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Rufus and Valentine added security

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Another installment. closer to meeting the others...

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Vincent watched Elena run over to the President of ShinRa and sighed. He seemed to be wound in to the fate of the Electric Power Companies employees whether he wanted to be or not. Elena explained that she had been able to communicate with HQ briefly and they had a chance to be pulled out but then Rufus told them what he had seen in the television and everyone went quiet… even Reno.

Reno headed over to the vending machine and flipped the power switch. He didn’t see the point in being delicate over the matter and slammed the electro-rod in to the glass and listened to the satisfying smash and following tinkle of cascading shards. He pulled out the drinks and food throwing what he had to everyone.

“Really now.” Rufus sighed and looked over at him. “Was that necessary?”

“Yo boss, come on…” He snagged the top of the chocolate wrapper off with his teeth. “Don’t tell me you ain’t hungry and I ain’t seeing a gil machine.”

“Okay yes rather glad.” Rufus acquiesced and they looked at the front doors. “I vote we stay here until the morning.”

“How exactly do you know when that is?” Vincent asked his eyes washing over the annoying redhead.

“Good question.” He smirked and looked through the large glass doors. “Right not it’s approximately Ash o’clock.”

“Idiot.” Elena muttered. “How are you my boss?”

“By being better than you now shut up.” Reno told her.

“Hey respect a little here.” Vincent growled red eyes met blue. Vincent’s hand idled Cerberus and Reno lightly tapped over his EMR.

“Reno stop taking the piss and do some work.” Rufus ordered and the Turk begrudgingly backed off from the Ex-Turk. “Let’s rest up and head out when we feel we can. There must be a clue to the others arrival?”

“Well sir,” Elena braved an interruption, “Tseng and Rude were heading out around the forest area before near some amusement arcade.”

“Lakeside.” Reno said regurgitating what he had already heard. “Well boss we could head that way? Tseng’s gonna be wanting to hear about Sephiroth if what you said to me was true.”

A dead silence filled the room and Vincent looked to Rufus. Rufus brushed the blond hair from his face and looked at the vampire. What could he tell them? A passing glance in a TV and they would expect the world to end?

“It’s nothing.” Rufus said dismissing it and opening the doors. They headed out into the area and they noticed it was raining. “Curious.”

“This was the weather when I arrived. Should it be different?” Vincent asked. Any answer he was about to be given was stopped when the phone in the Presidents pocket rang.

“Yes?” He flipped it open and listened. “Yes I damn well do. I am in some shithole called Silent… Hill… so get us out now.” Reno snickered as the poor guy on the end of the line took a berating. “You get your message clear to whichever idiot is running the operation and someone better feed Dark Nation or I will feed you to him on my return.”

Elena looked at Reno and Vincent who were keeping a respected distance from one another. They quickly pieced together that the rain was a good thing the team at HQ was able to communicate but when the ash fell they were on their own. They needed the whole group together and in the rain to get prolonged aid.

“Lakeside and let’s hope Tseng and Rude are okay.” Rufus said as they headed down the road. They made a strange looking group but Rufus strangely felt appeased by Vincent’s presence. He needed someone he thought would worry Sephiroth and without Tseng about it was the vampire.
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