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Chapter Eleven.

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And the winner is...

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C it is! :] Looks like you guys really love both of them. :]
Oh and to answer a question I got, yes his arm was completely ripped off.
Basically it's a bleeding stump of a shoulder right now. Man...
That's gotta suck. Anywhoo, please enjoy the rest, I have a fear that this story might be coming to a soon end. :/ I can always make another, if you guys want me to. Speak up! :D

"Come on Mikey, we don't have much time," Bob wasn't trying to be mean, but Frank was getting closer to his demise. "Alright, alright, Ray go with Bob. I'll find Gerard." Ray was about to protest but Mikey cut him off, "Just go Ray, Bob's right! We have no time!" Ray and Bob quickly disappeared off towards the bus.

Mikey looked at where he and Frank had put his brother earlier but saw nothing. Nothing more than some...blood? A blood trail? He carefully made his way over to the small blood spatter. He saw nothing there however he did see a small trail of blood. He decided to follow it.

He made his way around the house and off the porch. There was a small dirt path that led into the dark woods behind the house.

"Ah fuck."

He breathed out and made his way shakily down the pathway. As he passed a few trees he saw blood near the trunks, he shuddered.

After twenty minutes of following the bloodtrail he came upon a clearing. There was moonlight filtering down into the clearing. The clearing was a circle, thick woods surrounding it. In the middle was...

"Gerard!!" Mikey sprinted the last few feet and slid down next to his brother. "Gerard? Gerard!" He turned his brother over to where he was facing the sky. The sky was glittering with stars and there was a light breeze. It was rather chilly and the grass was soft.

"Gerard please wake up!" A few tears were streaming down Mikey's face. "Please wake up!" Mikey was getting smeared with the blood from Gerard's arms. It was then that Mikey realized that Gerard's back was slashed open as well. "Please...wake up..." Mikey hugged his brother's limp body. "Please wake up..." By this time he was nearly sobbing.

"Please no. Please god no, don't take him. He's not dead, everything will be okay, this isn't happening. I swear, everything will be fine," by this point Mikey was rocking back and forth holding Gerard.


"Oh my god finally, I see the bus," Ray was looking ahead. "Is anyone there?" Bob asked quietly. He was still gingerly carrying Frank. "Yeah, I see people. HEYYY! GUYS! OVER HERE!!" Ray waved his arms. "Oh thank god, they see us," Bob sighed.

Frank was quickly rushed to the hospital with Bob and other crew members. Ray insisted that he go back for Mikey. In the confusion nobody left with Ray, so he was on his own.

Ray made his way back to the house, he called out Mikey's name several times. "Hey! Mikey! Frank's gonna be okay, I think! Bob and other people went with him!" This time he was armed with a flashlight and a metal pole. Where he found the pole was rather questionable.

He saw blood on the front porch and his heart did a flip.

"Who's hurt?"

He called out Mikey's name again, feeling the breeze swirl around him. He shivered. He noticed that the blood formed a trail. He saw that it went into the woods, he sighed.

"My mind is screaming run, but my feet are moving forwards."

He walked through the forest and then came upon the clearing. He stopped. "Mikey...?" His voice was a littler higher than planned.

He saw Mikey sitting there cradling Gerard. He walked over to them. " that..." Mikey nodded, still crying. He didn't want to let go of Gerard. Ray felt himself choke up. He fell down beside them both.

They didn't seem to notice that they were in fact, being watched.

Ooooh, wow. Did I really just kill Gerard? :P

A- Eep!! Get them out of there!
B- Ah, just let them die.
C- Massacre everyone!! BWAAHAHAHAHA!!
D- Okay yeah, let me meet Jimmy the goldfish RIGHT NOW!
E- No! I'm tellin ya! The poodle's the best way to go!

Hmmmmm, sorry about the choices. I can't give you much on a ending like that. Anywhoo! Who wants another one like this?? I can make a different plot line, or a sequel. Whatever you want though, keep it in mind!
Over & OUT! [for now]
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