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Violettina Wentz

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Violette Is Your Average 16 Year Old Girl, But Her Dad Just Happens To Be Pete Wentz! So How Does She Live HER Life?

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"Vi! Vi wake up!" said an excited Pete.
"Daddy, it's only 7am!" moaned Violette. She climbed out of bed anyway and put a black hoodie on over her pyjamas. "But sweetie, it's your sixteenth birthday today!" exclaimed Pete. Violette smiled
"Okay, okay! What did you get me?" asked Vi. Now was Pete's turn to smile.
"Oh just wait and see," he replied. Then there was a knock on the door.
"Can I come in?" asked Patrick.
"Sure thing," replied Violette. He came in carrying a tray with a plate of bacon an egg, a glass of orange and a black rose in a vase on it. "Happy birthday!" he said. Joe and Andy followed him into Violette's room. "Happy birthday, Vi!" they shouted. Violette laughed.
"Thanks guys," was her reply. Then the phone rang.
"That'll be your mother," said Pete moodily. Violette sighed and picked up the phone. "Happy birthday!" said Violette's mum excitedly.
"Hey Mum," said a very bored Vi. She wasn't very keen on her mum considering she left Violette when she was younger. "So what're you up to?" asked her mum.
"Just getting ready to turf the guys out of my room so I can get dressed," she replied.
"Oh, well I seuupose you don't want me holding you up then," replied her mum and with that she hung up. Violette sighed. Why did her mum always have these sudden mood swings? "What'd the bitch have to say?" asked Pete drearily. Violette rolled her eyes. The boys all left Vi alone to get dressed.

She got downstaris and her dad was standing there with his girlfriend, Ashlee. Violette hated her, she was always bitching about Violette. "Hey Ash," she sighed.
"Hi Violettina," replied Ashlee spitefully, Ashlee was the only person that called Violette by her real name. "Hey how many times do we have to tell you? Just call her Vi or Violette," said Pete jokingly. Ashlee just put on a fake smile and said "Of course," Then the phone rang again, Violette rushed to answer it, she knew who it was. "Happy birthday Violette!" came a scream from the other end of the phone.
"Happy birthday Scarlette!" replied a cheery Violette. Scarlette was Vi's identical twin sister, the only way to tell them apart was to look at their nail varnish. Violette always wore purple and Scarlette always wore red. "I can't believe that we're both sixteen now!" said Scarlette.
"I know!"
"Mum says sorry for hanging up on you," said Scarlette. Vi just gave a grunt of disapproval. "Oh give her a break Vi!" pleaded Scarlette
"Why should I? She took you and left me and dad!"
"No she didnt!" argued Scarlette. "Dad took you and left me and mum!"
"Scar he never did that!"
"Yes he did Vi!"
"Violette give me the phone!" interrupted Pete. She handed over the receiver. "Scarlette put your mother on the phone. NOW!"
"Yes Dad," replied Scarlette quietly. She gave the phone to her mum. Violette left the room with Ashlee before the argument started.
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