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Gerard would really like to know who the battered person is sitting on his couch

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Josh snorted with laughter and that was quelled instantly with him saying.
“Get out, get out NOW!” his voice was a deadly whisper and Alithea ran! She took her coat off the hook as she left, her other hand she held close to her body. She was afraid to take the bottle out. Looking down at her free hand she saw the address she had written down earlier. A desperate need to see Frank over whelmed her and she forced herself to run to the house.
When she reached the door she collapsed due to the physical treatment her body had endured. Unable to lift a hand she hit the door with her head bring little lights into her eyes again.
The door opened to a handsome brown haired boy that Alithea thought she had seen before.
“What the?” he questioned struck still by the sight of a battered girl on his door step. She cleared her throat and made herself stand up. Just because she had a vodka bottle sticking out of her hand did not mean she would not retain her dignity.
“Is Frank here?” her voice sounded weak to her ears and she could only imagine how she looked. The boy looked at her and then called over his shoulder.
“FRANK,” he was there in an instant and she crumpled into him, unable to stand any longer. He caught her with some difficulty and the boy who had opened the door helped him carry her inside.
“Alithea what happened?” she was unable to see him due to the mass of hair that was curtaining her face, she would rather he didn’t see the busies.
“Whose house is this?” she asked a question herself.
“My friend Mikeys,” Frank’s voice clearly said he wanted his question answered. Well he would just have to wait because Alithea didn’t want to spill her guts in front of some stranger.
“The one you do music with?”
“Yea, what happened?” he asked again. In answer she held up her stabbed hand. She could see it through the break in her hair hand it didn’t look good. Frank gasped in horror.
“Ill get Gee,” said Mikey and Alithea herd him call out to someone. Frank took this time to whisper to her.
“Did he do this to you?” when she nodded Frank cursed.
“Fuck him! What else? Let me see your face,” Alithea raised her head proudly and watched Franks eyes widen with shook. She guessed she looked pretty bad.
“Oh Al!” and Frank Kissed her soundly on the mouth. When he stopped Alithea felt better. She then herd someone running up stairs swearing. To her surprise it was the boy who had helped her that day Gerard.
He stopped when saw her face, “oh dear,” he said softly to himself.

Mikey came up behind his brother.
“What are you doing here?” the battered girl sitting on his couch asked Gerard.
“I live here,” he told her
“What,” she turned to Frank who nodded.
“Their brothers,” he indicated Mikey and Gerard.
Now Mikey wasn’t the one for casual conversation but he was often a bystander to it. Mikey felt he had a fair idea of how to read people and this girl was one hell of a story. He watched her as she danced around Gerard’s questions effortlessly. She seemed to hide behind pointless conversation a lot. As though she new just what to say to change someone’s train of thought. Mikey could also see that she had a temper, it was dormant but bubbling. He wondered what had happened to her, she wasn’t a pretty sight.
He got up and went to get her a cloth to clean up her face a bit. On the way he reflected. There is a strange girl our house. He rejected this as odd seeing she new Frank. She looks like she just got beaten up. This was not very odd for Jersey, or for it to happen to pretty girl in Jersey. However she had made no claims that it had been someone in the street. Mikey thought maybe she had gotten in a fight. Another odd thing was that she new Gerard… NO one new Gerard. Or Mikey for that matter, their group liked to spend most lunch in the music room. Knowing that there was a lot more to the story then what had been said. (Which was nothing) Mikey went back to the girl with a towel.
He handed it to her wordlessly. Mikey didn’t find the need to speak in front of new people.
“Thankyou,” she muttered to him. Her voice was muffled due to her swollen lip.
“I can’t stand to see you like this Al!” Frank said to her.
“Al? Is that your name?” this came from Gerard, Frank turned to him is surprise.
“You don’t know her name?”
“She ignored that question when I asked it,” Gerard shrugged. Frank looked reproachfully at Alithea.
“What?” she asked. Frank sighed.
“Alithea, that’s her name.”
“Alithea how did this happen?” Gerard asked, Mikey got the feeling he had asked this question before.
“This?” she asked dumbly.
“This,” he gestured to her battered face and her hand that still had as bottle sticking out of it. Her thoughts seemed to follow Mikeys.
“Gerard I have a very sore face, I am constantly being over come with the need to faint and I had a bottle sticking out of my right hand. Im sorry but im not up for telling my life story. Now will someone PLEASE get the bottle out of my hand before I throw up?” Mikey looked to Frank expecting him to help her. They seemed close, he didn’t move.
“Frank?” Alithea prompt her hand to him but Frank shook his head slowly.
“I can’t Al, I can’t hurt you,” he seemed ashamed. Alithea Turned expectantly to Gerard and raised her eyebrows. Mikey thought that if she hadn’t looked so white and if she wasn’t so beaten then you wouldn’t have suspected her to have just been beaten.
Gerard’s eyes widened at her offer and he said.
“No, no, no! I would be sick!” Gerard hated most things sharp. Alithea sighed and said to herself.
“Fine ill have to do it,” Mikey intervened here.
“Ill get it out,” his voice was quiet but everyone herd, “just wait a moment.” Mikey went into the Kitchen and brought back a wet towel and the first aid kit. He knelt down next to Alithea and looked up at her, she hadn’t used the cloth to clean her face.
Mikey took the cloth from her lose grasp and started to clean her cuts.

He had a gentle hand. Alithea noticed has Mikey cleaned her face. He made sure he didn’t press to hard as to hurt her, but he cleaned everything properly. Alithea watched him as he concentrated.
He had black rimmed glasses and quite an angular face. His brown fringe was straight on his face and his eyes where brown. He hadn’t yet spoken to her, or even asked permission to help her. Alithea found that he didn’t need to. In the back of her mind her brother’s voice told her she shouldn’t trust him so soon; she was to worn out to take any notice.
When he finished on her face he nodded to himself.
“What?” Alithea asked.
“Well, you’re less battered then I would have thought at first look,” Mikey told her as her took out a tissue, “that cut on your lip made it seem wore then it is.”
“Oh,” Alithea didn’t know what to say to that.
“Now,” Mikey looked over to Frank, “im going to take out the bottle.” Frank nodded and griped Alithea’s hands tightly. Alithea decided she would not scream, she had not yet cried and she would not in front of these people. Mikey was just about to rip it out when Gerard stopped him.
“Wait!” everyone looked at him. He turned to Alithea, “how did this happen?”
Alithea sighed, would he not quit!
“Only I think I have a right to know,” she snorted at his words.
“You have a right to nothing!” she couldn’t take it anymore, “if it wasn’t for you this wouldn’t have happened!” her voice was harsh and Gerard was shocked.
“I don’t see what I could have done,” he didn’t understand! Why the fuck do people mess with things they don’t understand!
“You just had to act a hero didn’t you?” Alithea’s voice was raising, “you had to stick your fucken head in!” she had pushed her anger aside and Gerard seemed the best place to vent. After all if he hadn’t butted in at school she wouldn’t be such a mess.
“I-I don’t know what you mean,” Gerard looked hurt, well damn he fucken should to! Alithea thought harshly.
“No! You wouldn’t know what I mean! You don’t UNDERSTAND! YOU DIDN’T UNDERSTAND TODAY AND YOU DON’T UNDERSDTAND NOW! You don’t understand but you took no time in fucking everything up!” why did he had to help her, didn’t he know anything! She was standing now.

Gerard backed away slightly. He couldn’t quite comprehend what was going on. Helping her today had been a bad thing? He put two and two together.
“Your brother did this?” he was shocked.
“IF YOU HAD JUST LET IT GO LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!” she hadn’t herd his words. She was a wreck. Physically she looked better with the blood cleaned of her face but inside she was cracking up. Gerard didn’t know what to do; he wasn’t good with this kind of thing. This was Mikeys thing.
“Did your brother do this,” he asked again, he couldn’t understand how her parents would allow that. Alithea quelled and swayed slightly.
“He didn’t mean to,” she said quietly almost to herself. Gerard couldn’t help himself he snorted with laughter and regretted it. Alithea’s eyes lit up with anger and she blushed a deep red.
“Im sorry!” Gerard said quickly, “I just meant, well you can’t do something like that with out meaning to. He must have wanted to hurt you!” he had said the wrong thing.
Alithea ripped the bottle out of her hand and threw it at him, “fuck you!” she said roughly before falling to a dead faint on the floor.
Gerard stood shocked as Mikey got up and quickly picked her up and put her on the couch. Still Gerard stood, Frank looked at him.
“What was she talking about?” Franks voice was hateful and this surprised Gerard also.
He told them what had happened at the school and Frank shook his head.
“You should have left it, she’s right you only made it worse,” this was starting to get on Gerard’s nerves. He took advantage of his older status.
“Ok, now here’s the thing!” he tried to sound commanding, “I don’t know this girl but she’s on my couch. Now you know I don’t care if you bring your friend over here Frank but this chick has some issues! You could have told us when she came that we should have the fucken hospital squad with us!”
“I didn’t know she was going to be beaten up,” Frank had responded nicely to Gerard’s sudden uptake in command. He didn’t really know Frank only has Mikeys Friend, before this he had never really talked to him.
“Ok well if she’s staying here I need to know what’s going on.”
“I can’t tell you,” Frank shook his head, he sounded sorry. Gerard raised his eyebrows, “dude, it’s not my secret to tell, ok?”
Gerard couldn’t argue with that. “What are we going to do with her now?” he ran his fingers threw his black hair.
“Can she stay the night?” Franks voice was pleading, Gerard nodded. He was happier to have her here knowing she was safe.
“Frank I do need to know at least the basics, otherwise this is just too odd,” Gerard was having a bit of trouble accepting this all. It was a very odd turn of events.
“It was her brother, he has anger problems. But just so you know… she’s right. He didn’t mean it, he does love her,” Frank told him sadly.
Gerard couldn’t quite understand that either but he left it for now.
He looked over at Mikey to see that he had efficiently wrapped Alithea’s hand up in a bandage; the towel he had used was stained with blood. Gerard looked away so he wouldn’t be sick, he couldn’t stand the smell.
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