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male entertainment

by killxsmile 15 Reviews

i like boys. especially when they gyrate.

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters:  - Published: 2007/10/18 - Updated: 2007/10/19 - 1498 words


  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) Lizzard 2007-10-19 10:04:46 AM

    That was FANTASTIC!!!!

    I love how Gabe ACTUALLY sent over strippers. Mad hawt. One reason why he's one of the bestest people out there. COBRA!!!

    Spencer is my ho. I love how he wanted a re-do for being a sucky Wii bowler.

    Keep writing, and making me happy!

    Author's response

    yep. some day i will meet gabe and dry hump him to no end. just kidding. not really... xp
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) releasethepants 2007-10-19 11:27:28 AM

    Oh SHIT I just snorted HELLLAAA loud, I'm pretty sure people in the back of my office heard me.

    That was simply incredible dahlink. I want to play me some half-naked bowling now haha.

    I want more, more, more... :)

    Pwease & Thank yous?

    Half-naked Gabes & Giant Caramel Fraps for you

    Author's response

    you reviewers are getting more and more creative with your trades for updates. i might just have to take you up on the offer. gabe - clothes = YUM.
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) releasethepants 2007-10-19 11:38:02 AM

    P.S. I'm looking forward to my meowing Patrick Stump sits by the mailbox with bowl of sweet cream and a can of tuna
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) jewsicax 2007-10-19 09:34:50 PM

    hahha you make me so happppppyyyy
    this make me love you and your stories

    updateeeeeeeee? cause i love you

    Author's response

    aww, shucks. -blushes-
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) falloutboy_r0x 2007-10-20 05:38:11 AM

    awesome chapter ^_^
    update soon???
    pweety pweese??

    Author's response

    soon. i promise.
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) rainydaykid13 2007-10-20 09:58:13 AM

    That made my day.
    You have cured my strep throat :D
    And I can totally see Gabe sending someone strippers.
    Glittery bouncy balls and Goldfishies for you :]

    Author's response

    yay for curing strep throat. now i wish i could sure the weird callouses i'm getting from playing double bass... thanks for the glittery bouncy balls and goldfishies!
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) XXPoeticTragedyXX 2007-10-20 03:32:38 PM

    Gabe was serious about the Stripers.
    Hot, lol.
    Hehe, you make me smile.
    See--------> =)

    Author's response

  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) glindapsawyer 2007-10-20 07:54:32 PM

    dude! only sophie and gabe. only sophie would befriend the strippers and keep them around for half naked Wii. and only Gabe would be pysched for half naked Wii. i love it.
    but i would've rather just had half naked jwalk, brendon, and spencer then actual male strippers. they creep me out. haha.
    bandfriend! establishing a relationship with the fans/boardies is uber importante. i like that you added that bit.
    oh yeah, I will be looking for my P.Rock in the mail.

    Author's response

    yep. the boardies will make appearances in future chapters. at night you just might be able to catch me on the messageboards in 'the band' section. tagarexcore.
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) astrozombie28 2007-10-23 11:19:54 AM

    i laughed my head off at this
    its like three in the morning here...and i woke up my sister laughing at this.
    i hope your satisfied.
    your hilarious writing has cost me my eyeliner.

    Author's response

    sweet! a new reviewer! glad you like the fic. sorry about the eyeliner, yo.
  • Clandestine Industries Presents: disasteRomance

    (#) kittkattbar 2007-10-23 06:17:07 PM

    hahaha you are one of the best fic writers here this is awesome, i was probably expecting this form your fic i couldn't stop laughing the whole way through. Update soon...again only if you want too! peace!

    Author's response

    thank you! i take pride in making people laugh. it's one of the few things i'm actually good at. =P

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