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The Bitch Is Back

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Rachel gets a surprise when she goes back to school...

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Chapter 29-

“Now are you sure you want to go to school?” Donna asked.

“Yes, I’m sure.” I smiled as Mikey opened the front door.

“Well, okay then. But if you don’t feel up to it, you call me okay?” Donna said.

“I will. Thanks Donna.” I said.

“Alright then, you kids have fun at school.” Donna said, kissing each of us on the cheek.

Mikey, Gerard and I stepped out of the house.

“You sure you’re going to be okay today?” Gerard asked, leaning in closer to me and taking my hand.

“Yes! Damn, you’re worse than your Mum.” I wined.

“Well, you did just get out of hospital not even two days ago.” Gerard pointed out.

“He’s got a point Rach.” Mikey said, walking slightly in front.

“Shut up the both of you.” I mumbled.

Secretly and honestly, I was scared of going to school. I didn’t exactly want people noticing my line of stitches above my eye, or my huge bandage band aide thing over the top of my stitches, or my spilt lip and the couple of bruises that was on my arm. That’s all I needed.

I had tried my best to hold all of these; it was a particularly warm day, but I left my sleeves pulled down, and I had made sure my hair covered more of my face than usual, to try to make my cut not so noticeable.

“You do realize there is a good chance you’re going to have to tell the others what’s been happening right?” Gerard said suddenly.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

Shit, he was right.

“Fuck, I will too…” I said quietly.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to though?…” Gerard reminded me.

“No, I fell guilty enough not telling them so far. If any questions are asked, then I’ll answer them truthfully.” I said, starting to walk again.

We walked the rest of the way to school silently. Well, I was silent anyway, Gerard and Mikey were talking enough for all three of us.

As we walked into the school gates, I saw the rest of the group waiting for us under a tree.

Mikey kept walking, while Gerard stopped me and spun me around to face him.

“Are you SURE you’re going to be okay?” Gerard asked quietly.

I nodded my head quickly.

Gerard sighed loudly and walked over towards the others, taking me with him.

“Hello all.” I said quietly but enthusiastically.

“Rachel, Gerard.” Frank said professionally, nodding his head.

“Frank.” Gerard and I said together.

“Ah fuck, what do those losers want?” Scarlet said quietly as a bunch of “popular” guys came over.

“Well it looks like emo boy and emo girl finally found love.” One very tall, blonde haired guy said to Gerard and I.

His little gang laughed behind him.

“What the fuck do you want Jeremy?” I sighed.

“I just came to congratulate you two.” Jeremy said sarcastically.

“Thank you. Now will you just fuck off?” I said in a bored tone.

“Why? So you can all sit here and drown in your sorrows?” Jeremy said smartly.

I rolled my eyes.

I heard Frank mumble something and Mikey giggle.

“You find something funny nerd?” Jeremy said, turning to see where Mikey was standing.

Mikey froze; he’s never really been the self-defensive type of person.

Jeremy took a step forward so he was basically standing on Mikey.

“Touch him Jeremy, and I’ll make sure I break whatever part of your body touches his.” I threatened.

“That’s right, I don’t want to upset you now do I? You might just put me into hospital like you nearly did to Kara.” Jeremy said in a fake shaky voice.

“She nowhere needed to be in hospital.” Gerard said.

“That’s not what she said.” Jeremy said, taking a step towards me.

“She told me everything after she came crying to me, after this emo faggot dumped her.” Jeremy said smartly.

I felt Gerard grip my hand tighter.

“It makes me wonder, why the fuck did she go out with you anyway? I mean, it’s not like you’ve got anything to offer.” Jeremy asked, watching Gerard.

Gerard remained silent, but gripped my hand slightly tighter again.

“Where did Little Miss Skank get to anyway? Did she get her Daddy to put her in a another school because she couldn’t face the fact that she’s weak as shit?” I said smartly.

“As a matter of fact, no…” Jeremy trailed off.

“Where is she anyway?” Jeremy asked, looking around.

“I’m right here babe.” Kara said cheerfully, jumping into view from behind Jeremy.

Jeremy smiled and placed his hands roughly on Kara’s hips and shoved his tongue in her mouth.

I turned away and saw Frank and Mikey pretending to be sick.

I giggled.

After about what was, no lie, three minutes of Kara and Jeremy going at it, they finally broke apart.

“Well, you aren’t you two cute?” Kara said in a bitchy tone, looking at Gerard and I.

“I would say the same for you, but it’s not nice to lie.” I said, just as bitchy as her.

It fell silent and mine and Kara’s eyes locked.

The sound of the high-pitched bell rang across the school grounds.

Everyone got up and slightly moved away.

Kara mumbled something in Jeremy’s ear and kissed his cheek.

Jeremy and his little gang walked off as Scarlet, Frank, Lily, Ashley, Ray and Tegan slowly headed their way to the school building, not really sure if that’s what they should be doing.

Kara’s eyes were still locked with mine.

“Go to class Gerard. I’m just going to have a few quick words with Kara.” I said slowly.

Through the corner of my eye I saw Gerard give me a look that I couldn’t quite make out.

I tore my eyes away from Kara and looked up at Gerard.

I gave Gerard a “Hurry up and go, before I throw you over there” look.

Gerard sighed and hesitatingly let his hand slip from mine. He walked off, and soon caught up with Scarlet and Ashley.

“So, you’ve found another guy to screw around I see?” I said in a bitchy tone.

“For you’re information, Rachel, Jeremy and I are in love, and I plan to be with him for a very long time.” Kara answered through gritted teeth.

I burst out laughing.

“You’re in love now are you? He must really satisfy you then. And how long is long for you Kara? A few months?” I laughed.

Kara lunged forward and took a rough hold of my arm, the arm my Dad had twisted yesterday and caused all the bruises to appear on it.

I gasped.

“Not so tough now are we?” Kara said lowly in my ear.

“Go get fucked.” I spat.

“And tell me.” Kara said in a fake sweet tone, walking me into a tree.

“Have you fucked Gerard yet? I bet you have you dirty little whore.” Kara said with a hint of venom in her voice.

“He’s not much to get excited over though. He’s not that big. Jeremy’s MUCH bigger…” Kara said smartly.

“Yeah? And how the fuck would you know how big he is?” I asked.

“Oh, he didn’t tell you?” Kara said, putting on a fake shocked tone.

“I’ve sucked him off way too many times to even count. And he’d gladly return the favor…” Kara whispered in my ear, leaning close to me, smiling as she did so.

“You expect me to believe that?” I laughed, but couldn’t help but feel a little jealous.

“Oh, it’s true… And when he came, and I was running my tongue over his rock hard length, he’d scream my name and tell me how incredible I was at getting him off…” Kara said smartly, smiling cheekily.

I stood there, my back to a tree, with Kara painfully holding my arm, and standing over me.

Our eyes locked again.

I suddenly shoved her away, making her lose her balance briefly.

“Did Gerard tell you what I said when he broke up with me? I said that I’d get you back for what you did to me, and I meant it… Watch your back bitch.” Kara said harshly, beginning to walk off.

“Bring it on!” I yelled.
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