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When Anakin Skywalker betrayed the Jedi, only two survived: Master Yoda and ObiWan Kenobi. But was it really only them? This is the story of a handful of Jedi who survived the revenge of the Sith…

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the movies. They are George Lucas’s property (or I wouldn’t be writing fan fiction)

Hello, everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you’ll review. FLAMES ACCEPTED, cause I’ll just laugh in ur face anyway. If you’re going to flame me for shortness or some small grammar error, I’d rather have a polite constructive criticism instead.

My story, while it may contain mild humor, is more of a drama/angst fic, no matter how I categorized it. This is kind of an AU, but not really. It is about the Jedi that managed to survive at the end of “Revenge of the Sith”. There will defiantly be spoilers, so if u haven’t seen RotS…. Once more: If you are going to bother reading, please review, it’s the only way for me to make my writing better.


Chapter One – The End of the Jedi

I stared down the droid armies of the Separatists on the tiny planet of Arnickay, the clones of the Republic behind me, following my orders and helping me fight. I twirled my lightsaber to deflect enemy blaster fire, my weapon becoming a whirlwind of pink in my hands. The enemy rushed us in a wave of machines and I began to twirl and kick the droids away from me. I reached out to the Force to help me fight, but my connection was weak and I was confused. Could it be that as a Padawan Learner I need my master near to use the full power of the Force? This revelation disturbed me because my master was on the opposite side of the planet, fighting the other half of the invading legion.
A ripple of pain flooded my body and I doubled over, trusting my army to protect me. The pain was not my own; I was sensing my fellow Jedi. The Masters, the Knights, even the younglings cried out in my head. I could feel their pain and their fear and in that moment, I knew that we had been betrayed by the Chancellor. I righted my body, turning my back to the droids and faced the emissaries of my real adversary.
I found myself staring at over a hundred blasters. I prepared for the battle ahead and as their fingers pulled back on the triggers, I raised my lightsaber.
And then the blasters went off…
Well, that’s it for the chapter! I hope you like my story so far and I REALLY hope that you review. The more reviews I get, the sooner I’ll post again. Stay tuned for Chapter Two. See you next time!!
I realize this chapter is quite short, but I do have quite a few chapters of this written out already, so I will update as soon as I see any interest for it…
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