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The Cousin

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Ranma finds out he has a distant cousint.

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Ch. Prologue

As we look down at a village in China we see a hut that stands out from the rest. This hut is not special by itself, but its the person that lives there that makes this hut so special. The person that lives in the hut looks like a typical 23 year old Japanese man wearing a pair of black kung-fu pants, a red Chinese silk shirt, and his midnight black hair in a pigtail. This man though young was able to defeat an enemy so powerful that the enemy was often mistaken for a god. The name of this enemy is "Saffron the god-king of Phoenix Mountain." Saffron had made this young man's fiancée into a doll and die if her closed. The young man was able to save her but only just barely.
A voice knocked him out of his musings. "Thinking hard or hardly thinking?"
"Thinking very hard if you can sneak up on me Cologne." He said as he turned to look at the old woman that had lived for more years than she cared to remember, then looked behind her at the day. The day was cold and muggy as the Amazons zipped about on their chores for the day.
"Now Ranma what is wrong? You're not usually this irritable unless you're thinking about your past." Cologne said.
"I was just thinking about the day that I killed Saffron, and saved Akane. Did you know that she got even more violent after the others wrecked our wedding? But the worst part of it is that while I was coming back from getting frequent flyer points on "Mallet-Sama Airways" she was almost raped by that delusional kendoist "Tatewaki Kuno." Almost being the keyword there, because Ryoga happened by and stopped Kuno. Even though I was only hit as far as the bridge I went to stay with my parents to get away from her for a while. Well after a month I thought she had cooled off enough to try to talk to her. So I got back to the dojo around ten o'clock in the morning, and what do I see? Akane and Ryoga KISSING!! If you hadn't come by when you did and offer me that vacation I'm pretty sure I would have killed Ryoga in cold-blood."
"Ranma you would not have killed Ryoga in cold-blood. You would have come close, but you would not have. That is why I gave you the option of a vacation."
"Thanks Cologne I needed that."
"Anytime Ranma. Oh by the way what's that you're reading?"
"Oh just a message from someone named Dumbledore about some family of mine."
"Dumbledore?! As in Albus Dumbledore?"
"Yes. Did you know him?"
"I only know that he's a great wizard. The only wizard that Voldemort was afraid of. If he has written to you then it is a matter of great importance to him. You should go to see him. He is an incredible man."
"Well I'd best be off then. See you around Cologne."
"See you around Ranma. Oh and Ranma good luck."
"Thanks well I'll be back soon." Ranma said as he disappeared from sight.
"Just be careful Ranma." Cologne whispered after he was gone.
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