that. There was just something about him that made her want to know him better.
Plus he was really, really good looking.
"May I have the honor, kind sir?" Cassie asked Frank, holding out her planner to him.
"Certainly, my fair lady" he said as he wrote in it. "Now, shall thou let me kiss thy hand?"
The more Cassie thought about it, the more she was starting to like Frank.

"That lesson was HORRIBLE" Erin shuddered.
"Agreed" Courtney replied. They had spent the whole lesson writing down the teacher's stupid rules then listening to her drone on about the consequences of if they didn't obey them. Plus she also had a go at Erin about the streaks and lack of school trousers and shoes, and Courtney about her rolled up sleeves and eyeliner.
"Wait for us!!!" Courtney and Erin turned around to see who called out.
Running up to them were Cassie, Mikey and Frank. Mikey was giving Frank a piggy-back ride and Cassie was trying to push them over.
"You'll never believe this" Cassie exclaimed, grinning. "I'm in a science
class with Frank and Mikey!"
"Wow, that's great. We're stuck with this total cow." Courtney said
"Tell me about it" Erin rolled her eyes.
"Aw. I bet you're just jealous about not being with me!" exclaimed Frank as they all made their way to their lockers.
When eventually they reached the corridor where the lockers were, they found Gerard, Ray and Bob were already there, jamming stuff into the cramped lockers that were 4 lockers high. The others proceeded to find their lockers and start putting their stuff away.
"Shit. Why is it always me?" asked Frank as he tried to open his locker, which inconveniently was at the top. And Frank wasn't the tallest guy in the world. Everyone in the group laughed, but it was friendly laughter.
"Poor little Frankie can't reach his locker!" Ray said, putting on a little kid voice.
Suddenly a jock walked past and heard what was going on. "This place obviously isn't meant for short fags like you. Go die, emo boy!"
Frank looked a little bit upset, so Bob hugged him while Gerard did the finger at the jock.
"Aww sugar, It's okay, I'll swap if you want to" Bob offered. Frank nodded and they swapped lockers so Bob had the top one and Frank had the bottom
middle one. Then they walked out to the gates.
"Anyone got anything planned for this afternoon?" Courtney asked as the walked down the road to where they all lived. Erin and Cassie shook their heads.
"Nah. I'm probably just going to play bass and sleep" Mikey said.
"Cool. I've got work till 6" replied Ray.
"Wow. I need to get a job. Where do you work?" Bob asked.
"Oh, nowhere fancy, just the supermarket."
"Still, you get paid. I'm probably just going to end up on my computer, only getting off to feed my cat. And myself"
"I'm going to put stuff on the walls of my room" Gerard said.
"Yeah, he painted it black yesterday" Mikey informed the others.
"Wow, cool. What are you putting up?" Erin asked.
"Um… nothing much really" Gerard said. Erin didn't press the subject further.

Soon they had reached the area they all lived in, and discovered they all lived on 2 blocks, so they could easily get to each others houses. They had all only moved there within the last week, with the exception of Frank.
'Hey Courtney and Erin" Cassie said as they said goodbye to the boys. "Since you're both not doing anything, want to come over to mine?"
"Yeah, sure. Which house is yours?" asked Courtney. Cassie pointed to the house across the road and down one from Erin's and 2 down from Courtney's.
"Okay. Just give me a few minutes to go home and loose the uniform" Erin said, as they all went separate ways.
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