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The inners go to the Beach

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the madness continues

Category: Sailor Moon - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor, Parody - Characters: Ami (Mercury), Makoto (Jupiter), Minako (Venus), Rei (Mars), Tuxedo Kamen, Usagi (Moon) - Published: 2006-01-06 - Updated: 2006-01-06 - 1441 words

Disclaimers: I dont own sailormoon,.yadda.. yadda.. yadda =p

Authors notes: Hi again, you guys asked for a sequel,. (okay okay, only the two who read my other story asked for one.. -_-;; But still even so, this is for them. Since they asked) Here it is. Not as good as the outlook with the outers, but I know the outers personalty better then the inners. I hope everyone likes this as much as the last. Heres some translations: Mamoru=Darien, Usagi=Serena, Haruka=Amara, Michiru=Michelle Makoto=Lita Minako=Mina Odango=meatball Hai=Yes Anou= errr.. Baka=Moron, I think! (its an insult) Iie=No Odango Atama=Meatball head Gomen=sorry ) Oh and if your wondering how everyone could fit into the same car, well I guess its a mini van type thing. Well,. Have fun ::hands you some glitter and walks away::
"The inners day at the beach"

It was a perfect Saturday morning to arrange for a trip to the beach. The sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Nothing could be better then to spend the day with your closest friends. That's how the whole idea started. Five teenage girls, three teenage boys, a distressed boyfriend, and a hyper totterer all piled into the same car. Equipped with towels, snacks, sun tan lotion, a radio, and other essential's. Minako had a collection of magazines ranging in all topics. From Manga, to love quizzes. celebrity information, to who's in and whose not, among popular teen idols. Which she had all ready mentioned earlier to the three defenseless boys who sat in-between herself, and Chibi-chibi.
"Look, you three are mentioned in this article! "The starlight's; Secrets revealed," Minako said, scanning the article. "Oh my!" She then giggled reading something in the article before continuing. "I never knew that!"
"Never knew what?" Yaten asked peering over her shoulder, trying to desperately see what was so interesting.
"Oh anou,. never mind. It was talking about Sei-chan anyway. Gomen!" Minako shrugged smiling.
"Oh it that all?" Yaten folded him arms and leaned back into the seat closing his eyes preparing to sleep, when a little voice broke his peace. "CHIBI-CHIBI!.. Yaten!" The small girl cried wrapping her arms around the frowning idol.
"Let go, Chibi-chibi! Go bug Taiki"
"Taiki!" The young toddler repeated giggling, hugging Yaten again with admiring bright eyes. Yaten sighed and looked over to Taiki who was gazing out the window, probably trying to think of a poem. Good opportunity, he wouldn't suspect a thing.
"Hey Chibi-chibi I have an idea," Yaten began quietly speaking to the girl who looked up to him at once hearing his voice. "You see Taiki over there?,"
"Chibi!" She replied nodding.
"Well," Yaten continued smiling mischievously. "He looks like he could use some company.. Why don't you go over and give him a big hug okay?" Yaten asked desperately trying to loosen the small girls arms from around his waist.
"Chibi-chibi! Lonely! Taiki!" Chibi-chibi exclaimed repeating excitedly what he said. And began crawling over Seiya, to get to Taiki, wrapping her arms around him just as she had before with Yaten.
"Taiki,.lonely! Chibi-chibi! Hug!" Chibi-chibi giggled.
Taiki blinked surprised and glanced over to Yaten who winked smiling triumphantly. It wasn't before long his sly smiled faded when Chibi-chibi was at his side again. Mean while, in the back seat. Makoto, Rei, and Ami sat. Ami carried a pile of books in her lap, mostly books to study. But one particular caught Rei's attention as she looked at them. She pulled out a book which read, "One last kiss" A sappy romance novel, that had a couple on the front surrounded by a golden sunset. Ami snatched the book back and smiled sheepishly. "Well,.. you know how boring and lonely studying can be,." And then when Makoto began to expect the book to, Ami quickly stuttered. "Its not mine, its Usagi's. Her books must had gotten mixed up with mine!" Makoto put her hand on the blushing girls shoulder and winked. "Hey, don't worry we wont tell anyone, Besides Im reading a book like that now.. The main character reminded me of my old boy friend!" Makoto's voice trailed off as she pulled out a book, similar to Ami's. Rei blinked pulling out the same one she had brought.
"You to? Makoto.. And Rei?" Ami asked quietly smiling. Rei and Minako nodded and laughed.
"I think we need to find some boyfriends while were at the beach today!" All three girls nodded, Minako did as well. Hearing their conversation. "Look at Usagi! I don't know how Mamoru puts up with that all the time" Rei exclaimed watching the recent love sick event taking place in the front seat.

"Anou... Usagi?" Darien asked the bright eyed girl who insisted on wrapping her arms around him while he drove, even though she was right beside him in the passengers seat.
"Hai, Mamoru darling.." Usagi cooed in response.
".. Could you please loosen up your grip a little? Lack of circulation can become a problem when your trying to drive.. Ya know?" Darien said smiling slightly so as not to offended the bright eyed girl, whose lips began to tremble as she crossed her arms in front of her chest pouting. "Gomen! I didn't mean to annoy you, Mamoru.. I,.I" Usagi began to sniffle fighting tears. Mamoru flinched inwardly forgetting how sensitive she could be at times. He reached over taking one of her hands in his and keeping the other on the steering wheel, smiling genuinely this time for the distressed odango Atama.
"Iie! Bunny, you didn't annoy me at all. I love snuggling with you.. Its just not a good time.. when I have to drive. I promise when we get to the beach Ill make it up to you all right? How about if I but you a snow cone?" Darien offered. Turing his eyes back on the road for a moment before looking back to the hopeful eyed girl. Who smiled brightly and nodded excitedly like a child who had just been let loose in a candy store.
"Hai Bunny, really!" Mamoru laughed, before being pounced on again by a happy Usagi, forgetting all past requests by Mamoru about hugging to tightly. Seiya who had been watching this, twitched slightly from where he sat. Hardened expression, and arms folded over his chest cowering. Yaten who felt especially evil, began to whisper in a singsongy voice to him, "Usagi and Mamoru, sittn' in a tree, while Seiya churns with jealousy-"
"Shut-up Yaten!" Seiya yelped angrily.
"Make me," Yaten responded smiling shyly, "Besides, You know its true!"
"Baka!" Seiya spat, smacking Yaten upside his head in in response, playfully of course.
"Chi-BI! Chiiiiibiii!" The toddler pounced on Seiya and began tickling him, acting as Yaten's own body guard.
"Ack! Chibi-chibi, wait! I didn't hurt him.. Stop!" Seiya howled. Taiki clucked at this looking at the two before looking to Yaten as he squirmed under Rei's grip on his ear, after seeing his recent teasing.
"OW! Rei, let go! Owww" Yaten exclaimed in defense.
"I will not let go until you promise to stop being mean to everyone"
"I promise! Now let go! Its humiliating! You'll mess up my hair!" Rei nodded satisfied and let go. Ami and Taiki where in some type of conversation about literature when Usagi interrupted them.
"Hey,. you guys! Look at Haruka and Michiru! What are they doing?" She asked laughing.
"What? What's happening?" Minako asked Yaten, who was peering out the window.
"It looks like,."
"Their singing!" Makoto who finished the sentence for Rei. Seiya grinned.
"They seem to be having a better time then we are." Ami mused quietly.
"Im never going to let Haruka live this one down! Just wait till I see her!" Seiya said pleased that he found something to tease her about later. "You two are hopeless!" Makoto said to Yaten and Seiya laughing.
"Between you and Yaten's bickering poor Taiki never gets a chance to get a word in like wise!" Rei said to Seiya who just shrugged.
"Chibi-chibi Yaten!" Chibi-chibi smiled still attached to her idol.
~A half in hour passed & the insanity continued~
"Well here we are, everyone alive back there? Or did you guys rip each other apart during your fighting?" Usagi asked smiling, as they approached their destination.
"Iie, Odango-Atama were alive.. But could you please detach this toddler from me please?" Yaten whined. Everyone else began getting out of the car. And unloading their things, getting ready for a fun filled -if not interesting- day!
~La Fin~
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