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04. The Comming Out

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Ryan tells all....

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Okay so it wasn't the question or statement I would have preferred someone say, but oh well I guess it was out. "Yes, I am Gay." I replied. Everyone at the table just kind of laughed. "Dude, it's okay, Brendon, Pete, & William are gay/bi." said John. "You'll fit right in! I think....." said Spencer.

I sat down and began to eat. I was still a little uncomfortable, from coming out like that just straight out without even knowing I did so. We all started talking again. I felt good I had made friends on the first day. Not just the usual friend but friends. As in more than two I though to myself. I couldn't help but notice Pete kept looking at me. I couldn't help but look back at his adorable looking set of eyes. I let out a giggle when he started blushing a bright peach color.

The bell rang and we all got up to go to our last class of the day. As I was walking out the door. I see Pete walking towards me. I stop and wait for him. "Hey Ryan! What's up!" says Pete, in a very nervous tone. I couldn't help but giggle a little, he was so adorable. "Nothing Much." I responded. "Well, um, Right, uh....... well here you go..." He says. Handing me a folded piece of paper. While blushing and walking away. I looked at the folded piece of paper and opened it. I started reading it and couldn't help but blush. It read.

Dear Ryan,
Um well how do I put this. Um I think your an awesome guy, and well i really like you. So I am wondering do you wanna catch a movie later?
Love, PETE

I couldn't believe it. Pete had asked me out. I started making my victory dance. Then realizing the time ran towards English!
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